The Day After

Day after Christmas, time to reflect on what was what.  Exciting place for us, all the grandkids under foot and the family unit (such as it is) back in place for a short span of time.  With each year, the meaning of, and the feeling of the holidays change somewhat.  As one year comes to a close, a new year begins, and often, you cannot help but to be a little bit sad.

Sitting in my easy chair, I watch the parade of my life from the curb and clap as it rolls by.  I watch the Ford commercials on television and smile to myself.  Mike Rowe has a better idea.   These new Ford commercials they are running with the Dirty Jobs guy kind of crack me up.  Dirty Jobs on the Discover Channel profiles the unsung American laborers who make their living in the most unthinkable — yet vital — ways.  Our brave host and apprentice Mike Rowe (currently looking for dead fossils in Utah when he is not pimping off half-tons on TV at the Mall) leads us through this process.  On any given day, you will find Mike on the Ford Commercials on just about every television channel you might find.

Doing his level best to pointing out sublime cool neat accoutrements such as cigarette ashtrays and Big Gulper cup holders.

I often get a kick out of these commercials, glued, no riveted to the screen, I watch as Mike goes to the mall and talks about the new Ford automobiles and trucks (Funny but I never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine going to the mall to find a good deal on a truck … what was I thinking?).  With grace and seemingly no work at all, he hawks their apparent advantages to the cost-conscious car buying public.  Tonight he was pushing a Ford pickup on this unsuspecting American pickup buyer and after the spleel, the guy looks at Mike and says …. “Wow!  Where do I get one of these?”

Yes, I know.  Incredible.

(Uh try Big Lots Bucko, they might have one or two models on sale that were left over from Christmas)

Noticing the lights are coming on for the holidays, but it is still daylight, I guess I will have to reset the timer.  After the 21st of the month (first day of winter) the days naturally start to get even longer, such is the case here now.  It cannot be all that far off now, where American Idol will once again be a staple of our viewing fare and our days are spent in the shop sharpening the lawnmower blades in anticipation of spring.

My mind can now reflect on the Christmas that was and work on my new list for next year or other important things.

But there is good news, having stopped the ridiculous snow machine on my webpage and the days being longer, leaves me more time to find and point out the ludicrous things that happen on a daily basis, this process we call … Life.  Things like spending $400 on a battery powered dump truck, extra batteries, a battery charger, wrapping it all up and presenting it to a four year old.

Only to watch him spend the rest of the entire day playing with the box that it came in.

Stuff like that.

2011 has been an eclectic mix of this and that, and like most everyone else, I am not sad to see it leave.  I am in fact, looking ahead with great anticipation to 2012 which is incidentally the last year on the Mayan Calendar.  I am hearing a lot of grousing about “it being finally over” so I feel that I am not alone in my outlook for a New Year.  A fresh beginning, I have always been a sucker for something new.

That is today’s post … a dirty job … but someone has to do it.

yuk-yuk … (Okie Humor)



One of the most boring things I do is my own wiring.  I crawl around like a reptile on the floor of the shop, stringing wire behind me, and I do a lot of my own hooking up.  I do this for several reasons.  A lot of my stuff is custom stuff (extra lighting) and I like to know it is done right when I do it.  Anything that I yank down the road has to be wired to be compatible with our bus, it is wired a lot differently than your average automobile.  It also helps me to avoid breakdowns on the road on account of bad wiring.

As an added bonus, it gives me time to think about things in general.

One thing I got to thinking about this week was breakdowns.  Not long ago I broke down in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it radically altered my perspective on life.  I got really down because of it, depressed and out of sorts, not to mention really light in the pockets (because of the expense of it all).  But this week it occurred to me, “breakdowns are just part of life, they happen all the time when traveling, you should expect things to go wrong.”

Which they often do.

So as I am wiring up my new trailer, I got to thinking about traveling in this country and just how many times I have broken down on some highway and found myself stranded.  Surprisingly, there are considerable instances in my lifetime, when the forces that be have dealt me a bad hand.

Here are just a few (not all of them, just the memorable ones).

The wind whistles thru the huge Ponderosa pine tree above my head, somewhere in the distance, a crow calls to its mate.  The sky is a bright blue, and the temperature feels just about right.  I am some 35 miles north of Flagstaff, Arizona, on a non-descrip two lane, 89 North, broke down and out of luck.  My old Harley has stuck a hydraulic lifter and I am at a loss as to what I should do next.

As luck would have it, not much traffic this day, and here I sit, reading my owners manual and trying to discover what it is that I need to be moving again (which in itself, is a good thing, because it gives you something to do until someone who KNOWS how to fix it finally drops by).

I want to be mobile.  Traveling.  Seeing what there is to see in life.

Arkansas, it is hot, the heat is melting the asphalt under the kickstand of the old 61 Harley FLH and she quickly sinks into the quagmire of petroleum by-products, falls over, and takes out the shifter.  I now have no shift pedal, it is Saturday and I am three hundred miles from home.


At least it wasn’t the kick starter, that happened once in a small burg in Kansas.  Have you ever tried to push start a 620 lb. motorcycle, not much fun.  It makes you sweat worse than a lame duck politician at election time, and makes you seriously wonder why it was you took up smoking to begin with?

I wrap my boot in duct tape, and head west to Okie City and a new shifter on Monday afternoon after I get off work.  As the open road unravels and stretches before me, I seriously consider buying one of them new-newfangled Japanese cars that are reputed to be so reliable and good on gas.

The bright red shiny ball on the horizon grows dim and a chill enters the air.

The interstate is crowded today and the trucks seem to be appearing from out of nowhere, one right after another, like soldiers marching in a column to a hidden count.  I look down at the instrument panel and the alternator idiot lite is on, dog-gone car is on the fritz.

As Clint would say … “Go ahead, make my day.”

A long freight with four engines is racing west thru Seligman, and I am looking down at the light, and wondering if I have enough battery to get me to Kingman, Arizona, several miles down the road.  I am wondering what it will cost me to get a wrecker and pull this car into town.  I am wondering, how it is that I am going to find a wrecker this time of the day, without a pay-phone.

Later on this afternoon, while most are sitting down to another spiritually uplifting episode of Oprah or Dr. Phil, I find myself sitting on a blanket, in the far corner of the parking lot outside the auto parts store next to Walmart.  Toolbox out, screwdrivers, paperclips, and other assorted tools of man, taking my alternator apart and installing new brushes.

Another splendid afternoon in the Arizona sun.

Dropping south of of the Oklahoma Panhandle into Pampa, Texas, it is hot, most everything is shut down and quiet.  Local folks have resigned themselves to the cool shade of a Cottonwood or Sycamore tree and a glass of sweet tea.

The SERVICE ENGINE SOON lite comes on and I wonder “What is it this time?”

Searching out an auto store in this little town isn’t going to be easy, I may have to wing it and try for Amarillo, Texas instead.  Autozone and a free check, “You need an Oxygen sensor” and some deep reach sockets my friend, and of course, sixty-two dollars and some change.

The wind river gorge outside of St. George, Utah is spectacular in October, a hint of cool waifs across the desert and Las Vegas is less than 200 miles away.  Things are right in the world this day and then the buzzer goes off.  Overheating and reaching critical mass quickly.  Now it is all the windows down, running the heater full bore and creeping along, $400 for a new radiator and a loaner car from the Buick dealer in Henderson, Nevada.

So that is the way it goes … First your money and then your clothes.

I have had stopped up fuel filters, bad gas, bad diesel, jelled fuel lines, stuck thermostats, blow-outs and battery failure.  Doors that would not shut, AC that quit, refrigerators that did not cool, water hoses that broke or blew right out the side, generators that laid down and died, like an old dog.  Not to mention the occasional round of food poisoning, rip offs at the pump, and have even found myself accosted in the rest area or truck-stop bathroom, which believe me, is kind of incredible in itself, because I am just not all that cute at my age.

So why do I get so upset when my old bus breaks down or I need a new battery for my watch?  Beats me.

Like I said, “having time to think about it all this week.”  I have come to this one profound conclusion.  “We all cannot march in the parade of life, some of us have to stand on the curb and clap, as it rolls by.”  And of course, this little pearl of wisdom …. “I need to learn how to lighten up.”


Noteworthy Scribblings

A NEW LOOK In choosing a new appearance for Creative Endeavors, the possibilities were almost endless. has a good selection of templates available that are free.  Finally settling on this one.

IT’S ABOUT TIME:  I note that time seems to be a big issue with me as I grow older, funny how it is that we take it for granted and at the same time, waste or squander a large percentage of it.  Yesterday I timed my computer (the slowest one) as it booted up.  It took it 48.8 seconds to make the trip, from start-up to internet page.  But in my mind, it took forever.

Later on I am watching television and they advertise for a diabetes blood-sugar meter, “gives you results in less than five seconds.”  Now really, is life so hectic, so chaotic, that we no longer can spare five seconds?  Give me a break.  Here is one more, then we will move on.

Have you ever noticed that as you grow older, time becomes more valuable?  When you are young, time is a thing that is always in the way, you want it to escalate to increase in value, you wish desperately to be older.  “I am five and one-half,” or “I am almost thirteen.”  Thru your preteen years, you cannot wait for age to come alive in your life, so you can date, so you can graduate, so you can vote and have a drink.  Then comes marriage, love, the family, and somehow it all becomes one gentle blur upon the mind.

Then one day, without really noticing, you are here, at the crossroads, no longer young and not quite that old (at least in your mind you don’t think so) and you wonder where it all went?  That is a scary thing to some folks.

Take some “time today to tell someone that “you love them.”

10 Razones por la que la reforma inmigratoria es importante para nuestra economía, by Angela Maria Kelley, Philip E. Wolgin
10 Reasons Why Immigration Reform Is Important to Our Fiscal Health, by Angela Maria Kelley, Philip E. Wolgin

Look at the above, both articles written by the same authors.  And we wonder why it is immigrants legal or otherwise, cannot (or will not learn) our language?  Why should they, we bend over backwards to accommodate them and they in turn, pay no taxes, do not blend in, and sign up for every benefit they can hustle up.

SNORT SNORT HAVE ANOTHER TOOT:  This has to be true, I mean, “I read it on the internet”.  Three teenagers who broke in to a Florida home and snorted the cremated remains of the owner’s father and two dogs.  Police said the teens confessed to having both snorted and tasted the remains because “they mistook the ashes for either heroin or cocaine”.  They found out the truth when they read a newspaper story about the burglary.  I believe most of it, except the part where they said they “read a newspaper article” about the burglary.  I mean, let’s face it folks, these aint honor students here, I am really impressed they could even read.  Another scathing indictment against public education has been filed.

SAY AHHHHHHHH:  Remember that scene in Field Of Dreams where Kevin Costner hears a voice and it says to him … “Ease His Pain.”  Well a German dentist bought low-cut dirndl dresses for herself and her nurses to distract patients.  The sight of cleavage gets patients narcotized and distracted from the pain rather quickly it is said.  There is another way to ease your pain, if you dentist is a male.  You reach down between his legs, grab yourself a generous helping of skin (and other body parts) and then quietly say to him … “We’re not going to hurt each other right Doc?”

ARMED IN PROVO:  Lawmakers in Utah have proposed making the semiautomatic Browning pistol the official “state gun”.  Now I thought Okies were bad, they passed a law that guns are not to be taken into a church.  Gun control groups say that would be in poor taste, but sponsors say the gun “has defended American values and the traditions of this country for a hundred years.”

As I watch the news each evening and find myself receiving another good dose of “American Values” I feel it is not only appropriate for Utah but everywhere else, to lock & load.  I have had so much American Value and other Washington DC based tripe shoved down my throat, that frankly, I don’t think I can afford any more.


Cartoon courtesy of Center For American Progress Online.

Lock N Load

I swear this country is turning into suspicious, mean spirited, gas bags.  The really sad part is the majority of them are on radio and in a public venue.  We need to search them out and eradicate each and every one of them.  They are a scourge upon the land.  Yeah I know, “free speech and all that” but when it becomes downright mean, nasty and vindictive, it should not be allowed.

This week a conservative talker was suspended after blaming swine flu on the ‘millions of leeches’ from Mexico.  Conservative talker Jay Severin was suspended indefinitely by Boston’s WTKK-FM after using the current swine flu outbreak to attack Mexicans and immigrants. On his radio show, Severin blamed the swine flu on what he called “some of the world’s lowest of primitives in poor Mexico”:

“So now in addition to venereal disease and the other leading exports of Mexico — women with mustaches and VD — now we have swine flu. … We should be if anything surprised that Mexico has not visited upon us poxes of more various and serious types considering the number of cimminalieans already here.

[W]hen scoop up some of the world’s lowest of primitives in poor Mexico and drop it down in the middle of the United States. Poor, without skills, without language, not share our culture, not share our hygiene. … It’s millions of leeches from a primitive country. … Now they are exporting a rather more active form of disease which is the swine flu.”

Man, talk about garbage.  What happened to plain old common sense. Have we lost our sense of humanity in this country?

What's Next?

What's Next?

(Thanks to Jonco)

The weekend, I am ready!

Hopefully we may get some sunshine, it has been raining here and we needed it but I am ready for a little sun and some nice weather for a change.  Get out in the great outdoors, a little time away from the house and all the chores that seem to never go away.

If I lived in Massachusetts I could go fishing at lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.

Now that is a mouthful …  I cannot … nor will I attempt to even try and pronounce that one for sure.  And I thought “Massachusetts” was bad, but this one takes the cake.  Lately, believe it or not, they have found instances of road signs where this has actually been misspelled.  Hard to believe, but it is true.  One example was “Chargoggagoggmanchaoggagoggchaubunaguhgamugg.” But rest assured, the signs are to be corrected.

Here is another one I found amusing.

Tourists have routinely had their picture taken at a popular tourist attraction in the southwest corner of Colorado, even I have succumbed to this and pulled in to the spot to check it out.  I have even considered leaving a geo clue there for Yogi.   Now it seems the National Geodetic Survey has found that the Four Corners Marker where tens of thousands of American’s have smiled and said, “Cheese.”

Is in fact, in the wrong spot.

This is one of the few spots in the USA where you are supposed to be able to stand on the corner of Colorado, New Mexico , Utah, and Arizona, all at the same time.  But it turns out that it is in the wrong place, it is actually supposed to be about two and one-half miles west of its current location.  Things are not what they appear to be chapter two this week.

What is it that I truly love ……… stoopid crooks.

Enter one Daniel Duran, a Houston Texas man who allegedly robbed a bank and stuffed the bundles of cash down his pants as he raced out of the bank.  Duran was later arrested and then taken to the hospital when the dye packs inside the money exploded giving him serious burns in areas we won’t mention.

I just love stoopid crooks.

Also this week, a little order in the court when an judge in Idaho duct taped a defendants mouth shut, another new use for the tape, which is know as “The Chrome Plating of the South.”

Hard call, an Indiana police officer is suing his department for firing him because he refused to be tasered.  It is the policy of the police department to taser all officers so that they can know what 50,000 volts of electricity feels like. (Something the majority of us have always wondered about eh?)

This 54 year old officer, had a bad disc in his back, his doctor recommended that he not participate in the exercise, and he was fired.  You make the call, should this have been allowed?


Today is my sixty-third day of my new laptop, and I still cannot get used to Vista and the keyboard.  It is a real pain in the part of you that goes over the fence last.  But as this seems to be the new standard for America (100 day segments) I will keep you apprised and up to date.  Actually it is a good thing for me, because my prescriptions come in 90 day increments.

While we are at it (government and all …. Nice blend huh?  Thank you very much!)

A government watchdog group has launched nearly 20 criminal investigations related to the government’s bailout.  The special inspector-general of the bailout program is focusing on alleged wrong doing by recipients of funds from the Troubled Assets Relief Program.

He is investigating cases of possible mortgage fraud, tax evasion, and insider trading, as well as an unnamed bank that he said “was cooking their books” to qualify for bail out funds.

Is this a great country or what?

Applications for open medical marijuana dispensaries have soared since President Obama announced that the fed’s will not mess with institutions that are under California law.  In Los Angeles and Oakland alone, pot is now sold openly in thousand off storefronts.  Unemployment compensation for dealers put of work has not been reported as available at this time.

Sales of wine, beer, and other alcoholic products are on the rise something like 4.8% nationwide as more and more people stay home  and do their drinking there, saving money on restaurants and bars.  I no longer personally drink to have a good time, I only drink to silence the voices in my head.

When my company asked me to give a sample of my urine for a drug test, and they found an olive in it, well, that was the end of my drinking career and come to think of it, it didn’t help my railroading career too much either.

Legal firearm sales have escalated about 27% since the Obama folks assumed the White House.  The first three months of this year, produced about four million new background checks made by the FBI..  Gun owners are afraid that the Obama administration will impose new restrictions, so they’re buying now.

I am going to change lanes now Honey …. Cover me.

Have a good weekend, we will see you on Monday.

“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)

Hump Day Dithyramb


Still dealing with a bad case of the blue funk, but I am hoping for a ray of sunshine soon, I saw a robin on the front lawn yesterday.  I suppose I could write about the President and his speech last night, but every blogger in the universe will be talking about that this morning anyway.  We could start out with some type of joke or humorous point, but I have noticed that here of late, people during hard times do not tell jokes, nothing it seems appears to be remotely funny.

This morning for instance, I am reading where some poor slob is losing his cave.  Now that is bad, when times are so rotten that you are being evicted from a cave!  If you want to read about it here is the link.

The number of illegal immigrants in the USA fell for the first time in at least four years, as the nation’s tough economy keeping fewer people from trying to sneak into the U.S. reports Homeland Security.  They might have posted some signs (in Spanish of course) at the border that reflected the economic numbers of our country and that might be what is turning them around.

Opened up the mailbox and the usual assortment was there, including one ditty that was 2200 words long, and as you all know, emails are extremely difficult to either copy or read, and 2200 words, well just forget it, I am not working my way thru some poorly written diatribe even if it is less than 5,000 words.

And there was the usual collection of Anti-Obama tripe to contend with.  In a way I truly feel sorry for the guy, a lot of this is inherent evil from the previous bunch of thugs, and he is getting a great deal of the blame early in the game, and if it fails, well, we all know what the verdict will be on that, don’t we?

Now there was one thing I found amusing this week.  It was this headline I came across the other day.  “RADICAL RIGHT — UTAH STATE SENATOR SAYS GAY PEOPLE ARE ‘THE GREATEST THREAT TO AMERICA.”

In January, according to a recent leak, state Sen. Chris Buttars (R) gave an interviewcompared gays to alcoholics and Muslim terrorists, and warned that gay people are “probably the greatest threat to America.” with a local ABC affiliate in which he rants: “To me, homosexuality will always be a sexual perversion,” Buttars said, adding, “They say, I’m born that way. There’s some truth to that, in that some people are born with an attraction to alcohol.” Buttars later called gays “the meanest buggers I ever seen.” Gays are “probably the greatest threat to America going down I know of,” he said.

Might change that to:  “Dumb A** Senators from Utah are probably the greatest threat to America” and that would be more appropriate.

While we are on the subject of dummies, here is another one.

Attorney General Eric Holder stepped into a deep mud hole when he recently referred to Americans as being a bunch of “cowards” about race. Cowards about race?  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Americans of every color have jumped over the racial divide for the past forty years.  We just elected a person with minimum experience to the highest office in the land, a person who during the election process stated that we had 57 states, who assumed the worst economy in the world as his first elected responsibility.

A coward doesn’t do that … A champion however, takes it on.

If Mr. Holder wants to be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of this great nation, then he needs to leave his blacks are behind the whites mentality back in the dark ages and move on with the rest of the country.  Incidentally, if you are not aware of this fact, let me point it out to you.  Mr. Holder is a black man, I would say he is a credit to his race, but the jury seems to still be out on that one.

Let us move on shall we?  How about some High Tech scumbags.  Buffalo – Ronald Blair, a member of the Kingsmen motorcycle club, faces a federal felony charge for threatening via text message the friend of a man Blair had argued with at a bar. The man’s brother is the member of the Chosen Few, a rival motorcycle club.

Authorities said they believe Blair, 39, is the first local biker accused of using text messages to deliver threats in feuds.  Remember the old days, when a bunch of thugs dressed up like MaDonna just showed up at the watering hole and punched you out.  Nowadays, “reach out and touch someone” has a whole different meaning.

Try to find something to smile about today.  I am off to Mickey D’s for a Rubber McMuffin and some coffee, Starbucks is no longer an option in my world.  Hang in there, here comes the weekend, you almost have it made.


Wednesday Offering



Hump Day!  Hang in there Bucko, you almost have it made.  Another day and another dollar, here is #763 for the year from your favorite Scaramouch of Cyberspace.  Another Wednesday in a long line of middle of the week ramblin’s.

Always kind of like Wednesday, don’t really know why, just do.  Middle of the week, for a five-day wage slave in Oklahoma, and almost the weekend.

They roll the numbers on PowerBall on Wednesday, so there is always the remote possibility that you could be a Millionaire by the end of the day, chances are slim, next to nothing, but still, it could happen.

Figured yesterday’s post would generate a lot of comment traffic and no one checked in to say what they thought about it all, and that kind of surprised me.  I was absolutely sure that would be the thing that filled my middle of the week sojourn, but never the less, it did not happen.

That is the way it goes …. First your money …. And then your clothes.

You know if all our national holidays were observed on Wednesdays, we might conceivably wind up with six-day weekends.  Which is a great idea, if you have the money necessary to get through a six-day weekend, that is.

Mr. Obama signed the $787 Billion Dollar I.O.U. yesterday and I guess we could talk about that, but to tell you the truth, I am kind of sick of it.  Bankers, the economy, all of it, it just keeps going on and on, and on, stop and think about it, all of this started something like 6-7 months ago, and it keeps coming up like a day old cold pizza that you ate just before bed.

He hasn’t been in office thirty days as of today, but I am going to have something to say maybe on Friday about this and what has been going on.  That gives him at least two more days to find someone to fill the spots in the government that need filling, I hear they have not used the “Witness Protection Plan” yet, might find some suitable candidate over there?


Changed my screen saver to Half Dome at Yosemite, an interesting place, currently being loved too death by too many visitors like a great many of our National Parks.  A truly beautiful and wonderful place, I have been there several times, there is even a spot in Yosemite that they say at the turn of the century if you stood there, long before the industrial revolution and looked hard, you could see the masts and sails of the sailing ships in San Francisco Bay close to 100 miles away.

That to me is simply amazing.

So what is it that we talk about, mid-way during the mid-week rant?  How about gasoline prices.  Why is it with the economy in ragged torn pieces continuing to crumble and the price of oil on the market plunging, that gasoline prices continue to edge upwards towards the two dollar mark?  Oil prices are down about 16% but the price of gasoline is UP and that just doesn’t seem right to me, the average, I need $20 worth type of guy here in the Heartland.

Things are so bad that assistant manager at a WalMart in St. George, Utah held his wedding this past week in the Garden Center of the store, right next to the Tiki Lamps and Barbequer accessories.  Greg Scott Ford’s bride, Corissa Otto, explained the venue by saying “We are so darned broke.”  The couple, who first met two Valentine’s Days ago, exchanged vows Saturday before a judge.  St. George is a sleepy little Mormon town tucked into the Southwest corner of Utah, which shares a common border with not only Arizona, but with Nevada too.

An Interesting place.

No free lunch this week and I had to pay my own way for a grease bowl and a hairball for lunch.  Nuts.  I read where this Bernard Madoff currently being confined to his $7 million dollar apartment in New York was being snitched off for “NINE YEARS BY A WHISTLE BLOWER” to the SEC and no one paid any attention to him, until after it all came tumbling down and the investors were wiped out.  Another current example of GOOD GOVERNMENT at work for you, the taxpayer.

Nine years.  Man, that is almost as bad as the messenger they sent to the Bush compound with news of the impending 9-11 disaster and Bush dismissing him and sent him packing because he wanted to finish his vacation.

People working in government could not find first base at Fenway Park if they were led summarily one-by-one onto the field.

Last:  “Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden, they may pull rabbits out of a hat in order to make all this work, but am almost certain that they do not have the ability to read your mind.  If they cannot do this, and something is bothering you, the poor slob picking up the tab for all this, then it would be best that you let your government partners know about it.”

If you need the telephone number … Let me know.  In the meantime … Stay Current.


“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)

Different Strokes

Please note:  As of today, right now, this moment … We are going to one post per day.

This is today’s post.

Reading the paper and it says that President Shrub and the First Lady are not going home right away after the inauguration.  They are flying to Midland Texas for a “welcome home celebration for Laura” this is her hometown. (You did notice I said it was for “Laura” and not for him)

So the cottage in Dallas is on hold for a little bit.  It is not a moving thing, as after eight years of Bush, there simply cannot be much left in Washington to take home.  It is a decorating issue.  The article goes on to say that they are not ready to move into the new diggs in Dallas as the painters have not finished up on the painting of the new residence.

Which struck me as strange, because you see I have never lived anywhere in my entire life where I had to wait on the movers, the painters, the plumbers or any other service people.  There is a very good reason for this, you see:

I am the painters, the plumber and those other service people.

Much like you, I am a Happy Home Owner and I am in charge of these responsibilities as I am not rich.  Only the wealthy are required to wait on the hired help, the rest of us do not share this luxury of life.

I am not wealthy, do not ever expect to be well-heeled as they say, and that is the name of that tune.  Having no real desire to be stinking rich, I will freely admit to aspiring to not minding smelling bad, but other than winning the lottery, I see no real hope of ever being considered rich and having to wait on a plumber or a painter anywhere at any time.

So you can see why it strikes me as odd, “having to wait on the painters” before moving in.

Same thing with flying, they fly everywhere they go, and to them it is matter of fact, “Old Hat.”  Too me it is a monumental hassle, take off your shoes, remove those nipple rings — bend over something is squeaking down there and setting the wand off!  And all of that is before we leave the house for the airport!

My wife takes this flying business rather seriously these days.

They don’t have to put up with any of that, they just get on the bird and whoosh …. Off they go.  Ah the perks of political importance and being with the in-crowd.  Flying is also very expensive, another pesky little detail that they do not have to put up with, they are flying on the cuff, the taxpayer pays for all their little junkets.

Jim Inhofe a Senator from our state is known for flying all around the world, he did close to $200,000 worth of it last year, he seems to have adopted the continent of Africa.  All of it on the taxpayer accounts and this is all they had documented, a lot of it was using military aircraft and there are no figures available for that.

Face it we are all little fish swimming in a big pond, and they are the big fish.  Well, I need to get off this jag, I am beginning to sound whiny, and I hate that when it happens.

So what is it here that is newsworthy, this Saturday morning?  As many of you know, Hillary Clinton was chosen to operate the apparatus that dropped the ball on New Years eve.  And it occurred to me, who would have been a better choice to have dropped the ball, than a Senate Democrat?

Sarah Palin says Caroline Kennedy is getting a media pass and she is upset with that.  That is news?  Sarah also has a new grandson, Tripp, or as the liberal news media calls him, “Fresh Meat.”

Barack Obama was recently named as “Man of the Year” by Time magazine, but Al Franken in Minnesota claims there might be enough unclaimed votes to support his contention of Man of the Year.

Went to Borders yesterday and picked up some new reading material:  Circumcision by Appointment, Urogential Manipulation — or life in Washington DC on the lobbyist trail.  I suppose when Bush goes home he will write one on Greek Rural Postmen and Their Cancellation numbers or how to Bombproof Your Horse, How to make it in life after squatting down with your spurs on — I can hardly wait.

Big time shaker out on the westcoast yesterday, something like 5.9 on the Richter scale.  It was felt in Los Angeles and all the way up to San Bernardino which is an area of about 55 miles.  They say animals can detect a quake before it hits.  My dad had a weenie dog named Fritz that could do it, he knew when they were coming and he would meet us all at the front door, flashlight in his mouth, and he had already changed the batteries!

Now here is why we are going to one post per day for an indefinite period of time or the end of the world, whichever comes first.

DuckyLast week or awhile back I discovered this little duck in my front yard, don’t have a clue as to where it came from or how it got there.  It wasn’t much of anything really, just this little lost, fluffy orphan, so I brought it inside the house and placed it in the warmth of my office, right next to the computer.

I got to thinking this week, “I bet this duck has never been out of town?” (Not really, I got to thinking it has been a long time since YOU have been out of town)  So I have decided to shut it down some and get out of Dodge for awhile.

Gasoline right now is cheap and I have just sunk my life savings into my truck [My Old Hoopie] to get it in good operating order.  One of the apparent benefits of not being gainfully employed is the ability to load up your favorite duck and head out.  ATM card in hand, full tank of gas and an empty bladder, loose me on humanity and set me free!  I am a fiend for the open road, Radio Girl has been sending me all those “we are having a good time you are not photo’s” back from down south, I am outta here.

Me and the duck, no poopy, we are out on the highway, mile after mile of tortured country music on the stereo westbound with the hammer down.

In the meantime, we will try our level best to post at least one item per day (not the usual two or three) and answer comments as we can.  As we are not traveling in a multi-million dollar motorhome Like Celine Dion or Cher, with a sat. dish on top, internet service will be sporadic at best and at times, non existent.

But where there is a will there is a way.

Please play fair amongst yourselves and try not to kill anyone while I am gone.