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Okay, all you hyped up middle aged overachievers who always had their homework in on time … Which planet is E.T. from? (I Googled it and they said .. You Again … Go Away!)  Recently NASA shot off a rocket to space, achieving an altitude of 38,000 miles above the earth, some 15 times higher than the current orbit of the Space Station.

The question begs an answer … Why?

We have all of these theories but no clear cut defined reasons for what it we are doing.  I like the one theory that a rogue planet named Nibiru, or “Planet X” is hidden behind the sun and will emerge and collide with Earth later this year. Here is another one you can file along with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and UFO’s.

Can you imagine the tan lines you would have if you spent all of your time hiding behind the sun?


Perhaps it is time for us, to just think about moving to another planet altogether.  We cannot seem to live in peace and harmony on this one, we have done so much ecological damage to it now, it most likely cannot survive. Might be time to colonize Mars.  (This is where you should insert the folks on Jupiter and Saturn are most likely saying … Uh oh, there goes the neighborhood) I personally do not understand it, we shoot up rockets into space unmanned just to prove we can, and at the same time deny a Vet. his bsic rights and treatment at the V.A..

In other words, “Houston, we have a problem.”

By the way … NASA dismissed Nibiru as an internet hoax.  Now Roswell, NM and Area 51, just for the record are true.  My neighbor told me that. He is the guy you often see in the summertime in his backyard riding his little John Deere lawn tractor with the Alum-tin-foil hat.


One more day and this sucker will be history, stick a fork in it, because it is done. 2014 was a real butt kicker for this Cowboy, I hope to saddle up something a little more friendly in the coming New Year.

Happy Trails ….. 

Jus sayin

Martian Chronicles II


Last Friday NASA successfully launched a rocket into space some 36,000 miles and then deployed an unmanned capsule back to earth and retrieved it.  Quite a accomplishment indeed.  We are not known for the “stability of our rockets” and have been using Soviet equipment for several years. Last Friday was the first time this has been (successfully) accomplished in some four decades. 

Now once again the hot topic is Mars, we as a nation have set our sights on the Red Planet.

For as long as I can remember, we have been shooting these rockets off, using acre’s and acre’s of radio transmission antenna’s in New Mexico, beaming contact information to the deep reaches of space. 

We have even sent satellites to distant planets playing the Rollin Stones and enclosed all kinds of information in a effort to reach other universe societies and their inhabitants.

This could be a very dangerous thing for mankind (as we know it). 

First, any signal that we send out, could in fact attract an alien civilization that is far superior to our own.  It could invite colonization of our planet and worse, extinction and utter destruction of our species.

Bad news for people who are geared to the bible too.  It would wreak havoc with that.  In layman’s terms, it would upset man’s central core belief in creation, whether these aliens are creature like (similar to man) or primitive life forms.   Just finding a fossil or a DNA strand from these people/creatures would be mind boggling to say the least.

For a number of years, I worked graveyard shifts on the Railroad.

On some nights we saw things in the night sky, that were unexplainable (UFO’s call ’em what you want) which were quite mysterious in nature.  It is my genuine concern that if one of them does decide to “stop by and visit.”

I am really hoping they are friendly.


Martian Chronicles

Lee Judge

Tonight somewhere deep in a hollar in West Virginia a little girl is going to bed, and she is hungry.  In Alabama or Mississippi a little boy wonders what bananas taste like, as he has never tasted one.  In Kentucky and Tennessee folks are really hurting for groceries, in what some have called “The Greatest Country on the face of the planet.”

Not long ago, a friend of mine sent me an interesting link on “How To Get To Mars” that I found extremely interesting and at the same time, somewhat disturbing.  Click Here for: “How to Get to Mars.   It seems that man has all this technology at his fingertips, but instead of stopping to utilize what it is that he has created or discovered, he marches on to other lofty goals and plateaus of discovery, and ignores the problems that surround him on all sides.

It costs a lot of money to go to Mars, or to insert a huge machine into the upper atmosphere and space.  Where is the payback?  How does this huge expenditure of funds (that we apparently do not have) benefit mankind in general?

Meanwhile, back home on earth, our children go to bed at night and quite a few of them are hungry.  We seem to do this everywhere we go and in all the things we do.  I have said it before, “We build bridges and highways in countries where the populace ride a donkey to town, and hate our guts.”  Something is wrong with our priorities in this country, as Jesus said, “Suffer the little children not.”

For my money, I can see no logical reason for us as a nation to be sending anything to Mars or anywhere else for that matter.

Unfortunately, as citizens we have no say-so in how our government spends our tax dollar.  They can reach out to other planets and galaxies with impunity and we have no recourse.  The tragic thing about all this, is that there is unparalleled beauty right here on our planet, but they are too blind to see it.

There is untold beauty and still plenty of mystery to be explored right here on our own planet.

Have a great weekend


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Cartoon courtesy of American Progress 

Spaced Out Fairy Tales

“In the spirit of Judy Garland we could all collectively wish upon a star and try and change our destinies.  When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are, that kind of deal.

Perhaps it is time for us, to just think about moving to another planet altogether.  We cannot seem to live in peace and harmony on this one, we have done so much ecological damage to it now, it most likely cannot survive.  Might be time to colonize Mars.  

SpaceX founder and billionaire Elon Musk is laying out his plans for a colony on Mars, and they are specific. Musk has already mapped out an approximate number of people he imagines living in the Mars colony (80,000), as well as how much a ticket to Mars might cost–$500,000.  This is where you should insert the folks on Jupiter and Saturn are most likely saying … Uh oh, there goes the neighborhood.

It could very well be time for us as a race of people to make decisions and forget about the politicians.  In the spirit of Judy Garland we could all collectively wish upon a star and try and change our destinies.  When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are, that kind of deal.  I remember as a young lad my father told me a fable such as that one night when I was but a small tyke, I still remember lying there in wonder and bewilderment..

It went something like this … He said …. YOUR mother told me that I was to come in here and tell you a fable or a bedtime story. 

So pay attention:  Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess, “Will you marry me?”

The Princess said, “NO!”

And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and banged skinny long-legged, big breasted broads and hunted and fished and raced cars and went to naked bars and dated women half his age and drank whiskey, beer and Captain Morgan and never heard bitching and never paid child support or alimony and nailed cheerleaders and kept his house and guns and ate Spam and potato chips and beans and blew enormous farts and never got cheated on while he was at work and all his friends and family thought he was cool as hell and he had tons of money in the bank and left the toilet seat up.  The End

Then he went into the kitchen for another beer and I was told to go to sleep.


It Aint What It Seems

Things have been driving me nuts here lately, and I can no longer abide by a lot of things.  I need to learn how to suck it up.  

Every now and then, I feel the need to get outta town for awhile.  That time has come, so much to the wonderment and absolute glee of the major oil companies, I am going to get out in my bus and burn off some fossilized carbon atoms and spend large sums of money in order to do it. Things have gotten better here lately, diesel is once again, under $4 per gallon and I hear that President Obama numbers have gotten so good he has been upgraded from an empty chair to a small empty sofa.  (Please note I did not say Love Seat, we all know that dawg aint gonna hunt, don’t we?) So I have decided to “suck it up” … bite the bullet, eat my shorts, whatever.  I am out of town for a week or two, so if you don’t see any new posts.  Don’t worry, it is because I am out of pocket for awhile. When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are … Oh yeah, before I forget.  I read some more interesting news on the space thing (that is what I am calling my latest obsession, my therapists she calls it a fixation, but I like space thing a whole lot better).  Anywho, a galaxy-wide search for earth like planets has returned a startling number of candidates.  Using NASA’s Kepler space telescope, astronomers this year announced they’d spotted roughly 2,326 new worlds and they are still counting.  Ten of those planets are close to the size of ours and orbit their suns (orbiting around a star, such as we do) in the “hospitable zone,” where temperatures could be a balmy 72 degrees which would support liquid water and potentially life.

Which brings us to that age old question …

I wonder which side

of the road they drive on?

Some people should absolutely NOT drink.  I am one of them, my wife says that no one appreciates it when you get up on top of the coffee table and do surfer imitations while singing to a Beach Boy Album (ask your Mom and Dad kids, I don’t have time to explain all of this).  A California man (where else?) was charged with unlawfully maiming a reptile after he bit a python at a connivence store.  He saw a woman showing off her snake to the clerk, so he walked up to it and sank his teeth into it, so hard, as to require medical attention for the snake.

Now I have been a little bit tight at times in my life,

but never thought of biting a snake,

maybe the foreigner behind the counter,

but never a snake.

Loyalty can get expensive.  Did you know that you are most likely paying too much for just about everything?  Well you are, and here is an article that explains it all.  It appears that all of the “newcomers” in America are getting the deal, customer loyalty counts for zip.   Surprisingly it makes a whole lot of sense when you stop and think about it.  You get the better deals by shopping around … Check it out. Working from home could be dangerous.  Me I am pretty much set in my ways and do most of my work from home, but still there is the inherent danger of working at home and not at the office.  With all endeavors, there is always the little thing that happens that kind of throws a wrench into the machinery.

Everything has a shelf life, all things wear out.  Do you need glasses??

Look carefully at the picture below.

Did you see the bare butt of the girl in the background?

If you did see that in the picture, you need to have your eyes checked, as that is the armpit of the girl holding the the camera.  (I have taken the liberty of making an eye appointment for you at 2pm, next MONDAY afternoon)  Things aren’t always what they appear to be. So Boys & Girls, the email is shut down and we are headed out of town!  We thought we might go down to Alabama and visit our relatives, see what they are up to.  My side of the family … really fun people.

Y’all be nice to each other while I am gone, play fair, don’t kill anyone.  Browse the archives, there is plenty to read over there, and here is the best part. It’s all free.



Monday morning, here we are, out here in the country, where the pavement ends.  It is our profound hope you have a great day and even better week, and somehow make it to the weekend virtually unscathed.   That is what it is all about … hope … searching the horizon for a better day, a better way, a glimmer of something good coming your way.

In the four or five decades I have always hoped for many things, only to be disappointed over and over.  End of war on the planet was always my profound hope, that some day we would learn how to live in peace with those who just don’t quite see it our way.

Cure for Cancer, that is a big one, have heard about that all of my life, but don’t see it happening.  Too much money in Cancer, it isn’t cheap to get sick, and a lot of people are living off the misery and suffering of others.

The end of the slaughter of wild elephants and rhinos in Africa for their tusks and the horn, all of which usually go to our good friends in China.  The ivory has made them so valuable they are being slaughtered in unbelievable numbers now, and most likely will not make it.  Same with the rhino, his horn used for dagger handles and sexual potions makes him a walking target.  The Tiger is on the way out, it is apparent that the biggest predator on the planet happens to be man.  They are being hunted with helicopters now and whole herds are disappearing … I would hope that would stop, but I don’t see it happening any time soon.

Believe it or not, I hope to see some real live, good gravy will you look at that, genuine extraterrestrials in my life time.  I hear about them flying around the place much too often to just blow them off and say they are not out there.  I hope to see some before I die.  At the very least, there are something like 25,000 solar systems just like ours out there, so that tells me that someone is living there somewhere.

If you stop and think about it, it is entirely possible.

Our universe has literally billions of planets in it.  The odds of another planet like ours is greatly enhanced when you stop and consider the vastness of space, entirely plausible.  I don’t know if they are ready for Viagra or Howie Mandell, but I believe they are out there.

This weekend I discovered an amazing fact that I will share with you.

Working mothers who work for telephone sex companies in the U.S. have risen sharply, over 400% in the last 18 months, because of this lousy economy.  Most of them I suppose are a little embarrassed  but it is the best way they have found to make money at home.  Having tried everything, this is the fastest way for them to get their family back on their feet.  I hope some day that women do not have to resort to measures like this to feed their families and their kids do not go to bed hungry at the end of the day.

There you go, 600 words (MOL) on hope ….

Mr. Obama promised us hope, but we have discovered it is much easier to grasp at reality than it is to hang onto hope.  When a politician promises hope, there isn’t any, and for the most parts, your boat is sunk.

I hope some day, that will change.


It’s a new life … its a new day … and I am feeling good.  


Crank it up and Check it out!

Cartoon courtesy of AmericanProgress.Org