Reflections of a Quiet Mind …


I believe all the cheese in the center of the pizza and the heavy doses of greasy meat are worse than the thick crust.  I believe that because of age, a diet heavy in these items, no exercise, that I have become friends with my fat.  I also believe that I will never be thin or skinny again, but I make up for it with my tremendous personality and my personal charm.

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Sweet Dreams …

Wow … Half of the month is gone and I flat did not notice, how about you?

You ever lie in your bed, that special early time in the morning, where you are not exactly asleep, but you still have your eyes closed?  I have just had another nice dream, one of those sweet dreams, where you just don’t want to open your eyes, and lose the image in your brain that has brought you release from the trials of life.

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Ghost Chaser

images-1The boogey man paid me a visit last night, I sure hate it when that happens. This time he was especially gnarly and would not leave me alone, I finally gave up on it, and got out of bed, dressed, came into the kitchen and brewed me a pot of coffee. I don’t know what it is about dreams that upset me so much. Continue reading

Nocturnal Musings

I had a dream last night that was so profound, so genuinely nice, so wonderful, that I woke up three times and tried my best to get back to sleep, just to get some more of it. It was almost as if it was a full length movie or something like that, it was interesting, it was enjoyable, it was intense.

There is one episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” where Marie says to Ray, “What is the matter? Did you have another one of those Happy Dreams Ray?” and he replies …… “Maw!”

But like I said, this dream was intense. Really hated to see it stop, it is so seldom that I have an enjoyable dream or pleasant encounter in my nocturnal musings. I find myself abruptly sitting up early in the morning, grabbing my writing pad off the headboard of the bed. I quickly wrote down the experience so I could share it with all of you.

Does anyone know what ##@!$ kerfist, to cuhchuh ##@stand offi she is unclean @%@# really dangerous means?

The morning warms up, I slink out to the front porch with a cup of coffee, the southern sun feels good on my face, I am slowly renewed. Isn’t it funny the things the mind will come up with? I am sitting on the porch this morning, listening to the wind softly blow, watching the leaves glide to earth and I remember stopping late at night, on top of the mountain in Flagstaff, Arizona and napping in the car.

I remember that I could not believe that I was sleeping on top of the mountain with the heater running, on .82 cent per gallon gasoline, which at that time, seemed awfully expensive.

Now some 18 years later I am shelling out $3.50 per gallon for the stuff, and it all seems so surreal to me. Another time and another place, an unalloyed testament to modern day living in the age of scarcity.

I close my eyes, sigh a deep sigh, and there it is, a full mental picture of me. Sitting outside of my bus, FULL OF GROCERIES, glass of un-sweetend tea, all happy and healthy.

Honey? Honey? Honey? …. Oh well …

Tell me all your dreams, what you think love means
Lock the world outside, embrace the gift of time.
Promise me forever.

That this moment might be all that I will ever find.


Sleep Zoned

Heard a story told of how a preacher would talk about how his wife would wake him up in the middle of the night and say to him, “I hear something downstairs.  Go check it out.”

Over and over she would do this, and he never, ever found a thing downstairs.  But she would wake him in the middle of the night, get him up at all hours, to go downstairs and check it out.

One night he grabbed the baseball bat as usual, and went down the stairs and low and behold, he found this stranger standing in his kitchen.  Bold as all get out, an intruder in his house.  So he said, “Listen, I am not going to call the cops if you do one thing.”

And the intruder said, “Okay, what is it?”

The preacher said, “I just want you to come upstairs with me for one minute.  There is someone up there that has been wanting to meet you all her life.”

I should be so lucky.

The other night, I am lying in the bed, everything is cool, four AM in the morning and the wife violently shakes me saying ……. “Wake up!  Wake up!” and I come alive and say, “What’s up?  Smell smoke?  Noise, what is going on?”

Then she sez ……… “I have dream.  We are in middle of Arizona desert, you drive off and leave me!”

So as much as I cannot believe she has woken me up in the middle of a sound sleep I reply, “Oh hell woman, go back to sleep, I will drive back there and pick you up!”

Most likely she would have been alright … Most sand storms only last about an hour so I have been told.

Like I said … I should be so lucky.


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Lite Sleepers

So what do we speak of this morning?  What is on the agenda for the day.  I go nowhere, I see no one, and I certainly have no plans to speak of, so what it is it that we shall talk about? 


Not much.


My world, which is now somewhat limited, isn’t all that interesting I am afraid to say.  I just eat, sleep, get up and sit on the porch, I find myself sleeping a great deal now, and I am not all that enthusiastic about anything.  I just have one thing on my mind, and that is “to pack up and leave” with no particular destination in mind.  Just to get out of here.


Long ago, I was sitting at a stoplight on my Harley, long hair and beard, Carson City Nevada, and this cop eyes me suspiciously and says, “Where are you goin?” and I said, “Anywhere but here man, anywhere but here.”  That is what kind of day I am having today … One of those.


 “In my solitude, you can almost feel my pain.”


Nailed to the floor and shut down. No more Harley’s in my days, that chapter of the book, has been closed. Adventure has been traded for”comfortable and secure.” Now it is comfort and age, CD player and a soft seat.  As the little woman is fond of saying … “If I cannot take my crock pot with me and plug it in somewhere, I am not going.” 


I miss not being able to take off in my old truck and put down some serious miles, I miss that a great deal.  The oil companies have changed my perspective on life totally, I no longer can live the way I was accustomed to, I suppose a lot of American’s are just that way too.  I do not believe I am alone in this at all, but it is something I surely miss, and I can relate to it as it happens. 


It is not all bad, there are the quiet times, the front porch and a good book to read, I cherish those.  Usually find myself regulated to a lawn chair, and soon even that will be a luxury I can ill afford, as the mercury on the thermometer goes up and the humidity increases.  It will become miserable, and the long hot summer will take its toll on even the simple pleasures of life. 


That is summertime in Oklahoma, and I know it is just around the corner.


Yesterday was nice, I kept thinking, “We ought to bottle this sucker up and keep it.”  That kind of nice.  A laid back kind of day, I found myself reading an article and it said, “that if you sleep less than six hours per night, or if you sleep MORE than nine hours per day” you are most likely going to be overweight.  Possibly obese in your later years.


Just doesn’t seem fair to me, “you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.”


No middle ground in the article or the survey.  Might be the reason I hate survey’s, I dunno.  They had a health survey on MSN or something not long ago, it wasn’t govt. survey or anything, private. 


Being it was somewhat a slow day for me, and all my homework was done, the paper route complete, I took the thing.  It was on longevity and I honestly answered each and every question.  Having finished, I clicked the next button and it said …. “Find your cell phone, and a nice quiet place to sit.”


What’s that about? 


Another thing that bothers me, is they always start out with “a just released GOVERNMENT STUDY” has found that …. Blah, blah, yadda-yadda.  It is a known fact, that I am not a big supporter of Govt. anything around here, so naturally, I am going to be a bit skeptical.


This study also linked lite sleepers to smoking, less physical activity, and more alcohol use.  The study was performed on 87,000 people that they happened to find awake at the time. 


Apparently if you sleep too little or too much, you are possibly going to be a chain smoking, lazy half drunk, fat person.  Hmmmm, two out of three aint bad, how did you do?


So later on in the day, Mama sends me to the store for some supplies and vittles, our stock has again run low.  I am standing in Aisle #11 at the Super-Center (chips & dips) and I counted 14 lite sleepers and at least twice that many really BIG snoozers! 
Might be some truth to all this after all.