Obama -The New Guy

When I first heard that George Dubya had been arrested for drunk driving some twenty-four years ago, I figured that would be enough to cook his goose, we wouldn’t have to worry about him being our next problem, err, president.

And it were so to speak an unfortunate series of circumstance, because it turned out it didn’t really matter to the voting populace in this country, not one bit.  I thought, “Jeeze, is that all that can get on the guy? This is weaker than a generic aspirin in a very thin bloodstream.”  So we got a Good Ol’ Boy For President, and Cheney for good measure was thrown into the mix.

Who cares how much alcohol was in Bush’s system one night when he was 30 years old.  Most of us would be more concerned about how much Halcyon is being consumed in Waco, Texas on a daily basis.  Or how many brains receptors are in the man’s head on any given day of the week.

We should be very worried about the present … not the past.

Politicians are good at littering the landscape of America, they do it all the time.  A dead young woman was discovered in Teddy Kennedy’s submerged car, yet a few years later Democrats were still trying to draft him for President.  President Clinton cheated on the First Lady with an intern barely out of college, and he found himself “more popular than ever.” Afterwards.  So we’re supposed to care that Bush was caught driving erratically in Kennebunkport in 1976?

Bush did just the opposite, he won the sympathy of beer swillers, tosspots, social drinkers, 12-steppers and forgiving Christians everywhere, as well as all those with blemishes in the past who would like to forget about them. That adds up to about 99,9% of the electorate, including known truth tellers like O.J. Simpson our newest resident of the Nevada High Desert, and of course this comes with a 0.1% margin of error either way.

Back in those days, a reporter might actually ask Bush how he thought he could get by without disclosing his DUI arrest.  What?  Do we have to disclose every dumb thing we ever did in our lives?  (Do they really know about the incident at the bicycle rack in ’63?)  This is and was as I remember it a really pathetic election, offering a clear choice of pathetic candidates.

So as I am mostly cynical and somewhat shaded when it comes to these things, I am wary of this new guy.  Believe it or not, I can get used to disliking the president elect, even before he is sworn in.

Every day I am put in the often awkward position of approving some comment that he is the “next Demi-God, sent here to save us all.” Or some other kind of diverse thinking.  “he is the chosen one sent her by God to lead us out of all this …. “

It surely gets old and tired after awhile.

So even though I am giving him the full benefit of the doubt and a fair shake, I already do dislike him to some extent.  He uses verbs in his speech, he knows and structures sentences.  He’s too damn popular, and I am not used to that, all of these little quirks kinda bother me.

But then again, it doesn’t take a whole lot to set me off these days.  Like my grand-daughter is fond of saying … “Don’t get ugly grandpa.”