Draw Your Own Conclusions

stats 2013

On December 7th, I took steps to initiate the “Publicize Feature” on this website.  Here is a graph of what has transpired in the past two weeks as a direct result of this so-called feature.  Not much.  You can see by the stat’s that the traffic to the blog has virtually stayed at about the same steady daily pace and that only one or two days do you find any noticeable increase in traffic.

I do not see where it has produced any visible increase in traffic at all.  It all depends on the material (as it always has) and what it is that you put up on the page.  When I started this procedure they came in and virtually raped my address files and then generated a lot of spam to all of my friends and contacts to “join me” in this adventure.

Which I did not appreciate at all.

It would be my recommendation that if you are considering doing this, you might want to think it out first, before doing it firsthand.  The benefits are far less than promised and it is going to irritate your friends and contacts, as it did mine, so I cannot see where it is all that much of benefit versus a hassle.  As always, it is right there, you be the judge.

Here is today’s offering at Creative Endeavors, Stressful Issues.