Out Of Scrilla

2196254-crybabywithsadfaceThis morning I feel like I need to come up with a way to generate some cash.  You see when I was young, I partied a lot, I spent foolishly, I made and spent huge sums of money with complete abandon.  Fur lined house slippers, electric dog polishers, cars, trucks, motorcycles … Oh well, you get the picture right?  

Now in what they call “The Golden Years” I need even more scrilla or cash.

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Can’t We All Just Get Along …

cool-dude1The Attorney General(s) of Oklahoma and Kansas are suing the State of Colorado.  The are also asking the Federal Government to step in and settle the dispute over pot once and for all. 

There hasn’t been this much excitement in Denver, since the police arrested John Elway for being a slow moving white bronco during the OJ Simpson mess.

Kansas and Oklahoma are claiming that they have increased costs in law enforcement (policing automobile transportation of illegal substances) out of Colorado and want reimbursement from Colorado.  Continue reading

Just So You’ll know

“So unless a solar storm surges and affects Earth, screwing up Sat. Radio and not allowing any of us to hear the ballgame.  I think we are all going to be okay.”

“Just so you’ll know.”  Deborah on Everyone Loves Raymond used to say that all the time, really cracked me up.  This morning I am wondering about a couple of things.  It seems to me that my life for some strange reason is now defined by events “that are supposed to happen, but somehow, never do” and that often bothers me.  Like this Malware thing that was supposed to take off yesterday, it did not happen here.  Last night I did not catch the national news, and this morning, so far, it was a non-event.  All of my clocks are running on time, and the little lite on the micro-wave is not blinking.

So here is the ever present question in 2012 … What’s up with that?

Weatherman is wrong more than he is right this year, all of these things that I hear about (often impending doom) just do not materialize.  Just like this Mayan calendar thing, what happened with that, who are the people that keep selling all of this jazz to us.  I wish they would stop.

But there is a bright side, there is always a bright side.

I understand that the lawmakers in Kansas have in their infinite wisdom, decided to make Toto the official state dog of that state.  Yes boys & girls, Toto, the little cairn terrier, the little breed of Dorothy’s dog in The Wizard of Oz, is the official state dog of Kansas.

Another thing that is bothering me is Email, I often get a lot of it, this morning it was all bad news.  Two of my old school chums have developed cancer and they are not going to be at the next reunion.  Last time it was someone I knew and grew up with, dying in a motorcycle accident, and it goes on and on.  All of these kids starving somewhere I cannot find on a map, and I am being asked to save them.

I am so tired of bad news.

It would be better to hear of something like this.  For more than twenty-five years, customers at Fat Smitty’s Cafe in Washington have been plastering the walls with dollar bills.  A lot of places do this, I have been in several over the years.  When he enlisted the local boy scout troop to help him take the money down, and then give it to a charity, they welcomed the challenge.

Last week he discovered that over the years, the patrons had put up something like $10,000 in cash.  The money went to a local children’s hospital in the area.

Here is another snippet of good news.  You are now safe from a threat “to destroy America.”  A British tourist was handcuffed and barred from entering the U.S. because had tweeted that he planned to “destroy America.”  When arrested he tried to explain to the authorities that this was current slang where he lived and it meant to “party quite hard in” America.

But they did not buy it (You have to remember here he is talking to airport scanners, and we all know about them by now, don’t we?) after his explanation, they simply told him, “You’ve really F _____ up with that boy.”  Is this a great country or what?  I feel so protected.  Kind of makes me wonder, “who is it that read our tweets and supposedly private Emails, and don’t they have something more important to do?”

So that is about it for Tuesday, please stop sending me all of this negative Email, and telling me the world is going to end.  All of you whank-ho’s who how have come up with various scenarios for global catastrophe.

Keep it to yourselves.  I am not sitting around here in at my Goat Farm in Oklahoma, waiting on massive earthquakes and tsunamis, the eruption of a super volcano, and the sudden reversal of the earth’s poles.  Send all of that to Charlie Sheen or Tom Cruise.

I like the one theory that a rogue planet named Nibiru, or “Planet X” is hidden behind the sun and will emerge and collide with Earth later this year.  Here is another one you can file along with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and UFO’s.  Can you imagine the tan lines you would have if you spent all of your time hiding behind the sun?

Not to be deterred, there is another supposed deity named planet, Eris.  NASA dismissed Nibiru as an internet hoax, and explained that while a dwarf planet named Eris does exist at the edge of the solar system, its distant orbit precludes any collision with Earth.  I don’t know exactly how far it might be, but smart money says you would go bankrupt trying to buy enough gasoline to get you there, so don’t worry about it.

So unless a solar storm surges and affects Earth, screwing up Sat. Radio and not allowing any of us to hear the ballgame.  I think we are all going to be okay.  We will be sitting here waiting on rain that is never going to arrive, in front of our computers that do not work because they all have Malware, anticipating with great anxiety and trepidation Christmas 2012 and our free gift of a Mayan Calendar.

I can hardly wait.

(One more thing, “if any of you have a good modern day working definition of the word Whank-ho’s please Email it to me.  Thanks.)


Please make all checks and/or M.O. payable to BoxcarOkie, we will take care of the rest of it … Trust me.

Obama’s first 100 – Adding it all up


End of the month, here is another one we can stuff into the bag, and put it away for all time.

Haven’t been up on the old soapbox here lately, so today I am going to take a stab at it.  I have done rather well the last sixty days avoiding political issues and what-knot, but today I feel it in my bones to mention a few items of interest I have observed here of late.

Lot of talk about Obama’s first 100 days in office and to the average Joe, it appears that he might be the most polarizing president this country has ever seen.  The big rumble around here is a proposed tax on the miles that we drive, which should not come as any big surprise, we talked about that last year.

Once again, we prove ourselves to be just a tad bit ahead of the curve on things in general.

As more and more states find themselves cash strapped for gasoline income that is no longer there, they will come up with creative ways to soak the taxpayer even more, this is surely just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  It is also why we are seriously considering a Ford Hybrid and 41 miles per gallon, not so much to help out the folks at Ford, but to cut us a little slack on some of this high priced fuel.  Right now 700 miles on one tank is starting to look pretty good.

Best get ready boys n girls, the fed’s and the state are coming for you with their endless half-full bucket and they are going to ask you to fill it but one more time.

If you don’t believe that, then consider this.  When federal income tax was first established, in 1913, the tax code was a mere 400 pages.  Today the tax code is 70,320 pages and it is rumored that there is but a “handful of people in Washington” that can actually read it and comprehend its meaning.  This is one thing the government is very proficient at, and that is getting into your pocket.

It is now being reported that the federal budget deficit rose to a record $957 billion in the first six months of fiscal 2009.  Which is kind of funny, because we are just starting the “5th” month tomorrow, so how do they know it rose this much in five months and not what they are reporting (six).

March government outlays increased 41% to $321 billion from the previous year (March 2008).  While at the same time revenue fell 28% to about $129 billion.  So as you can plainly see, both the fed’s and the states are cash strapped, and who do you suppose they are going to tap to find a solution to the shortfall.

If there is a (new) way to gouge you, they will find it.  We seem to think in generalities, whereas they seem to deal in detail.

The only people that seem to do good at all this are the lobbyists.  They spent something like $3 billion last year in Washington DC and they got their money’s worth.  A University of Kansas study just released reports that a single corporate tax break in 2004 enabled 800 companies to save a total of $100 billion dollars.  I put back about $1300 but my tax liabilities were considerably higher, and that was without a bail out.

Just depends on how you look at it I guess.  Things could be worse, things could be better.

On the upside, it is rumored that Starbucks is putting out a new blend of “Deepresso Coffee” for those days that are so hard to get thru.  The Dallas Cowboys are building a new stadium, a $1 billion plus, 3 million square foot undertaking that will include 80,000 seats, two 180 foot long High Def Video screens, and the largest retractable roof ever constructed.

It is truly …. The worst of times … and the best of times in the USA.

For those who have everything, the economic downturn has some searching for “a greener and cheaper alternative to the dreaded McMansion prospective.”  You can now live in a smaller, much smaller house.  There is a new home on the market called the XS-House, a ready made 65-square foot, yes I said “65 sq ft” home.  It is being offered by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and it makes a diminutive domicile of all sorts and it is also the smallest model that they currently offer.

Price?  Just $37,000 and some change, can we build one for you?

We are such a diverse culture aren’t we, we celebrate Obama’s first 100 days in office, and are asked at the same time to critique his performance on the local news, which is like saying to the viewer, “let us pool our ignorance on this subject” and then make a pronouncement of this man’s abilities.

How sick is that.

I understand that scientists have now locked up six volunteers in a mock spacecraft for a 105-day stay, to see if they can manage not to kill one another.  Now we have a new standard for stupidity.  For an even tougher test, please identify three people you personally know who would truly push human tolerance and endurance to the limit if locked up together for 105 days.

How about your mother-in-law, the checkout girl at Lowe’s, maybe a credit card rep.

(Yeah I know, don’t write me any letters)

So for all you stalworth champions who have managed to hang in there this long, here is the point.  We fritter away our time on the frivolities of life, and virtually ignore the important issues.  Meanwhile  that wonderful gang of thugs, The Taliban and other Afghan extremists attack 256 schools in that country (during the past year) for the “crime” of teaching girls, killing 58 children and teachers.

Where is the “democracy in that” if it is there, I fail to see it.

We sit back and try to gauge the competence of our leadership, while we inspect every stock-jobbing swindle, pass on the Ponzi schemes, and wonder if the crash is really going to come?  Everyone hopes and prays that if it does, that it will land on the head of our neighbor, but not before we reap the profit from the financial storm and get caught in the shower of gold.

So much for April, another old tired soldier put to bed.

I believe I will go outside, sit on the porch, seriously ponder or study the size and weight of a cloud, and do my best to forget about this past 100 days.  For the most part, I feel that Obama is doing the best he can with what he has to deal with, and this is after all, going to be a long row to hoe, it isn’t going to get solved in 100 days for cryin’ out loud. That my friends is called a reality of life.

I am going to do my best to file it in the back part of my mind and not worry about it.

This of course comes under the heading of the “best laid plans, hopes and schemes of man” a plan that seldom actually works.  No matter what picture or landscape I try to paint, they always come back to haunt me.  I am sure they will be on every channel tonight or soon to remind me.

They are never far away, so much for day #1 of the second 100 days.


Cartoon courtesy of Think Progress Online.

Hard Fast Rule

Hello, did you miss me?

I wasn’t here yesterday with all you needed to know about everything that actually mattered, I took a day off.  One hard fast rule I have is to never write when I am depressed, sad, lonely or out of sorts.  I just feel like it just naturally reflects on what you put up in a negative way.

Yesterday was one of those kind of days, so I just floated one, and did not post anything.

So here we are, sailing along briskly in our sea of anxiety this Friday morning.  Shall we stop to consider that it is just possible that Mr. Obama is just to dog-gone nice to be our President?  That Google can now eye you right down to your cotton-picking front door, that A-Rod did steroids and has confessed.  I mean who gives a rat’s patooie about A-Rod and baseball to begin with?

How about the Populist uprising demanding that CEO compensation be limited to 500K for doing a crummy job on Wall Street.  Auto sales have plunged the past 12 months, home sales, now there is a hooter for ya, nothing good to report there either.  Creationism is OK as long as it’s not taught in schools.  And if you’re trying to sell a $5 cup of coffee, well good luck with that.  Things have gotten so bad I hear that Madonna has cut off two of her entourage and let them go.

Opened up my email this morning and the first thing I see is this.  “See the 87 people that searched for “Don Smith” including:

  • 3 people in OK
  • 46 people aged 56 – 66
  • 51 men
  • 36 women
  • Get alerts when there are NEW searches!”

It appears that I do have charisma, but it is for the same-sex, that was kind of disturbing.  Nothing like coming on line early in the morning and discovering that you are no longer a “Chick Magnet” man, that is a bummer.  These things always amaze me to no end.  Must be that new math or something?  “87 people were looking for me.”

46, 55-66, 51 men, 36 women … which is missing 41 people somewhere.

Wait it gets even better.

I can have all this and more!  All I have to do is cough up $6 per month.  Yeah right.  There is another ten minutes of my life I will not get back, looking at this electronic bullsh** they send out.  It would be nice to think that I could just reach up and check “block sender” and that would be the end of it, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always work.  One pesky woman who gives me problems, came shooting in under the radar this week, and I blocked her a long time ago.  Technology creates a big hole in my life … it sucks.

We Must Be Back In Kansas Toto.

Wichita Kansas – Hispanic parents are appealing a federal judge’s ruling upholding a Catholic school’s policy that students speak only English in school. The appeal was filed by three families who sued the Diocese of Wichita seeking to end the policy at St. Anne’s Catholic School. The judge ruled in August that the policy does not in itself create a hostile learning environment.

Here is a novel idea, you don’t like it here, you don’t want to speak English, then go back to Mexico.  People that speak English in this country make more money, think about that, unless you want to be a wage-slave the rest of your lives.  You walk by a store window and glance down at the sign and it reads:  “EXPERIENCE WATIRESS REQUIERED ENGLISH ESSENTUAL” and if you cannot read that, where is this going to leave you?

This is America …We speak English.

While we are in Kansas?  The Governor of that state announced this week that they are, much like California, going down the tubes and will run out of money.  It seems that everyone is running out of money, except Washington DC, that is.  She says that she will have to dip into an $225 million surplus fund in order to make it.  Must be nice, have a million dollar “surplus stashed away somewhere.”

Meanwhile back here at the ranch, the local cable TV company informs me that switching over to digital television (that only works marginally) was more expensive than they thought it would be and they want an extra $4.50 per month from me.  Hey, why not?  I am made out of money, just like everyone else, right?

Figuring a bail out is in order for me, we have started constructing our own version of the American Hoopie in the backyard tool shed, hope to have the first models off the line soon, thus, qualifying us for some kind of compensation.

carIf that doesn’t pan out, we also have begun the new “Oklahoma Bumper Sticker Project.”  Handy, catchy sayings that you can attach to the back of your car if you live in Oklahoma.

  • I am putting on Makeup.
  • I brake randomly for no reason.
  • I am about to cause a serious accident.
  • Sorry, we are low on turn signal fluid.
  • 40 MPH in the fast lane is fast enuff.
  • I am sort of paying attention.
  • I am like totally out of it.
  • I don’t play baseball and I don’t do steroids.  But I do vote.

Colorado — One of the two men who used “thong underwear” to cover up his face during a robbery was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in the pen this week.  Maybe while he is incarcerated, they might point out to him where the “skinny part of the underwear goes” which is of course, not the part you want to conceal your face with.  Some six to eight months later, and that still makes me chuckle, it makes me smile.

Aiken South Carolina – Prosecutors said two 10-year-old boys who tried to trade marijuana to their classmates for bubble gum or desserts won’t face drug charges. Authorities said 3 grams were found on two fourth-graders after their classmates told teachers. Authorities said they don’t know where the students found the marijuana, and are not sure the students knew what they were doing was wrong.

If this doesn’t work, there is always George Bush and David Letterman.  Ganked this from CrackerBoy this week, check it out.

If none of this cheered you up I am truly sorry, I gave it my best shot. True it wasn’t much, but it was the best I got. Try and have a good weekend and remember, “Fighting over stupid things means you’re sweating the small stuff … Big time.”


“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)

First And Ten


I sure hope they spell everything right?

This more than likely will kill my nomination for Okie Blog of the Year. Oklahoma City – Tag agencies across the state began issuing redesigned license plates Friday, to replace the green-and-white tags that have been around for 20 years. The new multicolor tags have “Oklahoma” spelled out at the top in dark letters bordered in gold.

At the bottom is a narrow blue band with the words “Native America” printed in pearl white. A friend of mine recently picked up a DUI after Christmas, when the cop stopped him and said, “Can I see your license?” he replied, “It isn’t on the back of the truck?”— Night in jail.

Sending it to the Landfill

Anchorage Alaska – Glass is no longer accepted for recycling in Anchorage. That means up to 150 tons of glass a month will go to the city dump. The primary reason given for the decision was a significant decrease in demand for the end product. The world economy keeps sinking, and the demand for raw products, decreases daily.

Legally Dead

Thirty-four (Count ‘em I said “34”) bowl games scheduled, you have enough chip and dip to cover the spread? If you watch half that many games you could or should be declared “legally dead” to the world. Here is what the average football fanatic wanted for Christmas this year.

Very surprised to see an empty seat at the Super Bow, a die-hard fan remarked about it to a woman sitting nearby. “It was my husband’s” the woman explained, “but he died.” “I am very sorry,” said the man. “Yet I am really surprised that another relative, or a friend, didn’t jump at the chance to take the seat reserved for him.”

“Beats me,” she said. “They all insisted on going to the funeral.”

Poo-Poo Report, this is too good to be true. But it is.

Greenwich Connecticut – City officials said in a report that a sewer main break on Dec. 12 sent 28 million gallons of untreated waste-water into the Mianus River and Long Island Sound. The Environmental Protection Agency said it is one of the largest sewage spills in New England in recent memory, but officials say they don’t believe there will be any long-term damage to the environment. Now go back and read it again, look at the name of the river, it is almost as if it was made up, but it isn’t.

The Kansas equivalent of Sarah Palin? This dog isn’t going to hunt.

Topeka Kansas – Democratic Gov. Sebelius said a job in President-elect Barack Obama’s administration is still a possibility because she believes Obama will serve eight years. Sebelius took herself out of Cabinet consideration this month, citing the state’s budget problems. Some speculate the two-term governor will run for the U.S. Senate. The guy hasn’t even been sworn in for his FIRST TERM and people are now predicting his tenure is eight years? Give us a break Gov.

More stuff that doesn’t work

Readomatic this “New” wordpress.com feature they recently introduced, isn’t working, seems it posts your stuff now and then, but has some kind of tag problem.  So it appears that even tho’ it is a totally new year, wordpress.com still has the same old problems, just a new face on this one.

Hammered In The Deep South

Richmond Virginia – The sour economy has not affected Virginians’ taste for liquor. It’s just encouraged them to do more drinking at home, state Alcoholic Beverage Control sales figures show. From July through November, liquor sales to individuals rose 8.1%, while sales to bars and restaurants increased only 0.6%.

Me and the bride we are feeling alright about most of this. I recently went to the bank and cashed in all my CD’s and moved our money to a Canadian Company that manufacturers anti depressants.

Word Verbage: Hella. (1.) Very, totally. (2.) Lot of. Short for “a hell of a lot of.” Guy #1: That party was hella sketchy. What was with all those skanky girls. Guy #2: There was a hella weed, tho.

“I was on my way to the doctor with rear end trouble and my universal joint gave way, causing me to have an accident.” Actual statement on an insurance form, in which the driver was trying to explain the accident in as few words as possible.

Coffee Drinking Do-Nut Eating Pork Barrel Hogs switch to Dunkin Donuts.

Dunkin Donuts is expecting a solid 2009 the rest of the country’s economic might appear to be rather bleak, but it looks good for Dunkin Donuts, they are sitting pretty and it all looks pretty sweet. They recently bumped off Starbucks as the #1 supplier of as the official coffee supplier of the U.S. Senate Restaurant.

Their new official slogan for the new year will be “You Kin Do It” sort of like Larry The Cable Guy’s … “Get ‘Er Done” I guess. I like their coffee, but at almost $7 a bag, it is too rich for my blood. But then again, I am a six pack Joe, as Caribou Barbie has said, not an overpaid blood sucking parasite in the U.S. Senate.

Bunker Mentality

Atlas Van Lines and Mayflower are reporting that most American’s are hunkering down and staying put. With economics in their current state, it appears that everyone is staying home and getting drunk.   Gasoline has went up in my area by .22 cents in two days, so it appears that the honeymoon is officially over, and they are coming around for another pound of flesh.

Amid a sour economy, one business appears to be thriving as the year comes to a close: counterfeiting. Arrests for the printing of fake money have hit a five-year high. If you get a bill with a picture of Cheney or Bush on it, don’t try and pass it.

(It is not “lots of. Short for a hella of a lot of.”)

The Fed’s are now reporting that the bankers have been fed, and they seem to be sated for the time being. Commercial banks and investment firms borrowed less from the Emergency Lending Program last week than in the previous weeks before that. They just averaged $86.3 billion per day, a drop from $88.4 billion the week before Christmas.

It appears that they have all they need … Me and the wife we are still trying our best to “Keep Up With Jone’es, but every time we catch them, they just go out and refinance.”

How about you — How you doin’?


Two Down … One More To Go.

“Although there were signs that its fall was imminent, the empire managed to stave Gotterdammerung for another two-hundred years.”

The Olympics wrapped up and now all the Chinese have to figure out, is how to pay for it all.  All the pageantry and the splendor, isn’t cheap, most countries that host the games end up with a huge tab when it is over.  Olympic games tend to cost an exorbitant amount of money.

The Democrats have concluded the speechifying, glorifying, and pontificating of their chosen hero’s or whatever reasonable facsimile of one, they could dredge up from the gene pool.  The fodder-rall is over in Denver with some noted casualties in the fray.

I hear that Bill Clinton got the loudest applause and roar from the crowd when he said the words “In Conclusion” at the end of his speech the other night.  Bill and Joe Biden seem to be running neck and neck on the verbosity issue, Clinton in the lead, and Biden speaking not in sentences, but rather paragraphs.

I don’t understand why Bill gets all this attention by the media and the Democrats, he has had his day in the sun.

Obammer was talking “Capital Gains Tax” again this week, which is nice, kind of like oatmeal for the masses, but let’s face it, this strategy doesn’t produce one gallon of gasoline, one barrel of oil.  This will do nothing but anger the beast.  You can try and teach a pig to sing, but it will not work, and all it does is irritate the pig.

Another energy genie was there.

Albert Gore has a plan, but his plan takes some ten years to get going, which isn’t going to provide any kind of immediate relief for our dilemma.  And don’t forget the other mover and shaker, T. Boone Pickens, working the room and glad handing those in charge of the federal purse strings.

He finally let the cat out of the bag on what he is really up to.  He says that we need to build a totally new power-grid in this country, and where do you suppose would be the first place that it would hook up?  And who do you suppose he wants to pay for it?

Is it just me or have you noticed, that no one seems to bring up the subject of our refining deficit, why is it no one wants to build a refinery or at best, even talk about it?

The people of the United States deserve a coherent energy policy, a policy that will offer them a future free from dangerous dependence on foreign oil.  We are now sucking down roughly 12 million barrels a day, to put it in the proper prospective.  Saudi Arabia pumps about 9 million barrels per day.  No one, can sustain levels like these.

Man, got my electric bill yesterday, all this hot weather, my tendency to sleep in a cool house at night, really adds up at the end of the month.  Across the nation electric rate hikes are on the move, at least seven states this week announced rate hikes of 20% or better.  The TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) said the hike will raise about $2 billion and is expected to be passed on to about 8.8 million rate consumers.  They are blaming the high cost of fuel, and a three year drought that has lowered hydroelectric water levels.

Wonder what it is going to be like when everyone starts plugging in their electric cars?

Yesterday I commented on a poop shooter in Ohio that got fed a hand grenade for lunch.  Today it is a poop shooter seat auction in Lucas, Kansas.  An art gallery is hosting a show and benefit auction of toilet seats to raise funds for a new public restroom.  The Great Toilet Seat Art Show at the “Flyin’ Pig Studio and Gallery” will be held Saturday during the town’s annual Apple Festival.

Sounds like a fun place to take a date.  B.Y.O.P (Bring Your Own Paper)  Don’t forget your digital camera so we can post the photographs later on in the week.  I wonder if they will have “Sunday On The Pot With George” a painting in pointillist style (made up of dots) depicting a heavy man wearing only his underpants, sitting on a toilet.

One reviewer called the work “the single most memorable artistic experience in my life …   a bit like my recent  bout with shingles.”

Ralph Stephens in Virginia Beach is a happy camper this day.  He has won the $100,000 Jackpot in Virginia’s Lottery Cash 5 game three times.  He won on August 3rd of this year, in 1997, and repeated in 2007.  Last night we only had two numbers, not exactly collateral for a new house or a trip to Barbados.  But I believe I know why it is that we are not winning.

You see, they just don’t give you enough time “to wish upon the numbers” they are rolling them too fast.

You want paper or plastic?  Consumers seem to be slippin’ back into their old habits.  Plastic is being used more than cash (paper).  Some customers are using credit cards more often.  What their cards are buying:  Gas 70%, food groceries 67%, clothing 51%, Leisure activities 50% and health care 24%.

One more convention to suffer through and we will be done with it for awhile.

Then we can go back to the “good old days.”  Sit back and take it easy, until November and then finally put it to rest.  Ah … The Good Ol’ Days … When can we go back to wasteful consumerism fueled by reckless borrowing against our children’s’ uncertain future.

Is this a great country or what?


“The above material [cartoon] was published by the Center for American Progress” (online)