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What a deal … What a deal.” 

LISTEN UP BIG THREE:  A high school student in Grant City, Mo. has come up with a dirt-cheap means of transportation.  He took an old car (1994 Geo Metro) and yanked its engine and put in an electric fork-lift motor that he bought on E-bay for $200.  

The car ran a max of 62 mph and travel more than 30 miles between charges.  It is estimated that it costs roughly .25 cents to re-charge its 12 batteries, which translates to about 200 miles for the price of one gallon of gas.  Now if an 18 year old kid can figure it out, it makes you wonder why the Big Three cannot.  

On the downside (there is always a downside, remember that) contrary to popular opinion, electricity is not free, someone, somewhere, is going to burn something to create it.  Just in case any of you are seriously contemplating building your own electric car.

WE ARE BORN NAKED, WET AND HUNGRY.  THEN THINGS JUST SORT OF GET WORSE:  Here we go again, it seems like a lot of this off the wall loopy crap comes out of Colorado.  I know that John Denver used to sing about “Rocky Mountain High” and all that, but I am beginning to wonder.  

A 6 year old boy was suspended from school for reciting the rap lyric, “I am sexy and I know it.”  He recited this to a female classmate and those in charge, deemed this harmless behavior as sexual harassment and sent him home.  

And everyone wonders why our youth are clearly dysfunctional or appear to be on the surface outright idiots?

POSSIBLYRELATED:  Consider this.  About 93% of all immigrants applying for citizenship correctly answer 6 out ot 10 questions on American History.  Whereas, on the other hand, the same 6-10 questions answered by natural born citizens, only 65% could squeak out the correct answers.

YUP, I GOT HIS FINGER-PRINT RIGHT HERE:   A woman in Japan who had her bag stolen, took it upon herself to chase down her assailant, take the bag back, and in the process …. “Bite off his finger!”  No word whether the police at the crime scene took his finger for fingerprint identification or not.

BAD MOVE FOR SURE:  A University of Iowa student was charged with trying to get into a bar using a stolen driver’s license.  The license just happened to belong to the bouncer at the front door of the club.

CAT OF NINE LIVES:  A cat got stuck inside a washing machine and somehow survived a full wash cycle.  A woman who searched in vain all over her home looking for the cat, happened to spot its wet and soggy looking face appearing thru the washer door in her washroom.  It had survived more than an hour of soaking, tumbling, and drying.  Word has it that she took it to the vet. and he informed her that it had used up seven of its ten lives, but was apparently okay.

And now … A comment from a future member of the Democratic/Republican party.

The Truth Shall Set You Free


Sorry Charlie

charlieReady for the latest email rumor?  Here it is, hot of the press, just came in yesterday afternoon.

Like Tuna? Here you go, follow the yellow brick road (federal gold).  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s home district includes San Francisco.  Star-Kist Tuna’s headquarters are in San Francisco, Pelosi’s home district.

Star-Kist is owned by Del Monte Foods and is a major contributor to Pelosi. Star-Kist is the major employer in American Samoa employing 75% of the Samoan work force. Paul Pelosi, Nancy ‘s husband, owns $17 million dollars of Star-Kist stock.

Not going to fast for you am I?

In January, 2007 when the minimum wage was increased from $5.15 to $7.25, Pelosi had American Samoa exempted from the increase so Del Monte would not have to pay the higher wage. This would make Del Monte products less expensive than their competition’s.

Last week when the huge bailout bill was passed, Pelosi added an earmark to the final bill adding $33 million dollars for an ‘economic development credit in American Samoa’.

The email then goes on to say that backs it all up.  Sorry Charlie but SNOPES.COM does not validate this, it says it is a rumor.  And Truth or says there is no record of it at all.  So don’t believe everything that you read in email, no better yet, don’t believe “anything” you read in email, and certainly nothing here.

The email ends with “Why don’t we get media coverage of stories like this?” and of course the old stand-by …. Pass This On To All Of Your Friends … The sure dead give away.

We don’t get stories like this because they seem to be bogus and untrue.

(Gawd, I hate email)


White Heat and Snake Oil

112408Black Friday has come and gone, hopefully the majority of you survived it to “fight another day.”  One more reason for me to be “ashamed of being American.”

Now it appears that the official “I have to buy something to be happy season” is now in full swing.  Let us pray the casualties will be light this year as everyone dives into the commercialism of Christmas and forgets about “the baby.”

How did this tradition of decorating the house in multiple colored lights become Christmas?  It seems as if it has been around forever and now a days it is even starting earlier.  I saw some houses decorated and blinking in the night sky as early a week before Thanksgiving.

There is however good news, “if you live in Oklahoma, and are lazy, you don’t take your Christmas Lights down at the end of the season.  You just leave them hanging there all year long and re-illuminate the following season.”

Okies are like that.

I prefer the image of what I call “the Coca Cola Santa Claus.”  He just seems to cheer me on, how about you?  Do you want to know the secret to his success?    His “jolliness” this time of the pstockingupforsantayear, even though his responsibilities are numerous, delegates the majority of the hard work out to the elves.

He leaves the drudgework to those under him, while he parties on the couch, chugging eggnog and dialing his sports representative (bookie) for the latest line on the football games for the holidays.

Sometimes it pays to be able to multi-task in this day and age.

Don’t You Just Hate It When …. You ever notice that when you are working on a truck or a car, and you drop a tool, it will for some strange reason, “automatically roll to the exact center of the truck or car” and then stop.  Can you imagine what happens when you drop a tool in space?

Astronaut Heldemarle Stefanyahy-Piper who was repairing a solar panel on the space-station when she accidentally let go of a tool bag and then watched it float away into the void (I assume to the exact center of the Universe, but I am not sure).

“Oh great” she muttered, which is kind of like hearing the wife in the kitchen saying “shoot” we all know it is the other word, that is spelled without the “two O’s.”  The thing that really got me going was the name …. Heldemarle Stefanyahy-Piper … Ah, there is a name to remember.

Hard Times In The HollarsHuntington West Virginia has been named as the unhealthiest city in the USA.  About half the adults there are obese, and half of its senior citizens have no teeth.  Since the economy in Huntington is so poor, the subject of overeating “doesn’t come up much” said the mayor who is also obese.  I suppose the sale of Jell-o is big at the local super-center too.  Lucille, pass me another bowl of them thar marshmallows … the melted ones

Dancin With The Stars RejectA 64 year old North Carolina woman has been awarded $275,000 after her town banned her from its weekly community dances.  She danced in short skirts, “simulating sexual intercourse with her partner, who hunched on the floor.” (sounds like a good clean community atmosphere to me, yeah right).  The town decided to settle her lawsuit and made a somewhat tacit admission that it had infringed upon her freedom of expression.

Giving Martha The FingerAn Iowa man who injured his finger moving a Martha Stewart branded chair is suing the homemaking champion claiming that he lost earning capacity when the finger was re-attached to his hand.  He is, I am not making this up, he is a “hand model and magician.”  The injury has effectively restricted his abilities to do slight of hand tricks and play the banjo at the same time.  It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Merry Christmas here is your pink slipColorado Springs Colorado Evangelical group, Focus On The Family is laying off 150 people after Thanksgiving and cutting their workforce of some 1,150 people.  They are citing bad economic hard times as the reason.  They also state that “donations to the organization” are down and they attribute that to the recession.

They will now stop publishing four of its eight magazines and I assume, lay off pumping huge amounts of cash into the fight to stop proposition same-sex marriage proposals on the California ballot.  Which always confuses me to no end, I can’t ever get it right.  Transsexuals are the things that grow down from the ceiling and transvestites are the ones that grow up from the floor … right?

User Name and Password PleaseBarack Obama plans to have a laptop on his desk in the Oval Office, thus becoming the first sitting U.S. President to do this.  He’ll probably have to give up using email, since emails can be hacked and subpoenaed by the government. Thanks to John Ashcroft and the Bush Posse nothing is sacred any more.  It would behoove Mr. Obama to remember:  “All human beings have three lives.  Public, private and secret.”

No word on whether or not he will continue to read Creative Endeavors.  (Yeah I know, that is rich isn’t it.  Sorry just couldn’t pass it up)  Well he did admit to reading “Harry Potter.”

I changed my mind … I am sorry … Please let me go … More than 100 requests for presidential pardons have poured into the White House hoping Bush will wipe their records clean.  Among those requesting pardons are former junk-bond king Michael Milken, who systematically wiped out the accounts of hundreds of thousands of American Senior Citizens.  Olympic sprinter and steroid abuser Marion Jones, and John Walker Lindh.  The poor little rich kid from Marin County California, “The American Taliban” who got 20 years and should have to serve every treasonous day of it as far as I am concerned.

Well that is about it for Monday morning, I can wrap this up and get back to my new book I am reading.  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders for the twenty-first Century, It has recently been updated and this year, has totally new words for the public and gives my life new meaning.  On Sale $24.95 Borderbound.

  • Chapter One:  Internet addiction How to upload files and download material, right, the first time.
  • Chapter Two:  Parental Alienation Syndrome How to wean yourself off of Margaret & Helen safely and painlessly.
  • Chapter Three: Compulsive Buying Disorder Buying up Wall Street Banks and Corrupt Insurance Companies for fun and zero profit.
  • Chapter Four:  Apathy Disorder Not finding yourself really concerned where Sarah Palin happens to be at the present time, or actually caring if Dubya and Laura find a suitable house in Dallas.

Headed down to the river to ride my bike.  Which brings me to another thing.  “Unless you’re a professional cyclist or have lost a bet, take off the tight black Lycra biking shorts. And then burn them.

But then again, “I am old school” and everyone knows that.


The November index is now up and complete.  65 articles and 41,000 words … check it out.  “The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)

Obama – Change Is A Coming

Obama Wins It!

Congratulations are in order for a long, hard, protracted nasty fight.  How do you spell relief?  O-B-A-M-A- WINS.  Good Morning America!  Here is another “Brain Freeze” from the middle of the country.  I found this amusing, came across this yesterday.

Willie King made a bad mistake.  He decided to snatch a wallet from the coat of an elderly woman in Greenwich Village, New York City.  The woman turned out to be a 94-year old Yolanda Gigante, mother of Vincent “The Chin” Gigante, reputed head of the Genovese crime family.

King was caught a short time later and as soon as he learned who he’d mugged he agreed to plead guilty to grand larceny.  His sentence was determined to be one to three up river in prison.  At his sentencing hearing his lawyer commented, “My client your honor admitted his guilt at the earliest opportunity, because he wants to put this incident behind him, and he hopes the Gigante family will, too.”


Have you been reading all this hoopla on people with tattoo’s?  Municipalities and city governments, even some universities are now demanding that people cover up their tattoo’s when at work.  But there is a way around that, you can now get FAKE TATTOO SLEEVES if nothing more than to rankle your boss.

Now you can get “inked” by night and still keep your day job with our “tattoo sleeves”. The tattoo is printed directly on the stretchable fabric sleeves fabric which is a machine washable nylon. They come in pairs; wear one or both.  Wonder if they have the naked babe like on the Semi-truck mud-flaps?  Please have your credit card and expiration date handy … Every offensive thing you can think of, all at your fingertips, is this a great country or what?


Cedar Rapids Iowa – A jury awarded more than $55,000 total to two former teachers who said they were illegally strip searched after they protested against President Bush in 2004. It was the second trial for Alice McCabe and Christine Nelson, who were initially awarded a total of $750,000. A judge lowered it to $75,000 and told the women they could accept it or have a second trial.  They agreed on the later, and I hope every dime of it comes out of Bush or Cheney’s paycheck.


Not long after the wind turbines began to spin in March near Gerry Meyer’s home, his son Robert, 13, and wife, Cheryl, complained of headaches.  They have trouble sleeping, and Cheryl Meyer, 55, sometimes feels a fluttering in her chest. Gerry is sometimes nauseated and hears crackling.

The culprit, they say, is the whooshing sound from the five industrial wind turbines near the 6-acre spread where they have lived for 37 years. “I don’t think anyone should have to put up with this,” says Gerry Meyer, who compares the sound to a helicopter or a jet taking off.

As more turbines are built, the noise they create is stirring debate. Industry groups such as the American Wind Energy Association say there’s no proof they make people sick, but complaints of nausea, insomnia and other problems have surfaced near wind farms across the USA.  If my memory serves me correctly, I remember the same problems with people who lived too close to high intensity power transmission towers in the sixties and seventies.

So now we have a new ailment Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS) an industrial plague with a new scientific name.   It is man-made and easily fixed.  Proper Propeller setbacks are the best cure.  There are at last count, almost 15,000 wind turbines in the USA, and most people live near them without incident.

Isn’t it amazing how we can come up with a scientific reason almost immediately for just about anything?  I always like it when we can readily come up with some kind of logical explanation for that which is not easily explained.  WTS, PMS, ADDD, we are so quick to find the appropriate politically correct abbreviation.

Like PMS … I asked my doctor, how come we call it PMS?

And he said “Mad Cow Disease” was already taken.

(Yeah I know, don’t write me any letters)

Wash your hands, folks, especially you ladies.  A new study found that women have a greater variety of bacteria on their hands than men do.  That is the good news, now here is the bad.  Everybody has more types of bacteria than the researchers expected to find.  So the Politicians aren’t the only folks in town with dirty hands these days, contrary to popular opinion.

“The sheer number of bacteria species detected on the hands of the study participants was a big surprise, and so was the greater diversity of bacteria we found on the hands of women,”   The researchers aren’t sure why women harbored a greater variety of bacteria than men, but have suggested it may have to so with the acidity of the skin. Men it was noted, generally have more acidic skin than women.

So, all you big, burly NFL-types, remember this the next time you decide to make a lunch outta your fingernails.  Bottom of the page rolling up, need to wrap this up and get on to other things.


Yesterday at the café, the waitress looked at me and asked, “Have you voted yet?” and I replied, “No, later on this afternoon, you?” She smiled a big smile and said, “Yes!” So out of idle curiosity, I asked her, “Who did you vote for?”

Her smile quickly disappeared and she got very reserved, unwilling to tell me her choice, so sensing her apprehension I said, “It’s okay, who did you vote for?” She smiled and said, “McCain.”

Then I said, “Good for you girl, everyone should vote and I am glad that you did.”

Perhaps this special moment in time will be the vehicle that will change America I don’t know.  But a person should never have to be apprehensive or fearful of telling another person in this country who it was they voted for.  I cannot remember an election in my lifetime that has been so tense, so mean spirited, so disruptive for the country as a whole.  It is my profound hope that somehow, someway, something good comes out of this for our country.

As I have in the past made it perfectly clear, “I don’t give a damn about politics or politicians” but I do love America.  And I will fully support anyone or any thing, that will preserve the American way of life, for not only me, but my grandchildren, my friends and neighbors.  This particular mindset has a name, it is called patriotism, a phrase that has become old hat, passé’, relegated to the back burner of the stove here lately.

Our friends overseas in Europe should be happy, perhaps now their collective newspapers and media outlets will give them some news of what is happening in their respective countries, instead of shoving American politics down their throat each and every day.  So as you can see, some good has come out of this already, there is no telling where it will lead us to in the future.

Like Yogi Berra, retired Coach of the New York Yankee’s,  was quoted as saying, “When you come to the fork in the road, you can go both ways*.”

Congratulations Mr. Obama on your victory, now roll up your sleeves, WE have a lot of work to do.


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*  Yogi lived on a Cul-de-Sac and the fork in the road led to his house, by going either left or right.

Say It Isn’t So Joe

A record 90 percent of voters say country is seriously off track. According to a new ABC poll, 90 percent of registered voters say the country is going in the wrong direction. Only 23 percent approve of President Bush. After the recent presidential debate someone on McSame’s bus was heard to say … “It’s 10pm, does anyone know what time it is?”

Given the global economic crisis, a record number of registered voters say the country is seriously off on the wrong track, the most since this question first was asked in 1973. At 23 percent, Bush’s job approval rating has fallen below Nixon’s lowest; it’s a point away from the lowest in 70 years of polling, set by Harry Truman in early 1952.

Bush’s disapproval, meanwhile, is at an all-time record — 73 percent. … Reflecting these economic worries, just 44 percent of Americans are confident they’ll have enough money to carry them through retirement. The other 56% are seriously worried about just making it to payday on next Tuesday.

This sure is getting tired and old at this point in the game, I mean, just elect “somebody” and get it over with.

John McSame and Obammer both promised and vowed a different kind of campaign. Yet this one has devolved into the tried and true: Destroy the enemy truth and fairness be damned.

Is this the way to lift up America during these most trying times.

Joe the Plumber = twenty references. Middle Class = True to form, zero.

McSame looked like McCranky this last go around, and unfortunately, not much was new.

One more disturbing item and then I will move on.  Doubt has been cast over the story of “Joe the plumber”, the man who unexpectedly became the star of this week’s US presidential debate. Joe Wurzelbacher, of Ohio, was thrown into the spotlight after he was used by John McCain as an example of who might suffer under Barack Obama’s tax plans.

But it now emerges he is not a licensed plumber and owes $1,200 in back taxes.

The complete article is here, including a short video interview with “our man Joe” at the end of article.  Groan. I am going to write a totally new version of history just like these bozo’s routinely offer us. I will call it Highlights in History, watch for it, coming to a webpage near you soon.

The folks from Somalia are back in the news. Requests by Muslims to pray at work in Grand Island, Nebraska and Colorado, have led to clashes with employers who say they cannot accommodate the strictly scheduled prayers.

Requests by Muslims to pray at work, have led to clashes with employers who say they cannot apease the meat cutting religious zealots.

The conflicts raise questions about religious rights on the job. Muslims say they are being discriminated against and are taking their complaints to the courts and the federal government.

Employers say the time out for prayer can burden other workers and disrupt operations.  The conflicts raise questions about religious rights on the job. Muslims are the most vocal complainers of all the religions in the united states.  This is the best part of the article, “As he voiced his complaints through a translator.”

Here is a novel idea, “if you don’t like it here, why not pack up your sorry butt and go back to the Middle East and you can pray there all you want. That is, when you are not ducking and looking for cover.”

East Brunswick, N.J., football coach Marcus Borden has filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court for a review of a federal appeals court ruling that prohibits him from participating in team prayer. Borden’s case began, when in 2005, he was told by school administrators not to lead his players in a team prayer.

Borden is asking the court to review an April ruling from the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. The appeals panel had reversed a 2006 ruling that said Borden and other public school coaches could silently bow their heads and “take a knee” with players as their teams prayed.

Down here, in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, we pray before Friday Night Football and we don’t think anything about it, but then again, we live in America, not where the rest of these folks apparently live.

Des Moines, Iowa. Operating room nurse Pauline Taylor knows her refusal to get a flu shot is based on faulty logic. But ever since she got sick after getting a shot a few years ago, she’s sworn off the vaccine. “I rarely get sick. The only thing I could narrow it down to is that I had gotten this shot,” said Taylor, who works at University Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City.

“I know that it’s not a live virus. It just seemed pretty coincidental. Such stories frustrate me, the poor sap, who has to be handled by these so-called “health workers” who do not bother to get a shot. A surprising statistic — nearly 60% of health care workers fail to get a flu shot.

Now don’t get me wrong, nurses have worked hard to advance their profession and dispite some sexist myths do a great job. Portraying nurses as empty-headed bimbos demeans their important work and the education and skills it demands.

As I am old and somewhat bent out of shape ninety-two-point five percent of the time, I desire clean and healthy hands on my body at all times …. Aw what the hey, who am I kidding ….. I’ll take clean hands on my body at any time.

Be Nice – Play Fair – Share.

Civility lessons for the commuter. The Boston-area transit system has placed posters on 600 subway cars and 400 buses, reminding riders to pick up trash, tone it down on the phone, offer seats to those who need them, and let people off trains before getting on themselves. Officials said complaints about poor manners have increased along with rider-ship on MBTA buses and trolleys lately. It is a pretty sad state of affairs when children do not have any social mores, and the parents of the same kids, do not know how to ride politely with other commuters. Is it no small wonder when other nation’s observe us and feel that we are crude, rude and obnoxious.

Great Falls – Montana. The first turbines at a wind farm in north-central Montana are online, supplying power to customers in California. The $500 million Glacier Wind Farm is being developed by Spain-based NaturEner.

The first phase of 71 towers will be producing 106.5 megawatts of power within two weeks, a company spokesman said. Most of the wind farms in our state are owned by outside interests (foreign investment) and it appears that around the country, the trend seems to be the same, people other than the U.S. building public works/private interest for us.

Might be why they are living in robust economies, have rewarding careers and good jobs, and we are headed for the dumpster.

CLEARFIELD, Pa. A chef at a western Pennsylvania Italian restaurant ate a 15-pound burger with 5.2 pounds of toppings in 4 hours and 39 minutes. Brad Sciullo, of Uniontown, is the first person to successfully eat the huge burger at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, said pub owner Dennis Liegey.

The burger — called the Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser — includes a bun, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, mild banana peppers and a cup each of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and relish. When asked what possessed him to eat a burger that big, the 5-foot-11, 180-pound Sciullo said: “I wanted to see if I could.”

“I’ve always had a heck of a capacity and I can down about two gallons of water and I can do a gallon of milk in 20-some seconds,” said Sciullo, a chef at Pasta Lorenzo’s in Uniontown. He was later spotted on the house telephone calling Joe The Plumber.

NASA has commissioned a specialist to recreate the smell of outer space – which has been described as being similar to fried steak and hot metal. The research is being conducted so astronauts can get an idea of the kinds of conditions they will experience. Once again, the prudent spending of your tax dollar for the benefit of a greater society.

Steven Pearce, a chemist and managing director of fragrance manufacturing company Omega Ingredients, has been working since August to recreate the smell – he hopes to be finished by the end of the year.

“We have a few clues as to what space smells like. First of all, there were interviews with astronauts that we were given, when they had been outside and then returned to the space station and were de-suiting and taking off their helmets, they all reported quite particular odors.”.

“For them, what comes across is a smell of fried steak, hot metal and even welding a motorcycle. NASA said he has successfully produced the smell of fried steak, but recreating the smell of hot metal has proven to be quite difficult. Perhaps a sniff of the end of the barrel of Cheney’s shotgun would do it?

Hey, feed me two Taco’s and one super-sized all bean Burrito and I will give you all the smell and space you need!

Yeah, I know gross. Don’t write me any letters, the box is full.

Have A Great Weekend.


The cartoon was published by the Center for American Progress” (online)

Drilling Me Softly ….

Biggy Rat and Itchy Brother are back in the news. Obammer reported today that he is going to try and do something about gasoline prices in America.  Part of his new policy of “hope and change” which is basically “I hope they do not remember all these promises, and I sure hope things do change.”  He is pretty sure he is not able to either walk on water or change it into petroleum at this stage of the game.

McSame continues to run all over the country pandering votes, and ignoring roll calls in Washington DC on critical issues concerning energy.  Two of which recently failed by “one vote” and on one of them, he was in his office, but did not bother to go to the floor for the vote. I understand he was in Aspen this weekend, big hotbed of voters there? More >>>

His new policy seems to be convincing young people of America that “liver spots” are the new tattoo of the twenty-first century.  And flip flopping on drilling in Anwar. McCain earlier said he’s “more than happy” to consider flip-flopping on Alaskan oil drilling, but then quickly back-tracked, reiterating his position that the Refuge “is a pristine place and if they found oil in the Grand Canyon, I don’t think I’d drill in the Grand Canyon.”

I have been to the canyon, even rode a goofy lop-eared mule named Sarah to the bottom and this is a safe bet John, there aint no oil in the canyon ……… Trust me.

John McCain is talking a lot about opening up new areas to offshore drilling, and now Barack Obama appears willing to consider the idea, too. A government report supposedly found that drilling won’t lower gas prices, but I’ve also heard that the report was flawed. What’s the deal with offshore drilling, why all the focus on this?

How about solar, how about wind.  How about just showing up to vote on the bills when they come up for a vote. Or the rather obvious solution to this entire problem. How about you boys try removing your collective heads out of the part of you that goes over the fence last!

Three months is a long time during a presidential campaign. Back in early June, neither candidate supported any additional offshore drilling. Now, the Outer Continental Shelf has become Topic A in the presidential race.  Talk about “wind-power” these guys blow back n forth like sunflowers on the Kansas Prairie.

I sure hope that neither of these two guys are “sperm donors” anywhere.

Perhaps we should do like this lady in Estherville, Iowa, did this past week.  I am reading where an elderly woman has been rescued from the trunk of a car that was discovered on a farm in Emmet County in western Iowa.  Sheriff’s officials say a landowner found what looked like an abandoned vehicle on Wednesday afternoon. The man reportedly looked into the car, found a hole in the back seat and discovered there was a person inside the trunk.

Sheriff’s officials say when they arrived at the scene they talked with the 70-year-old woman and eventually found keys and opened the trunk.  They did not identify the woman, who they say was dehydrated and incoherent.

Authorities say foul play is not suspected.  Sheriff’s officials say Spirit Lake police had notified law enforcement on Monday that an elderly woman was reported missing. They didn’t confirm whether it was the same woman who was found in the trunk on Wednesday.  After reading all the way through my copy of USA Today there are times when I feel that she possibly has the best idea.

Drill that boys…


Cyber Rommance

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “You’re not supposed to like your job.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban became the latest celebrity couple to adopt a unique name for their baby. Sunday Rose Kidman Urban was born in Nashville, Tenn. Talk about putting a label on a kid that is going to lead to ridicule and taunting, you could not have chosen a better one than this.  Kidman, 41, and Urban, 40, refrained from choosing “a typical star weird name” their agent says, though she adds that month names are used more than days.

Refrained from …“A typical star weird name?” … Why didn’t they just name the poor kid after a city, say Atlanta. Which would sound like “Atlanta Urban” just in case later on in life she inherits a bus or train line.

Jeeze ……….

Now this one, well, it just makes me chuckle, dog-gone it. It just does. Sioux City, Iowa police were serving a warrant on some poor clutz and in his haste to get away, he fell out of a four story building, landing on an air conditioning unit and then eventually bouncing to the pavement below. Not the best of plans. Now here is the part that I liked … His name was “Dudley Blackbird.”

I guess he could not fly.

There is a new book out, “Love + Sex With Robots” written by robotics’s expert David Levy. In this book he is predicting that within five years, people will be having sex with robots, and in, 4o years, full blown relationships. Now some guys have been having sex with robot’s ever since the Honeymoon was over, that is nothing new, but the relationship issue might be something to look at.

The development of artificial intelligence and robots is now proceeding so rapidly, it will soon be possible to produce anatomically correct mechanical partners that are “something akin to the sex dolls that are for sale now.”

I wonder if they will have “sound effects?”

The Japanese for a few years now have been offering robotic dogs and toys along this very same line, so this could in fact, not be far off.  Think of it. Your very own, custom, made to order partner, capable of holding conversations and forming a reasonable facsimile of a human relationship.

It boggles the mind.

As I am old school, and not as firmly planted or entrenched in the loop as I would like to be on the majority of this computer age issues, I find it somewhat mind numbing to sit around and talk with a robot.

But according to this book, you will in the future find robots, good conversation partners, electronic quasi-humans that will talk to you and you will get as much pleasure from it as talking to another human.

It may be a little grotesque to fall in love with a robot, but then again, people with physiological problems and say, physical deformities, it could be a huge consolation in life for them. It could be a huge consolation for millions of people in the world who in essence have no one.

And I have to wonder …. Where do you plug her in when she has a headache and is tired?