A Day At The Beach …

Internet is downTake a moment today to stop and think about this?  When was the last time you made a wish?  In my case, it has been awhile, I really do not know the reason for it, but I evidently just stop making wishes a part of my daily routine.

When I was working, I would “wish that I made more money” or that “I had more time for my family instead of my job.”  Now that I am retired and more or less set in my ways, I find that the occasional wish for some intangible that I do not have, is at best, fleeting. 

I just don’t do it.

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All Prayed Up … An Hunkered Down

WeekendIt has been a regular barn burner of a week here in the Heart-Land, lot of rain, wind and other tremendous examples of the power of nature.  My week has been somewhat traumatic and fraught with problems, not A-typical as I would prefer.  

Perhaps the only hope left is devine.  Time to humble myself and ask for assistance.  A woman’s prayer and then a man’s prayer may be the order of the day

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Tuesday’s Lift … Living On Free Gas

Big Brother

Every day in this world of ours, there is pain and suffering, there are enough natural occurring disasters.  Why the news media in this country wants to feed us a steady diet of biased, hate filled news, is beyond me.   Continue reading