Jus Sayin 1205



Hope is a good thing

Maybe the best of things

And through all bad times

Hope never dies

My heart is a muscle that has no wrinkles

which has been broken and mended many times

It is hurting me some this day

But I am sure I will get by

Put a song in your heart!

A smile – is a sign of joy.

A hug – is a sign of love.

A laugh – is a sign of happiness.

And a friend like me?

Well that’s just a sign of good taste.

Gather Ye Rosebuds while ye may
Old time is still a flying
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dyin.


Jus Sayin’

Answer Up

I am reading The Daily Waffle this morning, Breakfast Blogging: Opinion(ated) Scribbling for No Apparent Reason and I see: “You are intelligent, witty, clever, and just a tiny bit cruel. You always seem to say the right thing at the right time. Your way with words is natural, effortless. Sometimes you can inadvertently insult people who aren’t used to your unique way of speaking. But don’t worry about them, I think you still kick ass.”

And for a small brief moment in time, I am thinking, “How in the world did my Email get over here?” but then I realize where it is that I am and I am okay.  By the way … If you are not reading this lady’s page, you ought to be.  White Painted Woman The Daily Waffle.


Most of my Email this week has went unanswered and quite a few of my telephone calls too.  I am under the distinct impression that people are trying to tell me something.

Technology will always tell on you.  You don’t have to leave a message, call waiting tells them who it is, which come to think of it, might be the reason for no answer.

As for the email, well, you can send them out, no guarantee they will be answered and it is fairly easy to just state, “I never got it” which is kind of strange, because when someone wants to complain, they all seem to make it through the network just fine, don’t they?

Several emails sent out in the past week were not answered or acknowledged. Out of sight and out of mind I guess.  This also applies to family people who are of a consanguineous nature, it just doesn’t apply to friends only.

No easy answers for me it seems.  I suppose the sooner we accept the inevitable dilemma of not being able to win the approval of everyone we meet, the easier our lives will become.

As you know, having found a period of deep personal inner perspective and inspection, I have been desperately trying to turn over a new leaf in life.  Removing some of the negatives and trying to replace them with positive enforcement, and good stuff.

I do not do well in large groups of people, I do not know when to keep my mouth shut, I am too opinionated for my own good.  No matter how you care to define it, I do not identify with the local group, I have always been the radical member of the tribe.

The square peg in the proverbial round hole of life.  Planet, species, race, nation, state, religion, party, union, club association, neighborhood improvement committee, Oprah Book Club, I have found that my interest in same, wanes rather quickly.

I love and treasure individuals as I meet them, but always seem to end up with the short end of the stick in the end, and a feeling that I have somehow embarrassed them and myself.  Perhaps that is why they do not answer my emails.  In the end I find that I loathe and despise the groups they identify with and belong to, and I suppose that they are glad that I dropped out and moved on in life.

It could be that I somehow embarrass them with my brash opinion or outright disdain for apparent items that are wrong.  As much as I would love to pattern myself after someone else, I cannot do that, it would simply waste the me that is me.

Recently I stumbled across some data that suggest that there is a pill that can erase bad memories.  A common blood pressure drug may help to provide emotional relief to traumatized soldiers, crime victims, and people with phobias. (which right now, this week, I would gladly fork over top dollar for a month’s supply)

Dutch researchers have discovered that the old-school blood-pressure drug propranolol has an alternate use.  It can rewire your memory circuits to get rid of anxieties and bad memories.  The drug is a beta blocker, which not only suppresses strong physical response to stress, but also appears to retrain the brain not to react to a bad memory and may actually weaken the memory itself.  There might be hope for people like me yet.  I will let you know.

In the meantime, I am considering a (communications) “hip replacement.”

Which is the process of introducing a formerly cool person to a product or idea that attempts to make them cool again.  Reinventing an individual’s public persona through association or action.  If you are interested or feel the need for one yourself, let me know, I will email it to you.

So for now I guess I will just mosey on down the road, doin my thang, and keep searching for my wandering star.


Gearing Up for ’09


What is that television soap, oh yeah, “Days Of Our Lives.”  where the hourglass of time has the sand slowly flowing thru and they wax poetic with some kind of phrase or something like that?  I don’t have one sorry … Just trying like the rest of you to find a way to hardwire myself for what is coming down the pike in the New Year.  As usual, I have a few observations.

Here is the shortlist of what I do not want to hear in 2009.

Al Qaida — Any word ending with “z” — Taliban — Pakistan — Ubekistan — Gay Man — Guaranteed — Guaranteed unconditionally — Money back guarantee — Not covered by warranty — Xtreme — Has some side effects — Diarrhea — George Bush — Jeb Bush — Burning bush

Rich & Beefy flavor — New & Improved — I have a headache — refresh your browser — Check settings — invalid password — War on Anything — Maxi or Super Flo — Madonna — Britney — Anne Heche — Jared Fogle — Jerry Springer — Rush — Her-Raldo! — Security Level Yellow/Red — Trim anything — Rake anything — Live, Local, Late Breaking — Chopper 4,5,9 — Byrant Gumbel

Buzz words or phrases I do not want to hear in the New Year:

Tax Relief to the lower income folks — Preparation H — I am so not into that! — Lie, whatever? — Not! — Don’t go there — Talk to the hand — Get Over It — Totally Awesome — Especially “totally” awesomeness! — Hello, you have been picked at random — It happens — take out the trash — No payments until 2010 — otherwise the terrorists win — Wall Street — Plumber Joe — Bail Out — Good For The Country.

Dick Cheney — Presidential Pardon — you go girl! — Your order has been misplaced — Gitmo — Reality Show — FOX anything — Been there, done that, got the T-shirt — My car is making this funny kachuga-kachuga sound — Win/win situation —  Sarah anything.

America is truly standing on the threshold of greatness, there are challenges here that can either get us back on track or destroy us, the choice is up to us.  We need to stay focused and be resolute in our actions, we need to change the way things are done in this country, and we need to do it now.

One year isn’t going to get ‘er done” as Larry The Cable Guy sez …. But it can be a positive step in the right direction.

I best wrap this up before the wordpress.com word police or some other jackbooted entity shows up to lock me down.  So there you go, your own personal philosophy for 2009.  Sift thru it, save what is worthy, and toss the rest.

Think about it.

Life is just another beautiful buffet, and you get only one trip thru the line, only one plate.  And there is never, ever, any room on the plate for green jello — remember that.  If everything is under control, then you are moving way too slow.  No one ever followed a park car.  Get busy, change your world and at the same time, help someone else around you.

Another year down the tubes, what a year, almost one million hits in less than 9  months (866,000+), 720 articles, lot of video’s, jokes, good times and comments.  I can just hear the reviews coming in now:

  • “Missed Again” … The Daily Oklahoman, Okie City Oklahoma.
  • “A very short novel.”  The Waco, Texas, Chronic Vegetable
  • “This is it?  This is the sum total of the endeavor?”  Arkansas Dependent-Statesperson
  • “Somebody, please wake me up” Santa Cruz Beachcomber, Santa Cruz, California
  • “Not enough sex” my Republican cousin Ralph in Muleshoe, Texas”
  • Where is the truth, the logic, the wisdom?”  Grand Prairie Pioneer, Lincoln Nebraska.
  • “He should have paid more attention” my 10th grade English Teacher.

TWO-THOUSAND-AND-NINE?  What is coming down the pike for you and I?  Who knows.  We are going to try and hit the magic number and I am going to fly to Chicago and jump on Oprahs couch!  But mostly, I am gonna keep choppin’ and watch where those chips fly!  One more New Year on the horizon, and this one is gonna be a doozy.

If perhaps nothing here rows your boat, and it did not lift your spirits, I have one more bullet in the chamber.  Winter time giving you the blues?  Check this one out, it will give you a lift.  Norman’s Wife.

I am outta here (have been for a long, long time).

Check Please.


Make A Wish …

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “You are only as good as your last page.”

Sometimes in the quiet part of the day, when the pressure has subsided and there is time to let your hair down, do you secretly wish for something? What might that wish or item be? Do you as most folks wish for one more fresh start in life, one more chance to do it over again, and this time, swear to get it right.

I am reminded of the bumper sticker I saw on my last trip to Houston, Texas. It read: “Lord, give us one more oil boom, we promise we won’t blow it this time.” Everyone it seems wants a fresh start, one more shot at it. My wife is a big fan of these so-called makeover shows. She asked me one day, “Honey, would you like to do a makeover?” and I replied, “Naw, what I want is a Do-Over,” that would suit me just fine.

The late Sonny Bono comes to mind, the opposite other half or partner of Sonny & Cher. One thing I always admired about Sonny was the way he was able to seemingly re-invent himself, over and over, without a care in the world. Sonny would get knocked down and for most intent, was ruled out of the game, but he always came back swinging. When he first ran for mayor of Palm Springs no one gave him a second thought, but he made it and he did it more than once. He ran successfully for Congress and was elected from his district.

Sonny Bono was possibly the King of fresh starts.

So late in the day, I think about a new start, what it is that I would want to do in this late period of my life. As I have been fortunate to have done just about everything that I ever set out to do, this is somewhat problematic for me, I have a decision to make and it is not an easy thing for me to do.

I had always dreamed of skiing the French Alps but a bad accident in 1991 blew out my knee and two surgeries and 18 months of physical therapy kind of put that one to rest. An accident changed the course of my ship of state, an accident that effectively ended my thoughts of ever skiing again. It also ended my railroad career, such as it was, and started me on a entirely new journey in life. Often we are forced into a new fresh start in life by circumstances, things out of our control and there isn’t much choice in the matter.

You just suck it up and start off anew.

Been looking for a sign, running thru the rain, shiver to the bone, but I still cannot shake the pain. Been looking for a sign, lying on the ground, what did I do today, well, I can’t remember now. I am just trying to survive, best way I know how, my heart just keeps on wanting, don’t give up on me now, and it might drive me a little crazy, that is what keeps me alive, living makes it clear, that I am going to end up right here, just trying to stay alive.

I won’t stay down long, I will be back in the end, I live and learn to smile, I will do it all again.

Sometimes in the quiet part of the day, when the pressure has subsided and there is time to let your hair down, do you secretly wish for something? What might that wish or item be? Do you as most folks wish for one more fresh start in life, one more chance to do it over again, and this time, swear to get it right.

The longing of the human heart.

So assuming that you have made this far, you are wondering about the dumpster?  The dumpster is my one wish in life.  I have times where I could just call up the dumpster guy’s, Acme Dumpsters LLC, and have them truck one out to the house.  I would then spend about two and one-half days throwing all this trash of man that I have collected over the years into the dumpster, then load up and head out.  That would be my dream, my secret wish.  To just load up and drive off into the proverbial sunset of life ……

Happy Trails

Happy Trails