Dawg Days Of Summer

The wife and I are wanting to move, we have a house all picked out that we feel we might be able to afford.  But we cannot get the dog to move out of it.  So here we are, another post in the waining dog days’ of summer.  You know when you stop to think and consider the ramifications, and believe it or not, the benefits of the canine world, it isn’t all that bad.

My dog sleeps about 20 hours a day. He has his food prepared for him. He can eat whenever he wants.  His meals are provided at no cost to him.

He visits the Doctor once a year for his checkup, and again during the year if any medical needs arise.  No one sends him a bill and he does not have to meet his co-pay deductible.  For this he pays nothing, and nothing is required of him.

He lives in a nice neighborhood in a house that is much larger than he needs, but he is not required to do any upkeep.  He makes no contribution to the running or maintenance of the house.  If he makes a mess, someone else cleans it up.  He has his choice of luxurious places to sleep.  He receives these accommodations absolutely free.

He is living like a King, and has absolutely no expenses whatsoever.  All of his costs are picked up by others who go out, work hard, and earn a living every day.  I was just thinking about all this, and suddenly it hit me like a brick in the head.

 I think my dog is an IMMIGRANT

 One last closing thought.  I owe a lot to my dog, he got me thru the tenth grade in high-school.  More than once, when asked to produce a paper or a theme, I would shrug my shoulders and reply …. The dog ate my homework Mrs. McGee.

And somehow, it always seemed to work.


Thanks to Al in KC for the dog email. 

Cartoon provided by AmericanProgress.org 



Michael Clark Duncan the Gentle Giant in the movie “The Green Mile” died over the Labor Day Weekend.  This huge, 315lb man will be missed, he was a moving force in the entertainment industry.  Michael was 54 years old.  You can read more about it here.

It’s Bikini Season Somewhere

Winter storm rolled thru here this weekend, and it has snapped off cold, bitter cold.  This time of the year always has me thinking of warmer climes, Florida, The Caribbean, Phoenix or any place over 55*F.

As I don’t feel like making any more contributions to the Oil Executives Retirement Fund (Big Oil) I am surfing the net and staying home.  Found this today, if you like warm weather and smooth looking women this is eye candy for you:  Hollywood Beach Bod’s.

Always something good at ABC News.


Fred Smith has a problem.

Things in Batavia, Ohio are not going his way.  Fred suddenly realized that the $1,200 in cash he had been saving for his Christmas gift was missing.  Grabbing his jacket out of the closet, he found that the money, all of it, was gone.  This panicked Fred as he recalled, and all of a sudden he did not know what to do.

Fred Smith of Batavia, Ohio is not having a nice day.

A logical turn of events to Fred was to call, each and every single place that he had been in recent days.  No soap.  But God watches over us they say, and it turns out his cash was safe and sound at a little place called Walt’s Barbecue.

His waitress, Tricia Ayers had found the money in an envelope on a a table and turned it over to her boss.  Fred Smith is a lucky guy, I lost the very same amount in the parking lot of a local mall one Christmas ($1,240.00) and no one held it in safe keeping for me.

Here is another one for the books.

As a high school sophomore in 1976, Jimmy Colson brought a 1923 Peace dollar, a 1897 Morgan dollar, and a 1903 Indian head penny to school to show his friends.  But the coins were stolen that day from his locker.

Thirty-four years later, Colson found an envelope in his mailbox in Greensburg, Indiana, containing the three coins along with an anonymous apology.  It read, “Took it out of your locker some 30 years ago.”  Signed “Sorry, dumb kid.”

It would always make me wonder, who it was, their mindset at the time, and of course, I would like to tell them thanks.

You ever wonder how old a man has to be to father a child?  Well, it appears that it is possible to father a child way up there.  This morning during a lull in the festivities I found Nanu Ram Jogi, 90, world’s oldest new father .  Having a child when you are in your nineties, is proof positive that children are God’s punishment for enjoying sex!  The last thing I am going to want in my life at ninety (assuming I actually make it to ninety) is an infant.

In my case, having given this “fatherhood late in life question” some serious thought, this is what I came up with.  “If we are to have a child at this late stage in life, he or she as the case may be, will have to be born 18 years of age, as he or she as the case may be, is going to have to go to work right away.”

Here is something to look forward to in the New Year.  How about 11 new fee’s added to your airline ticket?  Did you know that the airlines are currently collecting $700 million dollars per MONTH in fee’s.  Here are a few of the new one’s they are considering.

Talking to a service rep at the counter, fee.
Changing the name on the ticket, fee.
Charging your ticket on a credit card, fee.
And my all time favorite, going to the bathroom on the aircraft, fee.

Now I hear you smirking and giggling, but it is true, I read it on the internet.

Ohhhhhh my gosh!  Facebook went viral.  The rumor that it is going to shut down, has people rushing to download their photo’s and treasures from the public medium before the March 15th deadline or as some say, “The end of the world, Species Ending Event for social networking.”  Thru it all, one thing, mystifies me.  I find it some curious that Facebook itself, has not responded to the rumor.  What it is all about.

I am now off to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of Tropicana orange juice and then I am going to sit here in my Easy Boy recliner and think more gooder thoughts about Jane Krackos and of course, warm things.

You figure it out.


Boogie Woogie Choo-Choo Train

Not a whole lot of good news floating around lately, but we do our best to try and sift it out and present it to you.  You can take solace in the fact, that you are not alone when it comes to economic hard times.  I read this morning where Hooter’s has just moved into Japan, complete with “waitresses in white tank tops and orange short-shorts.”  They are now serving cheapo booze and chicken wings to Tokyo businessmen.

Deflation has hit in Asia, during Japan’s boom years, which ended roughly around 1990, the country was an ATM machine for brands like Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.  Just shows you … be nice to everyone you meet on the way up, they are the same folks you will meet on the way down.

It has gotten so bad here lately, that I understand that even Al Quida is laying off.  I received this Email this week concerning this.

Muslim suicide bombers in Britain are set to begin a three-day strike today in a dispute over the number of virgins they are entitled to in the afterlife.  Emergency talks with Al Qaeda have so far failed to produce an agreement. The unrest began last Tuesday when Al Qaeda announced that the number of virgins a suicide bomber would receive after his death will be cut by 25% this February, from 72 to only 54.

The rationale for the cut was the increase in recent years of the number of suicide bombings and a subsequent shortage of virgins in the afterlife.  The suicide bomber’s union, the British Organization of Occupational Martyrs (BOOM) responded with a statement that this was unacceptable to its members and immediately balloted for strike action.

General Secretary Abdullah Amir told the press, “Our members are literally working themselves to death in the cause of Jihad.  Speaking from his shed in Tipton in the West Midlands , in which he currently resides, Al Qaeda chief executive Osama bin Laden explained, “We sympathize with our workers concerns, but Al Qaeda is not in a position to meet their demands.   They are simply not accepting the realities of modern-day Jihad in a competitive marketplace.

“Thanks to Western depravity there is now a chronic shortage of virgins in the afterlife.   It’s a straight choice between reducing expenditure and laying people off.  I don’t like cutting wages but I’d hate to have to tell 3,000 of my staff that they won’t be able to blow themselves up.”  Spokespersons for the Union in the north east of England, Ireland, Wales, and the entire North American and Australian continents stated that the strike would not affect their operations, as “there are no virgins in our areas anyway.”

Unfortunately it is the same in the west.  Rumor has it that the Obama administration has terminated or canceled Christmas in the Nation’s Capitol this year.  Something about “not being able to locate three wise men, or for that matter, a virgin.”   Must be indicative of the fast and loose times we find ourselves in.*

Time to go, remember this Holiday Season … “Friends do not give friends fruitcake!”

I am late with my hauling … Lot’s to do this day.  The morning sun is breaking the horizon, as I am fond of saying, “I need to get crackin on all those little nuiances of life that just make my day.” Congratulations you made it to Friday!  Now comes the weekend, (the “much awaited weekend”) and believe me, I am ready.  Mama says I get to put up Christmas Lites … Oh joy!
Happy Holidays and have a great weekend!
*  Thanks Cracker Bill.  Cartoon is courtesy of American Progress Online

January Joiner

Our Congressional "Leadership."

Our Congressional "Leadership."

Don’t you just love the new commercial where all the people are clicking their heels together and trying to do as Dorothy did, transport themselves somewhere else.  Cracks me up.  Here is another thing that cracks me up.  I am reading where the government program that you apply to for a “television converter” is now going to run out of money because it was not “funded right” and it could be that everyone is going to get a coupon instead of the converter.

What a deal!  An I.O.U. from the government instead of what you need.  Who would have ever thought our government would run out of money?  I have a novel idea, when April rolls around I will send you an “I.O.U.” on my tax burden, how’s that?

Happy New Year, no money and now it appears no television.  What a deal.  It truly appears that the inmates are running the asylum now boys & girls.

Here we go!  I have to type fast because Norton Anti-Virus is going to come on soon, and it will dog this sucker down so bad, I won’t be able to type.  I just hate it when that happens.  I set it up to do this in the “middle of the night” when I am asleep, oh well?  If this is the worse thing that happens to me this day, I will be all right, things often do not go my way.

Just like I hate it when I discover the dog swallowed my bus pass, I could not find my shoes under the bed, a buffalo escaped from the game reserve down the street, and kept charging me every time I tried to leave the house for a trip to StarBucks for a cup of $4 coffee!

Life is a real booger sometimes, isn’t it?

Well, here it is the 3rd of the month, only a few short weeks and the big party in the nation’s capitol.  I can hardly wait, no really, I can’t.  Another factitious celebration of goodwill hosted on the backs of all those wage earners who are fortunate to still have a job.

It seems in the 21st Century America now has a new mission, and that is the manufacturing of nothing but “debt” we no longer make anything in this country, and what we do sell, was made elsewhere.  But I don’t want to rightfully assume the position of “National Complainer” nor do I want to throw cold water on the big doing’s — so I will now be quiet.

We are still trying to hit one million visitors by March 12th, please spread our address around and give us a boost.

Some of the items on the agenda next week will be:  Oprah and Charice, a fascinating kid out of the Republic of the Philippines, my old truck, my trusty Pig Iron Pony out of Detroit threw a shoe, and I am dealing with the Chevy Dealer again, Dysfunctional Families in America, What you do on the Internet matters, TV Sex, why is it the woman is always on top?  Radio Girls first hand report from Mexico from the surf bar named “Senor Frogs.”  Important issues to be discussed and then there is always “the government” when it gets slow.

Don’t miss any of it.

(I am sure not gonna miss any of ’em)


Mayberry’s Hero

opieWatched some captivating and interesting television last night (for a change).  It celebrated the history and the works of Ron Howard (Opie Taylor), all of his movies as a producer and director.

His efforts on the screen as a child actor and star.  I certainly was not aware of the copious volumes of his work, and it was interesting as all get out.

Glued to the tube, I microwaved me some day old pizza and stayed up well past my appointed retirement time, to finish it all.  I seldom do that.  If you missed it, I am so sorry for you, it was memorable TV and you don’t find that much anymore.

So what else is going on, let’s get started.

Now they are saying that “recyclables” are taking it in the shorts, and the price of everything, plastic, newsprint, cardboard, alum.cans, copper all of it is tanking.

The city is now reporting that recycling outfits are reneging on contracts and not taking any more material, because there is simply “no money in it anymore.”  All recyclables are now again, headed for the dumps or county landfill.

Did you ever think you would live long enough to see a time in your life when garbage was worthless?  Well, that time has arrived.

When economies shut down, as they are doing worldwide, then the demand for raw materials declines, and that seems to be in play here.  China having shut down a lot of its industrial might, Japan no longer needing steel for cars it cannot sell here or abroad, no one is buying.  And the people that do have it (material) are holding onto it hoping for better prices down the line.

The Age of Scarcity is here.

Kind of makes you wonder, “if everything is not in demand, and if it is all being packaged smaller and smaller” then why are some companies posting massive profits.  Because they are giving you less and charging you more.

Take Kraft Foods for instance.  The company’s income soars to new heights, and the first thing Kraft does is put out a statement to defend the obscene profits.

The CEO of Kraft foods put out an erroneous statement that a high percentage of food stocks are being diverted for use in the production of fuel, estimates as high as 40%.  Along with other absurd statements such as “almost half of all grains, dairy, vegetables, meats and fruit in the world are being used to convert into fuel.

Which is simply not true and in no way justifies the obscene profits that Kraft is making.  The United Nations reports that about 3.7 billion acres of land is used for farming and of that, less than 1% of that is used for the production of alternative fuels.

Food companies have blamed bio fuels all year long in order to justify high prices. Kraft posted $1.4 billion in earnings last quarter alone.

Adjusted for inflation, corn, and wheat have dropped by 50% since spring and soybean prices are lower than they have been since the great depression.  Isn’t it funny, when the price of a barrel of oil went down, so did the price of fuel.  But it evidently doesn’t work that way with the people who process food.

Anyone notice, or is it just me?  The count on the number of active rigs looking for new sources of oil nationwide has steadily declined in the past 4 to 6 weeks.  When the price of the product sinks, they stop looking, when someone stops buying their product, they don’t refine it, to drive up the price, and now according to the latest rig count, it appears that it is no longer profitable to drill for oil so they are shutting down all the rigs.

Surprisingly our dependence on foreign sources must have disappeared and there is no longer a viable reason to explore for more.  Who would’ve thought that?  I now understand in the U.K. they are trying to put “speed limiters” on automobiles (that would be an engine governor over here) in order to cut emissions and cut down on fuel use.

At least someone is still in the ballgame.

Here is today’s Rasberry Award to Redding California who should be moved to the top of the list (If you don’t know what list I am talking about, email me and I will gladly point it out to you) — Shasta County health officials are cracking down on an 86-year-old disabled World War II veteran who has been selling homemade fruitcakes for more than a decade.

An obscure law bans food businesses in private homes, the Department of Environmental Health said. Officials said Jack Melton must use a commercial bakery that has passed a health inspection. Melton said his sales helped supplement his Social Security benefits.

A scumbag banker can get away with murder, but we crank it down on an old Vet. that is so sad.

Providence Rhode Island residents are scooping up $20 dollar tickets in the hopes of hitting it big on a new $1 million state lottery. Only 120,000 tickets are being sold, with about 2,000 remaining. The winner will be chosen during a New Year’s Eve drawing. Besides the top prize, there are 10 drawings for $10,000, 100 chances to win $500 and 500 chances to win $100.

New War in the Middle East or another round of the same old one, I am not sure.  Day after day the Love Fest in Washington DC continues, everyone gearing up for the big party.  Out with the old and in with the new.

Some things in the New Year will stay the same, we have what are known as constants in our lives and here are a few for you:

  • Insect spray:  “Harmful to bee’s.”  Sadly, just about everything these days is harmful to bee’s, and they are in serious decline, not only in this country, but around the world.
  • Motorcycle mirror: “Objects in the mirror are behind you.”  Duh, you think so?
  • Bag of peanuts:  “This bag contains nuts.”
  • Mattress:  “Do not attempt to swallow.  Do not remove tag under penalty of law?” There are actually people who enforce these laws?
  • Remote control:  “Not dishwasher safe.”
  • Hair blower/dryer:  “Do not use in the shower.”
  • Iron:  “Never Iron clothes on body.”
  • Wristwatch: “This is not underwear, do not put in pants.”
  • Life saving device:  “This is NOT a life saving device.”
  • “I just love that rich, beefy, hearty flavor.” People really talk like this?
  • Why is it that every tour boat on any lake in America is always called “Lady Of The Lake?”

Most of all I am so glad that we have people like Ron Howard, who can make a great movies that I can go to and get away from it all for just a little while.  It gives you a brief respite where you can mull over in your mind that terrible feeling you got as the woman drove away in her car and yells to you “Hey, Thanks A Million” and you suddenly realize that the directions you gave her were dead wrong.

Stuff like that.


Friday Out-Take

Friday, always liked Friday, don’t really know why, just do. Maybe it is because there isn’t any Dancin’ With The Stars on Friday, No America’s Got Talent, Survivors, or any of that other Hollywood garbage.

You watch the Emmy’s this year? Don’t feel alone, a great many people did not tune in, we however watched it. Mama likes to see what they are wearing.

Most of it is on loan or borrowed to begin with, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Celebrities making appearances at awards shows and movie premieres expose an average of 59% of their skin, which is really good if you are a seventeen-year old kid, and your parents are not home.

That percentage is up from 39% in the late nineties. After scanning thousands of celebrity photographs and videos, I am sure they have also determined that the least skin-flaunting decade was probably the seventies, this is because most of the stars were doing good Coke in those days, and hardly even bothered to show up for the awards at all. Let us say 7% of the time that sound reasonable to you?

I figure if the trend continues at this rate, most of the movie stars will completely naked by 2030.

Yesterday I rode my bike over to McDonald’s’ for my morning “Rubber McMuffin” and I happened to note that they have a new menu out. Also have gone up considerably on their prices. Starbucks who was recently cutting back on all their stores nationwide has met the challenge of the recession, by introducing the $2.45 cup of hot chocolate! If you want the “tall cup” it is about $2.85. By the way, this is the same ultra-rich drink that they dropped two years ago, but have decided to bring back, just as pricey but not as rich in taste. 

Isn’t just swell, knowing that during times of tough sledding you can count on your favorite haunts to “raise their prices” and help you through the tough times?

If this doesn’t boil your blood, nothing will. A Wisconsin prison inmate serving time for homicide has been awarded $295,000 by a federal jury because he was forced to sleep on a moldy mattress. Following a 2004 prison riot he was forced to sleep on the mattress for sixty days. I smell the ACLU in the woodpile here somewhere.

But honest … I really needed this stuff yo’ honor. A New York lawyer has failed in his effort to deduct from his taxes the $322,000 he spent on prostitutes, pornography and sex toys. He claimed they were for a medical condition, ED, and I am not talking “Electoral Dysfunction.”  Nice try … No cigar.

Major shocker! Former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken revealed to the world that he is fact, gay. Now that is a real yawner there isn’t it? I mean, other than Ryan Seacrest, who cares?

Here Kitty-Kitty-Kitty! A dispatcher in Casper Wyoming told an officer his services were needed to shoo away a house cat. Instead, the officer found an 80-90 lb. male “mountain lion” at the location. A game warden later tranquilized and relocated the cougar. Talk about an erroneous dispatch.

Sarah Palin’s machine gun toting belly button showing picture hit the tabloids yesterday, once again we are ahead of the curve and I found that somewhat amusing. Another thing I find funny about the Vee-Pee-Wanna-be is how she refers to McSame as her “running mate.” Here is another one that is a real hoot  … “A Palin and McSame administration.”  It appears, that we might have a possible replacement for the all too popular “Bushisms” doesn’t it?

Now isn’t that cute? A lot of folks find themselves enamored with the Vee-Pee Elect because they find her to be “just like me.” I don’t understand why people would think the best person for the job would be just like themselves. This is the problem with America, we are too quick to settle for mediocrity in this country. We have no hero’s left and we should be looking for bright, intelligent, outstanding citizens not ordinary people.

We tried this approach in the past two elections ……. And look where it got us.

  • What’s Obammer’s plan for health care reform … We don’t know.
  • Do you know what McSames’ plan is for the economy … We have no idea.
  • What are Big Joe Biden’s view on the environment … I could not tell you.
  • Big Joe messed up in Ohio this week when he made a speech about “closing all the coal-burning plants” in a coal rich state. Yeah, like that dog is gonna hunt Joe.
  • How will Sarah deal with someone like IranHeck if I know.
  • Do you know about her pregnant teenage daughter … Why, of course, I am informed voter you know.

Hippies have been fighting for years to legalize it in Canada. It’s high-quality, enjoyable, and pretty harmless. Today, Vancouver, BC legalized it. Vancouver city council voted Tuesday afternoon to give a green light to low-speed electric vehicles.  One apparent drawback. When the Wonder Bread truck comes at you and T-bones you for running the light, you will do some serious sheet time at the local hospital.

A woman bought a house on E-Bay this week for one dollar and seventy-five cents, sounds good doesn’t it.  Bet you it is only worth a dollar twenty-five by Monday.  Far too many powers have been invoked by the Bush administration under a banner of urgency and fear.  And then of course, they have abused them (the powers granted) now we are once again being asked to bail out the financial sector with no judicial review or Congressional look.

While we are on the subject of dead wood.

Former President Bill Clinton revved up a crowd on behalf of Obammer in Florida Wednesday, his first since the Democratic convention. And though he repeated his mantra that Democrats don’t have to “say one bad word” about their Republican opponents to win the election, Clinton actually snuck in a dig against Sarah Palin.  Might be down there for a box of cigars or something … think about it, it’ll come to you.

Online braggin … After a group of college students hyped their party business on MsSpace by saying they’d hosted more than 100 events. When the state of Oklahoma then hit them with a $320,000 tax bill, the students insisted they’d hosted only 20.  Not-too-smart.com

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office in Indianapolis, Indiana, said Wednesday that no charges will be filed in the strangling of a man who broke into a home with the intention of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl. David Meyers, 52, died after a struggle with the girl’s father, Robert McNally, 64, early Sunday morning. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi said McNally acted in defense of his daughter and that charges were not warranted because of the nature of the incident.

Who says there isn’t any justice in America anymore?

At least that is my take on it this Fridayhere in the Heart Land. So all you Bush Lovers, if any of this upset you … you will get over it. If you don’t find yourself with a sense of humor, you more than likely don’t have any sense at all. You can tell anyone and everyone that John Q. Public, at Creative Endeavors, a member of the public or the community, a person, citizen or the public or community personified said that.

Please send all rebuttals and/or comments to the local office of the Republican party, our box is full.

My name is not important, but I did pay for this message.


Life goes on …

Let see? My virus scanner says that my system is squeaky clean, I have no Spyware, no Trojan anythings, my malware is not there, I am doing well. I am somewhat concerned about this ugly rash in my right armpit, and may have to stay on top of that. But all in all, I am okay, or perceived to be okay at this point in time.

Been an interesting week, backed out of my driveway on Monday and nailed my neighbor’s car, and he isn’t too happy with me. The cable company demanded that I cough up funds, the utilities are due, insurance, you name it. Life in the big city goes on.

All my hero’s at WordPress have left me alone and disillusioned again, and I am flat out bent out of shape with them. If you want a taste of it you can find it at WordPress SNAFU.

Maybe I am wound too tight for my own good? Children are said to laugh about 300 times each day on average, the adult however only about 15. Perhaps I should get more childlike in my approach to all of this ____ and try to mellow out. It just seems here lately that every other person is lying to me and I am tiring of trying to sort it all out. More …

The whacky world of Hollywood makes me smile. Robert Downey Jr. was recently quoted as saying: “While groping for answers, he tries to keep things pretty simple. In this transition phase, I am really trying to live as much as a lizard as I can. Hot, rock, sun, fly, tongue. My identity was written on the wall by ancient and honorable formidable guides and forces. I’m such a work in progress at this moment. It’s crazy.”

Yeppers Robert, it shore is. And I thought Gary Busey was a little off tilt? As for me, I am not into that. I come from a long line of catalytic converters, and after sleeping all night long, I still wake up exhausted!

Tonight on the NBC News they were running this short item on used cars, new cars, saving money. They had this piece where a girl traded in an SUV and it was appraised at less than 50% of what she had paid for it three years ago. The article pointed out that by taking the loss, and trading in for lower rates, and the apparent gas savings included in the deal, that it would take her 52 years to recoup her loss.

Man, how sad is that? Oil prices are down now, because it is “election time” what do you suppose is going to happen after the Grand Old Party gets their lap-dog in there? Here is a new wrinkle in the fabric of daily life. The oil companies have started adding a 10% ethanol mix to the fuel, which could possibly damage your old hoopie that isn’t designed to run on ethanol and give you considerably less mileage.

It just kind of happened. I also have noticed that the stickers they put on the pump are not uniform. Some are orange, some blue with yellow letters, some white/black. Slowly they will increase the ethanol levels I suppose, just as they secretly sort of put this into effect.

Might be advised to look at the pump … before you pump. After the elections it will again revert to business as usual … An arm and a leg to fill up, watch n see. How does $4 a gallon grab ya? Just like a nasty head cold it is coming back.

Our good friends at the ACLU have filed a suit to stop employers from checking electronically the status of immigrated new hires to their businesses in Rhode Island. Once again, the erosion of rights in this country. If you have a business you should have the RIGHT to check on the people you hire, I personally see nothing wrong with this.

Maybe someone ought to inform the ACLU that presenting a false Social Security Card is a crime in this country, serious enough to be rated a felony. We need to disband the ACLU.

Speaking of crime? I love this one, police in Iowa City, Iowa, said that they did not have a lot of trouble locating the suspect. He signed his OWN NAME to the credit card receipts on a stolen credit card. He used the card at a coffee house, a tobacco store and a deli before it was eventually declined.

I am watching this Reality TV show, “The Principals Office” and it barks out at me. FIND OUT WHAT REALLY GOES ON IN THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE AT 8PM EASTERN! And I have to smile, “I know what goes on in the principal’s office, I had my name on my own chair in the tenth grade.”

Like I said, “I need to learn how to lighten up.” I am going to relax and read my book, “100 things to do before you die.” Written by Dave Freeman (co-author) who incidentally died this week at age 47. He fell and hit his head, he had visited about half of the places he mentioned in his book.

Hot, rock, sun, fly, tongue …. Life goes on.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: When I’m feeling down, I like to whistle. It makes the neighbor’s dog run to the end of his chain and gag himself.”