You Suck!

Now and then, you get an email or find something in your site that cracks you up and really makes you smile.  Here is an example, this is for real, found it in my spam folder today.  It reads:  “how do i start a blog with a fictitious writer, parody/comedy/comment on current affairs politics etc?” Which really made my day, I like stuff like that it always makes me smile.

And then there are the other types of comments or email, they are not so pleasant in nature.

One of the bad things about hosting a webpage and having an email link, is sometimes you receive rather unflattering or uncomplimentary missives from people who are not fans or appreciate what it is that you are attempting to do.  Often because of a lack of a good working vocabulary, they will send you something that is short and sweet, to the point, such as:  “You Suck. You are the worst writer I ever read!”

I suppose it is important to have opinions, be them good or bad.  The age and time we live in almost demand them.  We live in a constant, instant communication, Facebook-Twitter kind of world now.  All of them Internet hotbeds just waiting to generate a comment or an opinion.  I have seen one post on Helen & Margaret generate upwards of 1,600 comments and/or opinions.

When you run a webpage you have to weed your way thru the critics and nitpickers.  And it is beneficial to have a thick skin to a certain degree as some critics, comments and/or opinions are not so smart or original, others downright nasty in nature.  Unfortunately there are days in life, when we must stand on the curb and clap as the parade rolls by.  Contrary to popular belief … Not everything you put up is going to go down in the annals of time as a winner.

On the Internet, opinions are pretty common place.  It used to be, we would be weigh what it is that we were going to say, before we said it.  But our new information age, instant communication, call it what you may, doesn’t lend to that.  The sad thing, as I see it, often it is posted before it is considered, and as most of you know, once it is out there, it stays there.

Our so-called “opinions” have become like Big Mac’s … Just thrown together, quickly and hastily and then served by the billions, and often they are hard to swallow and not all that good for you.  Personally, I liked it better the old way, before all this unfounded instant urgency to communicate became so popular.

So here we are.  “You Suck. You are the worst writer I ever read!”  Another fan has been located; stick a bright red pin in the map.  I get a little uncomfortable with the label “writer.” A writer knows all about verbs, nouns, sentence structure, paragraphs, all that other organization/compilation of the English language stuff.  A writer knows (or is supposed to know) how to do this in the correct fashion.  Me? I am a hack, I just hammer it out, and that is about it. I am a “writers” absolute worst nightmare.  Bottom line (as if anyone really cared) I am a story teller … Never have really considered myself a writer.  So I guess that should be: “You are the worst STORY TELLER I have ever read.”

That might be closer to the truth.

Life despite it all, 
is still being good to me, 
I can still maintain a healthy outlook on things in general.
I have suddenly discovered I suck
 … Exactly why no one knows.
  And I am somewhat miserable
 … I suppose just flat outta luck.  I cannot complain,
 I am doing alright.
  My lawnmower still starts on the first crank
  Bills are paid
 … Have a little money in the bank … my favorite Internet numb-chuck sent me his link.  Rest is available to me when I need it.
  My health is improving.
  Still have my cake,
 but because of diabetes,
 I can no longer eat it.  That is how it often goes.
  First your money and then your clothes.  No more phone calls or emails, I believe we have a winner!

“You Suck. You are the worst writer I ever read!”  Now like MasterCard sez, “isn’t that priceless?” 

Another fan has been located; stick a bright red pin in the map.

This bozo probably wouldn’t recognize good writing or genuine talent, if someone handed it to him on a business card.


Back To Basics


This post is guarenteed to be 100% free of political rant type speech.  It is however loaded with bovine excrement (BS) and a few political opinions (observations) caution is therefore advised.

The all too familiar strains of “Troubadour” by George Straight, are on my radio this morning, and I wax nostalgic for what a lot of us call “The Old Days.”  That mysterious time in our life, when our mind does its very best to convince us that those were the months (and sometimes years), that were truly the best.

But we all know, they simply didn’t fill the bill.

Back in the old days, when wintertime got me down, when the pressures of life, seemed greater than I could bear, I would slink out into the garage.  Pull up an old plastic milk cartoon, fire up my Harley, and sit there and just sip on my Jack Daniels and Coke, listen to the sounds of the motor ka-thumping – Ka-thumpin’ away in its hypnotic rhythms and just forget about whatever that was buggin me at that juncture in time.  Life I find now, a little more hectic and not so simple.

Recently emerging from my temporary brain freeze I have realized one simple fact.  I am virtually powerless to stop what is happening in this country on a now daily basis.

I cannot help it if your world has fractured and your political party is full of moron’s and there is no hope on the horizon for you and those like you. It is not my fault that American politics’ have brainwashed a great many into misdirected mindless rhetoric and trained you to think like a dog (Might pay to remember, if you are not the lead dog in the pack, then the view is always going to be the same).

It is not my fault as the fabric of American society unravels, which leaves us but one option … We Have To Learn How To Deal With It.

People who do not learn from their mistakes are prone to repeat them, this being a new month, and a fresh start of sorts, has convinced me that I am ripe for some kind of change in my life.

I remember coming home from the service and hiring out to ride the rails.  One of the first things I learned was in order to get along, to be a good member of the tribe; I had to learn some social mores of the day.

One of them being this:  “It is best to NEVER discuss religion or politics’ with anyone, friend or foe.”  Nothing … Absolutely nothing .. good can come of it.

Now if you will excuse me, it is time for “The View” where all the girls get together and discuss the important issues of life,  The time of day, I sit in the chair and listen, while I read my USA Today.  A time to listen as Liz-A-Beth tells us about the  meaning of the word Octopus and how it is a new term for an eight sided vagina and Joy informs the audience that trampoline is a lubricant very popular with loose women.

It aint much, but it beats the **** out of politics.

Bottom line:  “Religion/Politics? …  Just don’t do it.  Talk about the weather, the crops, the kids that graduated and moved away to work in the big city shops …  Speak nothing of Washington DC and nothing of all this trouble that mountains of free money seems to bring.

“Just leave all that other crap alone.”  You will live longer.


Email of the week

Every now and then I dream about a perfect world, a nice place, a gentle place and place where people just — Play Fair — It is my profound hope to live long enough to see that dream fulfilled.

Tonight I came in here and found this in the box:

As promised, I nominated you and your bloggie, for best written blog, in 2008. as seen here, today: and I’ve saved from my nominating email to Mike, Okiedoke, our conversation regarding same… and ‘less’.

Mr. Smith, you’ve proven to be a craving, media Whore, with your blog.  I cannot ever visit your site again, because I treat myself better than that which you offer there.  Best of luck, in winning the ‘Best writing’ category (sp) in the Okieblogs, with your self- cast, and singular vote.  As I confided to Mike, Okiedoke, the night I nominated your repetitive and predictably dry blog for the award,

“Under the catagory of “Best Writing Blog”, I nominate Mr. Don Smith, a.k.a. “Creative Endeavors Blog”.  It is my sincere wish that someday, Mr. Smith suddenly becomes both/either ‘Creative’, or shows some ‘Endeavor’ in his compositions.  Neither has occurred yet, but A promise is A promise….”

And of course, “Best Overall Blog”, I nominate Charles G., a.k.a. “Dustbury”. One too many (*meaning ‘two and more’) blogs wherein all you did was bitch.  that is so tiresome, old man; get a clue.  Your emails are herewith blocked~ Go to hell.

This person did not get nominated for his blog, that will remain unnamed for good reason.

So for the record, I am not a media whore, first off, I am paid nothing for this, so I don’t fit that definition.  Isn’t it curious, if this blog is so bad, and it cannot be tolerated, the writer still “nominated it.”


Secondly, I don’t go around “nominating myself” for anything.  Being low maint. I have enough problems of my own, without going around generating even more of them.

I often try to put up something worthwhile and make an effort to make what I have to say interesting and informative.  We try to be honest.  We don’t want to manipulate the reader. I try my best to not play games.  We try to be passionate about the topic without being over emotional,

I really work on being able to keep my cool when others seem like they are angry, or losing their composure when they are hurt or at a loss for words.  And, I always enter the Clearing House Sweepstakes and I always manage to make the final cut according to either Dick Clark or Ed McMahon.

Believe it or not, fairness is important to me.  I try not to be bigoted, mean spirited, or downright nasty.  Having my fair allotment of phobia’s and fears, I usually reserve them to myself and do not post them publicly.

A man cannot come into your yard and steal your goat — if you do not tell him where you tie it up at night.

So what I am basically all about here lately is just getting the point across in the most productive and positive way I can imagine or find.  I used to write a Union Paper, and that is where I honed my writing abilities, I have been published several times in different formats.  Most writers are greatly successful and they often make movies of their works.  I really do not see that happening here.

I was once asked to star in a Remake of Midnight Cowboy, but had to turn it down because I go to bed before 9 pm.

Most everything else, because of the format we are using here, will have to remain “private” and I reserve the right to continue the mystery.  Plus, allowing certain people to know too much about yourself, in this day and age, can turn out to be downright unhealthy.

So when people come up to me and say, “Are you as witty, insightful, articulate, and as handsome as your writing suggests?”

I would have to reply “Uh, not really.  I am only five nine.”


All We Had Was Slingshots.

Sorry I am a little late posting today, our onomastics meeting ran a little over, and I was delayed, hope you understand.  My box seems to be filling with “anti-Obama material” and all these rum-drums feel the need to convince me that the way things are is not all that is so ….. try and figure that one out?  I read on average about two or three lines, and then I deep-six it (trash it) and move on.

What people seem to not understand is there is an enormous difference between an occasional venting session where you’re letting off steam, versus making venting an integral part of your regular communications.

Ready – Aim – Fire!

Boys will be boys, isn’t that what they say?  On the Southside of Oklahoma City, police have confiscated a potentially lethal home-made cannon capable of firing potatoes up to 50 yards.  Six youths living right under the nose of a City Councilman, used instructions on the Internet to build the weapon from everyday household objects.

There were reportedly aiming the home-made device at elderly joggers (walking at a fast pace) in the neighboring vicinity of a local park.  At last report, the only casualty was an elderly Cocker Spaniel of mixed breed, named Millie, who was temporarily knocked unconscious by one of the Boise Idaho, projectiles.

“This home-made weapon is extremely dangerous both for those using it and those being fired at.” A police spokesman was quoted as saying to the curious NewsNine reporter.  Who just happened to stop by from an important film shoot at the local El Chico Mexican food franchise right across the street, something about carpet stains or some other newsworthy issue.

The boys loaded potatoes down a plastic tube, where an electric ignition device from gas-fueled barbecue was installed.  By spraying a flammable gas into the tube and sealing the open end with a cap, potatoes were converted into projectiles with one push of the little red ignition button.

Police said the cannon was capable of launching any object similar in size and weight to potatoes.  Which translated came to mean, “Duh?” and no more. (the NewsNine reporter seemed to look a tad bit confused)   This is the point where she announced “Official police department statements” were not forthcoming from that point on.

Higher Learning thru the Internet

Aren’t you glad you shelled out the $49.95 per month for the high-speed to educate Junior?  Now quick, jump in your car, drive home and see if your home is still where you left it this morning when you headed out for work.

The entire world is going nuts today and here I sit with an empty salt shaker.

There is this story going around about a New Yorker whose life was loping along miserably.  So he decided to consult a psychiatrist to help him change.  He found a doctor on Park Avenue, entered the office.  Instead of a receptionist, the office had two doors, one marked “men” and the other marked “women.”

He went through the men’s door and came upon two more doors, one marked “Extrovert” and the other was marked “Introvert.”  Knowing full well that he was an introvert, he entered thru that door.  He then found himself facing but two more doors, one marked, “those making at least $40,000 per year” and another that read, “those making less than $40,000 per year.”  He chose the later, knowing he made less than that sum.  So he entered the door and found himself back on Park Avenue.

The lesson

“We are accountable for our own lives.  Habitual actions, limiting self-talk and thinking others are responsible for us lead to dead ends.”

Now get out there!  Design and build your own Potato Cannon!  Show the world, and these little boogers, that you are capable, willing and ready to excel.  That you are still amongst the living.

(Now aren’t you glad that you stopped by Creative Endeavors today?)

Having the day off because of the inauguration I am going back to my book …. “Her skirt was very short, and Josh found himself mesmerized by her perfectly shaped, silken legs with kneecaps that reminded him of Golden Apples.”

Excerpt from Sen. Barbara Boxer’s novel A Time To Run …… I’ll say.

Think I will go take a nap.


Boxcars’ T-Shirt Philosophy for life:

  • Winning the Lottery will not spoil me I promise.
  • Talk is cheap, until you hire a lawyer.
  • Men are idiots and my wife married their apparent King.
  • Life is too short to drink cheap wine.
  • The only good cat is a ….. well you most likely heard it before.
  • You got out of bed for this?