Goodbye George

George Carlin died over the weekend of a heart attack. He was 71. I seem to be losing a lot of friends to heart attacks here lately, he will be missed. Al Sleet, the Hippy Dippy Weatherman, Stuff, The Seven Dirtiest Words You Cannot Say On Television. He will be missed, and his humor, I suppose will live on, but it won’t be the same.

It never is.

CBS Sixty-Minutes ran a piece on the disintegration of the Salmon population in the West over the weekend. Salmon runs are now depleted to the point of being almost non-existent. What used to be 16 million a year, is now under 1 million and continues to decline to the point of extinction. Dams, stream siltation by logging interests, pollution and over fishing seem to be the problem. The human population is above the level that can be accommodated by the environment it seems.

What I cannot understand, given all these problems, why does the Government of the United States provide to the local indigenous Indian tribes grant money in the tune of $500,000 to buy new gill nets to take even more fish? The fish disappear, Alcoa Aluminum and the west, get cheap electricity, seem like a fair trade off to you?

There is news in the world concerning computers: Digital 60 Day marks the 60th anniversary the birth of the ‘Baby’ or Small Scale Experimental Machine (SSEM), which is the forerunner of all modern computers. Baby was far from it, she weighed in at over a ton, and took up a lot of space. ‘The Baby’ successfully executed its first program in Manchester on 21 June 1948. That program was written by the late Tom Kilburn who designed and built the machine at The University of Manchester with the late Freddie Williams.

You know, if advances in automobiles had taken the same route as computers, they would be very efficient right now, about what, 70% more efficient to hazard a guess? One liter of fuel would serve the United Kingdom for a year and oil reserves would last the expected lifetime of the solar system – if efficiency in the car industry had improved at the same rate as in the computer world.

Think about it. My first computer, an Apple Mac had 512K and 256K of that was required just to “run the system.” They have indeed come a long way …..  Man, I just took a drink of my soda, and it “went down the wrong pipe” as my mother used to say, and now I have sticky gooey stuff all over my desk and my keyboard. Oklahoma backyard journalism is not pretty this day boys & girls, not pretty at all.

The Oil Companies ran another ad in the paper this weekend once again trying to convince us that “they are our buddies.” Here is something to think about … If you are a NICE GUY then you don’t have to RUN ALL OVER TOWN telling people that you are …. They already know.

One company touts the broad ownership of oil company shares by pension funds and implies that viewers’ pensions might very well be benefiting from the superb financial performance of the energy industry. The full page ad also suggests that oil companies really don’t make that much money when compared to other industries in America.

Uh correct me if I am wrong but …. This would presumably make oil companies poor investments for one’s pension fund, wouldn’t it?.

When the truth conflicts with the myth, sell the myth.