You Thirsty?

water at sunrise

The river rolls by, as if time does not apply, twenty-fours a day, week in and week out.  And as the water washes your feet, stop and consider this one fact of life.  “Each and every drop of this water is accounted for.  Not one drop is left over at the end of the journey.”

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Cheer Up Dammit ….


Surfing around the net this morning, trying desperately to find something amusing, I am so tired of the negative vibes that seem to be reverberating around this world we all live in.

My efforts produced nothing.  But I am going to forge ahead anyway, there is always another bend in the river of time.


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If I Were A Woman …

Trace Adkins (Proud to be here)  

A  group of women were at a seminar on how to live in a loving relationship with their  husband.  The women were asked, “How many of you love your husband?  All the women raised their hands.  Then they were asked, “When was the last time you told your husband you loved him?”  Some women answered today, a few yesterday, and some couldn’t remember. Continue reading

Can’t We All Just Get Along …

cool-dude1The Attorney General(s) of Oklahoma and Kansas are suing the State of Colorado.  The are also asking the Federal Government to step in and settle the dispute over pot once and for all. 

There hasn’t been this much excitement in Denver, since the police arrested John Elway for being a slow moving white bronco during the OJ Simpson mess.

Kansas and Oklahoma are claiming that they have increased costs in law enforcement (policing automobile transportation of illegal substances) out of Colorado and want reimbursement from Colorado.  Continue reading

Slow And Steady


“All you need to know about everything that matters, and delivered to you before the weekend.  

What a deal … What a deal.” 

LISTEN UP BIG THREE:  A high school student in Grant City, Mo. has come up with a dirt-cheap means of transportation.  He took an old car (1994 Geo Metro) and yanked its engine and put in an electric fork-lift motor that he bought on E-bay for $200.  

The car ran a max of 62 mph and travel more than 30 miles between charges.  It is estimated that it costs roughly .25 cents to re-charge its 12 batteries, which translates to about 200 miles for the price of one gallon of gas.  Now if an 18 year old kid can figure it out, it makes you wonder why the Big Three cannot.  

On the downside (there is always a downside, remember that) contrary to popular opinion, electricity is not free, someone, somewhere, is going to burn something to create it.  Just in case any of you are seriously contemplating building your own electric car.

WE ARE BORN NAKED, WET AND HUNGRY.  THEN THINGS JUST SORT OF GET WORSE:  Here we go again, it seems like a lot of this off the wall loopy crap comes out of Colorado.  I know that John Denver used to sing about “Rocky Mountain High” and all that, but I am beginning to wonder.  

A 6 year old boy was suspended from school for reciting the rap lyric, “I am sexy and I know it.”  He recited this to a female classmate and those in charge, deemed this harmless behavior as sexual harassment and sent him home.  

And everyone wonders why our youth are clearly dysfunctional or appear to be on the surface outright idiots?

POSSIBLYRELATED:  Consider this.  About 93% of all immigrants applying for citizenship correctly answer 6 out ot 10 questions on American History.  Whereas, on the other hand, the same 6-10 questions answered by natural born citizens, only 65% could squeak out the correct answers.

YUP, I GOT HIS FINGER-PRINT RIGHT HERE:   A woman in Japan who had her bag stolen, took it upon herself to chase down her assailant, take the bag back, and in the process …. “Bite off his finger!”  No word whether the police at the crime scene took his finger for fingerprint identification or not.

BAD MOVE FOR SURE:  A University of Iowa student was charged with trying to get into a bar using a stolen driver’s license.  The license just happened to belong to the bouncer at the front door of the club.

CAT OF NINE LIVES:  A cat got stuck inside a washing machine and somehow survived a full wash cycle.  A woman who searched in vain all over her home looking for the cat, happened to spot its wet and soggy looking face appearing thru the washer door in her washroom.  It had survived more than an hour of soaking, tumbling, and drying.  Word has it that she took it to the vet. and he informed her that it had used up seven of its ten lives, but was apparently okay.

And now … A comment from a future member of the Democratic/Republican party.

The Truth Shall Set You Free


Missed Opportunities

8-women-who-auctioned-off-their-virginityIsn’t it funny, how things work out?  Yesterday I am reading where a woman in Brazil has sold her virginity for the sum of $780,000.  More money than most of us have made when we lost our virginities for free.

It reminded me of when I came home from the service to discover that my mother had cleaned out my closet and thrown away all of my old comic books, my only resource at the time for some quick money, was now long gone to the city dump and she had a new sewing room.

Life is so unfair.

Anyway if you wish to read about Catarina Migliorini and how she sold off her V-Card (don’t ask) it can be found here.  (really makes you wonder what it is that I read in the quiet moments of the day doesn’t it?)

Driveway Quickie:  A florida woman says that someone stole her driveway.  Now I have heard of dry by’s, and all this other new urban nomenclature that seems to litter the landscape of America, but stealing a driveway, C’mon?

Do-Gooders:  One of the saddest things I saw recently was a Canadian County Deputy Sheriff standing guard over a little girl at the Salvation Army bucket outside of WalMart.  We have to put a guard on them now, because low life thieves come by and jack them up for the small black pot that you drop your change in.

It is my understanding however, that a man dropped a Krugerand (sp) in one the other day, and with the price of gold where it currently remains, this is a sizable contribution from someone with truly a rich and generous heart.

In Canada, recent lottery winners donated millions to their favorite deserving charities.  The lucky couple frankly stated “that they had everything that they needed” so they decided to share their good fortune with others.  An interesting read

Raspberries to Boulder Colorado.  The city fathers in Boulder, in their infinite wisdom have discovered a way to “tax the streets” you drive on.  Leave it up to a bunch of lop-sided thinking Politicians to figure out a new way to separate you from your money.  I like the part where they say “they could use the newly collected money for other things” besides the streets.

Washington DC.  Not to be out done by the recent Boulder taxation issue, Washington issued a new developing story on Aspirin.  Effective Jan 1, 2013, aspirin will be taxed under the Obama-Care program.  The only explanation was that they are white and they work.  No other reason was given.

Here is a sampling of CNN on Christmas Day.

As I make a clear cut conscious choice to be happy this day and do my very level best to provide something of a positive nature I am going to leave you with this tid bit.  Dan Blocker said that he portrayed the Hoss character in the television series Bonanza with a Stephen Grellet excerpt in mind: “We shall pass this way on Earth but once, if there is any kindness we can show, or good act we can do, let us do it now, for we will never pass this way again.”  A great deal of truth in that.

Have A Great Day!