O Happy Daze


You know I look at the headlines and they are just so dire, so outright depressing, I almost avoid them completely.  They are enough to make a guy sick, if you let it.  I tend to lean towards “Happy Stuff” I know that this is totally unrealistic, but what they hey, it doesn’t drag me down.

We are sitting on a mountain of personal opportunities, if you just look around.  I want to make a difference in someone’s life this day, I know that out there in cyberspace there are people who are not having a good day.  There are people who are getting a bad medical report, financial news, a kid who is sick, or a bill that needs paying and there just isn’t money to cover it.

They don’t need any more bad news — I don’t need any more bad news —You don’t need it either.

So I kind of naturally lean towards something lighter, something uplifting, something positive if I can find it, if it is possible to think along those lines.  Tiring of the ambsace numbers coming out of Washington, I want another shot at it, and I want a winner.  I am tired of standing on the curb and clapping when the parade moves by, I want to get out and the street if only to march and sing!

Most of us want or desire to be a good example in life, wouldn’t you agree?  I remember in High School, I was never the trophy winning athlete, I was the “example.”  The coach would point his finger at me, and then he would say something profound and inspiring like …. “Look at Smith, at least he finished.  He wasn’t first and he wasn’t last, but he did finish.” And I would mutter a lowly “uh thanks, I think?” and move on.

Now later, much later on in life, I am still striving to achieve something, anything, as long as it is positive in nature.

Following along those same lines, I recently took on a second job sort of thing, working in the afternoons.  It is something like the Wall-Mart greeter guy, only different.  I am now working at Weight Watchers, they are paying me $8.40 and hour to stand in the corner, there the weight trainers and personal rep’s point at me and yell ….. “If you continue to eat Twinkies and Ding Dongs, this is what you will look like!”

Always the good example.

Winners, I want stories about winners.  Rudy, Clash of the Titans, The Horse Whisper, that Will Smith movie about the homeless guy, and a host of others.  I want a movie where the dog comes home, the guy gets the girl, the storyline where the hero makes a difference.  I love stuff like Charice, the little Filipino girl who dreams of singing with Celina Deon and comes to America and does just that.

And she is good, knock down drag ’em out the door good, check out the video.  Her talent really shines in part two at Madison Garden when she sings with Celina.

Brings a tear to my eye every time.

Like most of you, I am sick of stories of big time bankers and politicians that get convicted, pick up the bag of money and waltz off into the sunset.  I don’t want to hear about the polar bears drowning or the Eskimo’s that cannot heat their homes or find any grub.  I am sick of all this negative crap going around, I want some good news.


Give me something like this story that a friend of mine recently shared with me.  In the days when an ice cream sundae cost much less, a 10-year-old boy entered a hotel coffee shop and sat at a table. A waitress put a glass of water in front of him.

“How much is an ice cream sundae?” he asked.  “Fifty cents,” replied the waitress.  The little boy pulled his hand out of his pocket and studied the coins in it.

“Well, how much is a plain dish of ice cream?” he inquired.

By now more people were waiting for a table and the waitress was growing impatient.  “Thirty-five cents,” she brusquely replied. The little boy again counted his coins.  “I’ll have the plain ice cream,” he said.

The waitress brought the ice cream, put the bill on the table and walked away.

The boy finished the ice cream, paid the cashier and left. When the waitress came back, she began to cry as she wiped down the table. There, placed neatly beside the empty dish, were two nickels and five pennies and she realized that he chose not to have a sundae, because if he had, he would not have enough left to leave her a tip.

You can make a difference in someone’s life.

Do something, anything, nice for someone today.  You’ll be surprised how much better you feel when you are the example and not the cause.


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