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I swear this country is turning into suspicious, mean spirited, gas bags.  The really sad part is the majority of them are on radio and in a public venue.  We need to search them out and eradicate each and every one of them.  They are a scourge upon the land.  Yeah I know, “free speech and all that” but when it becomes downright mean, nasty and vindictive, it should not be allowed.

This week a conservative talker was suspended after blaming swine flu on the ‘millions of leeches’ from Mexico.  Conservative talker Jay Severin was suspended indefinitely by Boston’s WTKK-FM after using the current swine flu outbreak to attack Mexicans and immigrants. On his radio show, Severin blamed the swine flu on what he called “some of the world’s lowest of primitives in poor Mexico”:

“So now in addition to venereal disease and the other leading exports of Mexico — women with mustaches and VD — now we have swine flu. … We should be if anything surprised that Mexico has not visited upon us poxes of more various and serious types considering the number of cimminalieans already here.

[W]hen scoop up some of the world’s lowest of primitives in poor Mexico and drop it down in the middle of the United States. Poor, without skills, without language, not share our culture, not share our hygiene. … It’s millions of leeches from a primitive country. … Now they are exporting a rather more active form of disease which is the swine flu.”

Man, talk about garbage.  What happened to plain old common sense. Have we lost our sense of humanity in this country?

What's Next?

What's Next?

(Thanks to Jonco)

The weekend, I am ready!

Hopefully we may get some sunshine, it has been raining here and we needed it but I am ready for a little sun and some nice weather for a change.  Get out in the great outdoors, a little time away from the house and all the chores that seem to never go away.

If I lived in Massachusetts I could go fishing at lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.

Now that is a mouthful …  I cannot … nor will I attempt to even try and pronounce that one for sure.  And I thought “Massachusetts” was bad, but this one takes the cake.  Lately, believe it or not, they have found instances of road signs where this has actually been misspelled.  Hard to believe, but it is true.  One example was “Chargoggagoggmanchaoggagoggchaubunaguhgamugg.” But rest assured, the signs are to be corrected.

Here is another one I found amusing.

Tourists have routinely had their picture taken at a popular tourist attraction in the southwest corner of Colorado, even I have succumbed to this and pulled in to the spot to check it out.  I have even considered leaving a geo clue there for Yogi.   Now it seems the National Geodetic Survey has found that the Four Corners Marker where tens of thousands of American’s have smiled and said, “Cheese.”

Is in fact, in the wrong spot.

This is one of the few spots in the USA where you are supposed to be able to stand on the corner of Colorado, New Mexico , Utah, and Arizona, all at the same time.  But it turns out that it is in the wrong place, it is actually supposed to be about two and one-half miles west of its current location.  Things are not what they appear to be chapter two this week.

What is it that I truly love ……… stoopid crooks.

Enter one Daniel Duran, a Houston Texas man who allegedly robbed a bank and stuffed the bundles of cash down his pants as he raced out of the bank.  Duran was later arrested and then taken to the hospital when the dye packs inside the money exploded giving him serious burns in areas we won’t mention.

I just love stoopid crooks.

Also this week, a little order in the court when an judge in Idaho duct taped a defendants mouth shut, another new use for the tape, which is know as “The Chrome Plating of the South.”

Hard call, an Indiana police officer is suing his department for firing him because he refused to be tasered.  It is the policy of the police department to taser all officers so that they can know what 50,000 volts of electricity feels like. (Something the majority of us have always wondered about eh?)

This 54 year old officer, had a bad disc in his back, his doctor recommended that he not participate in the exercise, and he was fired.  You make the call, should this have been allowed?


Today is my sixty-third day of my new laptop, and I still cannot get used to Vista and the keyboard.  It is a real pain in the part of you that goes over the fence last.  But as this seems to be the new standard for America (100 day segments) I will keep you apprised and up to date.  Actually it is a good thing for me, because my prescriptions come in 90 day increments.

While we are at it (government and all …. Nice blend huh?  Thank you very much!)

A government watchdog group has launched nearly 20 criminal investigations related to the government’s bailout.  The special inspector-general of the bailout program is focusing on alleged wrong doing by recipients of funds from the Troubled Assets Relief Program.

He is investigating cases of possible mortgage fraud, tax evasion, and insider trading, as well as an unnamed bank that he said “was cooking their books” to qualify for bail out funds.

Is this a great country or what?

Applications for open medical marijuana dispensaries have soared since President Obama announced that the fed’s will not mess with institutions that are under California law.  In Los Angeles and Oakland alone, pot is now sold openly in thousand off storefronts.  Unemployment compensation for dealers put of work has not been reported as available at this time.

Sales of wine, beer, and other alcoholic products are on the rise something like 4.8% nationwide as more and more people stay home  and do their drinking there, saving money on restaurants and bars.  I no longer personally drink to have a good time, I only drink to silence the voices in my head.

When my company asked me to give a sample of my urine for a drug test, and they found an olive in it, well, that was the end of my drinking career and come to think of it, it didn’t help my railroading career too much either.

Legal firearm sales have escalated about 27% since the Obama folks assumed the White House.  The first three months of this year, produced about four million new background checks made by the FBI..  Gun owners are afraid that the Obama administration will impose new restrictions, so they’re buying now.

I am going to change lanes now Honey …. Cover me.

Have a good weekend, we will see you on Monday.

“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)

New Location

Looking up at the calendar and I notice it is Friday the 13th, and it occurs to me “what an appropriate day for Mad Dog Bernie Madoff’s first day in jail.”  He got locked up yesterday, but I think he should have went to a real penitentiary and not this Club Med crap with the cubicles and min security child molesters or something like that.  They should have put this guy in with the “regular criminals” in the Big House!.

I awoke with several concerns this morning, still have problems with my email, and I have to deal with that.  Looked out the window and much to my surprise, it was snowing here in the Heartland.  Quickly rushing into the TV Room I turned on Channel #4 for the latest weather news.  My anxiety and weather related apprehension was quickly squelched when the announcer said, “Currently in the Metro-Plex we are experiencing heavy snow, but this should not be a problem, as the hail should beat it off the roads by ten A.M..”

Oklahoma weather sucks.

Bad week for kids.  A man in a ski mask and goggles took almost $800 in proceeds from a local Girl Scout cookie salesgirl.  The incident at a department store left two ten year old girls in hysterics.  The man came out of nowhere, grabbed their cash box, and then ran off making his escape thru the parking lot.  Has to be a special place reserved in hell, for a scumbag that would rob little kids.

Boy Scouts in Connecticut are asking the state department of transportation to overturn a ruling that bans them from serving hot coffee and donuts in rest area’s to weary truckers and travelers.  Transportation officials in their infinite wisdom, banned them from doing this last year and prohibited all 24-hour rest stop and truck weigh station operations.

Big reward for a lousy job.

The man who has been the CEO of GM for more than eight years (eight very bad years I might add) received a pay package last year worth some $14.9 million despite a $30.9 billion dollar bail out by-you-know-who.  All this compensation when the share price of GM stock fell to below $2 a share, and a balance sheet that is propped up by taxpayers.  All this when you are at the head of a company that is losing $82 billion in the last three years.  Meanwhile this week, auditors announced and made it official, “GM is at risk.”

One step closer to the brink.

American Express, who the media refers to as a “U.S. Credit Card Company” but as I understand it, recently changed their status to a bank, in order to get in on the Stimulus Gravy Train increased their total compensation to their CEO by 4.8%.  He was awarded a package totaling $27.32 million dollars.  American Express received $3.39 billion out of the Federal Slush Fund and this guy has cut some 7,000 Americans’ out of a job.


Larry and Frank have been having a hard time of it with the economy souring and all, so they decide to split the business up and go their separate ways.  So they hammer out the deal, and then one goes to the other side of town to start up in the new business and the other stays at the old location.

Larry wanting to do something nice for Frank calls the local florist and orders a spray of flowers for him.  Shortly thereafter the telephone rings and it is Frank, who is visibly shaken up and upset on the other end of the line.  Larry of course, says to him, “Calm down, calm down.  What is the matter?” Frank, still very much irritated says to him, “Why did you send this?  What is the matter with you?”

So Larry says to him, “Send what?  What are you talking about?” Frank replies, “This flower arrangement which says across the front of it Rest In Peace … You want me to die or something?”

“Oh no,” replies Larry, “that isn’t right.  I will call that guy.”

He hangs up the telephone and then calls the florist where he placed the order.  “Hey, what is the deal?  I paid good money for this and this is what you do to me?  What kind of business are you running anyway?” he barks into the telephone.

There is a pause for a moment or two and then the florist says to him, “You think you have problems?  Somewhere in town they are preaching a funeral and the flowers are saying Good Luck In Your New Location!”

Have a great weekend.


Are We Having Fun Yet

balloon-economyGreetings!  Welcome to the first class on how to make two small hats out of a Brassiere, paid for and subsidized by the U.S. Government. Man, first it was the mayor of New Orleans and now it is Bobby the Gov. from Lousy-anna.  Gov. Bobby Jindal’s task the other night, to rebut President Obama’s first address to a joint session of Congress, was a thankless one.

But it still constituted an opportunity for the Louisiana Republican to show that he could handle the national spotlight, present himself as a fresh face of the Republican Party, and stand up to the current president in a proper controlled oratorical manner.

On each of these three hurdles, he came up short. Both Democrats and Republicans alike panned Jindal’s rebuttal in terms that were decidedly harsh: “amateurish,” “laughable” and, most commonly, “a missed opportunity.”  Pretty bad, and what made it worse, I stayed up past my bedtime to make sure I watched it all.  “After watching Jindal,” one Democratic strategist emailed, “I’d pay a lot of money to be back watching a Palin speech.”

Repeat to yourself, “life isn’t an emergency, life isn’t an emergency, life isn’t … oh well, you get the picture, don’tcha?”

Been mostly a slow week here in the last vast bastion of good community living … No one is commenting, and this thing is drier than a cold water spring in Furnace Creek, Death Valley California here lately.

I don’t know where everyone has got off too.  So as it is slow, I have been musing it over in my mind what my options are here of late.  Y’know, scrubbing my Federal Window of opportunity to see if the view has changed for me personally.

I haven’t made up my mind if I am willing to take some of this bailout money that the other states do not want, you know that great big ol piece of the American Pie everyone seems fixated on here lately.

Meanwhile I pick up the paper and no rainbow there.  Things are so bad, that the Treasury Department issued a press release that they are considering a new five dollar bill and Lincoln will be wearing a T-Shirt.  And of course there is this barn burner of a news item that I cannot for the life of me figure out.


I also hear the lottery isn’t doing well now, will it never end?  The first number is twenty-seven, second number is thirty-three, here’s another one that you do not have …. Trenton New Jersey lottery officials are moaning the blues – The state Lottery said fewer people appeared to be buying tickets. Lottery ticket revenue for the first six months of the current fiscal year is down, and the state Treasury Department said New Jersey received nearly $4 million, or about 1%, less than anticipated.

Also in New Jersey, Newark – A former employee in the city’s health department was sentenced to eight years in prison for a $1 million scam. Charles Brown said his drug addiction led him to print bogus vouchers for the Women, Infants and Children program and sell them to a store, which sold them to other stores and pocketed the proceeds.  Now let’s do our math, shall we?  Eight years in the slamma, that figures out to about $125,000 per year, 3 hots and a cot, and six figures.

Hmmmmmm? (Well, it doesn’t mention anything about him having to make retribution for the stolen funds does it?)

Yesterday I was over browsing in my favorite business supply store.  Saw something neat.  Staples has that “That Was Easy” expression on a button for your desk, $4.98 drop by and pick up one today.  I like it.  I think of this banking fiasco and how easy it was for them to just drop in and pick up their collective bag of money and then run.  It was so easy that American Xpress changed itself (seemingly overnight) into a bank instead of a credit card company, and so easy, they are now offering people $300 to close out their credit card accounts.  What a concept, wonder who thought of that, especially after I CLOSED MY ACCOUNT in a responsible manner and moved on.

Mo betta bankin’ news …. SunTrust board of directors in their infinite wisdom have given their CEO a nice little raise.  Even tho’ the profits of the bank tanked under his leadership, down some 50% which is a pretty lousy indicator of good leadership.  The stock price was cut in half but the company’s board of directors saw fit to give or approve a 75% increase in the 2008 total compensation of the head man.  He is now making just under $8.1 million according to their most recent proxy statement filed this week.

Now That Was Easy

Here comes the next wave, are you ready for this Sparky?  I have been right more than I have been wrong, so here it is.  According to the Federal Reserve, the total outstanding credit card debt carried by Americans reached a record $951 billion in 2008 — a number that will only climb higher as more people reach for the plastic to make ends meet.

Yet the same banks that have been bailed out with billions of taxpayer dollars, have been turning around and gouging their most vulnerable customers, ratcheting up interest rates to as much as 32 percent and charging an ever-widening array of late fees, cash-advance fees, and over-the-limit fees.


Open up the Federal Checkbook … Now it is time to feed another pig at the trough.


Click here to read more.

(If you are not already thoroughly convinced that the end is truly near, that is)

Anybody want to buy a used lottery ticket, I have some I will sell “dirt cheap.”


“Some of this material [article] was published by the Center for American Progress” and cartoons are from the same.”

From The Box

Email of the week.

Larry in Washington State:  I can’t say enough to agree with you. However, I do believe we need to bail out the Auto makers with many requirements attached. The biggest mistake was giving Bush and Paulson a blank check for 700 billion to hand out to the Insurance giants, like AIG, and the big banks.

Bailing out them  did nothing for the economy or the little guy. Banks still aren’t loaning, not one foreclosure has been prevented because of the bank bail outs and who really cares if the Insurance Giants go bankrupt. Getting Insurance companies to pay out anything to the little guy is like trying to hold onto a wet ice cube for as long as you can.

Oh well, I let myself get going again. But… yes I blame the Bush administration along with Cheney and the previous Republican dominated congress for all of this mess. It astounded  me when Bush was elected for a second term.

k7noo in Nevada wrote:

Did you see Bush’s little snicker this morning on the news about, I haven’t made my mind up yet about the auto makers, he in my opinion with others had multitudes to do with this mess and won’t lift a finger to do anything about it, oh, unless your a bank, what an a hole, we need that idiot out now, not a month from now. I am so irritated I can hardly see straight, and the news media keeps feeding the story further degrading the US auto makers.  (????)

Another from the Northwest wrote:

Ford, Chrysler and  GM’s contributions after 9/11  An interesting commentary…You might  find this of interest:

CNN Headline News did a short news listing  regarding Ford and GM’s contributions to the relief and recovery efforts in New York and Washington.  The findings are as follows…..

1. Ford- $10 million  to American Red Cross matching employee contributions of the same number  plus 10 Excursions to NY Fire Dept. The company also offered ER response team services and office  space to displaced government employees.

2. GM- $10 million  to American Red Cross matching employee contributions of the same number and a fleet of vans, suv’s, and trucks.

3. Daimler  Chrysler- $10 million to support of the children and victims of the Sept. 11 attack.

4.  Harley  Davidson motorcycles- $1 million and 30 new motorcycles to the New York Police Dept.

5.  Volkswagen-Employees  and management created a Sept 11 Foundation, funded initial with $2 million, for the assistance of the children and victims of the WTC.

6.  Hyundai- $300,000 to the American Red Cross.

7. Audi-Nothing.

8.  BMW-Nothing.

9.  Daewoo- Nothing.

10.  Fiat-Nothing.

11.  Honda- Nothing despite boasting of second best sales month ever in August 2001

12.  Isuzu- Nothing.

13. Mitsubishi-Nothing.

14. Nissan-Nothing.

15. Porsche-Nothing. Press release with condolences via the Porsche website.

16. Subaru- Nothing.

17.  Suzuki-  Nothing.

18. Toyota-Nothing despite claims of high sales in July and August 2001.
Condolences posted on the website.

Whenever the time may  be for you to purchase or lease a new vehicle, keep this information in mind. You might want to give more consideration to a car manufactured by an American-owned and /or American based company.

Apart from Hyundai and Volkswagen, the foreign car companies contributed nothing at all to the citizens of the United States

It’s OK for these companies to take money out of this country, but it is apparently not acceptable to return some in a time of crisis. I believe we should not  forget things like this.

Say thank you in a way that gets their attention.

Thanks to all of you who offered up your opinion and sharing it with the rest of us.


Feeding The Monster


This week I found myself having lunch with an old friend, and we started talking about the mess in the automobile industry.  We spoke of unions, buy-outs, bail-outs, government charity cases and whatever else they are calling it this week. Used to be at lunchtime the banter was light and cheerful, but here lately, that has been replaced by ugly, frustrating, and hopeless.

I must preface this with “I am an ex-union hand” I belonged to a union for over thirty years before I retired.  And I was an active member, I rocked the boat, I made waves, I was considered a radical by most standards, and it is a badge that I proudly carry to this day.

So this piece is not devoted to the dismantling of the UAW as the current body of Republicans seems bent on doing this week.  It is not about that at all.

I have no axe to grind with union people, the UAW or any other union entity but I believe we should not bail them out.  I believe they should tank and I feel basically the same way about the airlines, who are most surely going to be the next special interest group to approach the government for assistance.

The big three as we refer to the auto companies in this country, who employ about 250,000 people have been struggling for years (decades actually), and they have lost market share to foreign competition.  Now because out outright stupidity and lousy management, they find themselves in the position of paying for the band, but they cannot scrape up the cash.

And on top of that, no one wants to dance with them anymore.

The recession has brought the American auto industry to the precipice; GM for example claims to be hemorrhaging to the tune of one billion dollars per month.  Cash reserves are dwindling, and credit has dried up, most of them cannot pay their bills.  It is for lack of a better word, getting kind of ugly.

So who’s fault is this?

GM while losing market share and going steadily and surely down the drain, kept on board the same management team for over ten years, doesn’t sound like they were trying to alleviate any of their problems to me.  Ford after a bit, decidedly changed management styles and were trying to do something about it, all the while building the Expedition that is so incredibly large it doesn’t fit a normal parking space and can be seen from space.

Not very smart.

Now they need $25 billion just to make it to the end of the year, in normal times this would be unheard of, but these are far from “normal times.”  An estimated one in ten American jobs are tied to the auto industry, if they go down, it could be as much as 1.5 Americans out of a job.  Which the economy cannot stand right now, and this is the dilemma.  Do we let these dinosaurs of commerce tank or save the jobs.  Do we give them the money to keep building 85 different models of cars that in a recession no one is willing to buy?

Might consider this:

  • It has been reported that a GM Worker makes $75 a hour (when all things are factored in, health care, benefits, etc, etc) and a Toyota worker in the same American plant, only $47.
  • My truck recently had to have a new fuel pump, $586 for the part, another $600 in labor to install.
  • When gasoline was selling for $4 a gallon, these are the very same people that told the consumer that their trade in was only worth 1/3 of market value, and in some cases would not even take the trade …. Period.
  • Down payments of $2500 to purchase a new car went out the window, and the consumer was told to bring close to $7,000 or we don’t want to talk to you.
  • lease options were removed and done away with.

Now everyone is crying the blues and want a hand out, and this is a hand out, I doubt very seriously with this pitiful track record, it can be considered a hand up.

These are the same people who sat back for years, and watched GM and the others spend millions building plants outside the country, taking the wages, jobs, and the tax base with them.  Where were the politicians then?  What did the unions do for the workers there, very little, if anything.

So here we are, wandering around in all too familiar territory again.  Caught between a rock and a hard place.  If we allow these inefficient bloated turkey’s to tank, then we are going to have possibly 1.5 million people out of work, the price of addressing such human misery with unemployment benefits, medicaid and other services would make a $25 billion loan seem as if it was truly a bargain.

On the other hand, if we do bail them out, it is more than likely going to set up a dependency factor something akin to a crack addict.  We just keep feeding them and feeding them until they eventually die I guess.

Almost like turning the corner on the drive home from work, and at the end of the street, you view your house and it is engulfed in flames.  Do you let it burn to the ground and start a new or do you try and put it out and salvage what you can for another day.

Hard choices.


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Nobody Cares About Your Dreams


Coffee is good this morning, a little bite to it, but that is okay, it is cold here and uncomfortable.  Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee per day, that is a lot of coffee, that is an ocean of coffee.  Which is kind of strange, when you stop to think about it.  Coffee has no nutritional value that I know of, why we drink it is truly somewhat of a mystery.

Four out of five adults in the U.S. drink coffee every day.  I know one person who doesn’t, his favorite quote about coffee is this.  “How can something that smells so dog-gone good when it is perculating in the pot, taste so rotten afterwards.” He is not a caffeine junky like the rest of us.

We average about two cups per day in this country, per consumer, that would be about 1/3 of the worlds’ supply of the elixir.  I understand that coffee contains 100 milligrams of caffeine; a cup of espresso has 200.

No More Free Toasters

You can now add Credit Unions to the list of people signing up for the bailout money, they applied for and received $40 billion worth this week to bolster against mortgage losses.  You know the other day I was sitting at the beanery waiting for them to bring me my order and I was staring out the window.  And I got that glazed over look in my eye and the wife said to me, “I know I shouldn’t but I am gonna anyway.  What are you thinking about”?”

And I said, “Oh, I was thinking back a long time ago, when we were young and stupid and we invested in that Ponzi scheme.  You remember that?” and she said, “Oh Lord, whatever made you think of that?”

For all of you that are not aware, a Ponzi scheme is a get rich deal, most of the time called a “Pyramid Scheme” and the people, who get in early, make tons of money, the others, well they don’t do so well.  They mainly lose their investment.  We were in the later group, we lost, about $1,000 and interest, and I made every stinking payment on it, 36 of them suckers.  (I told you we were young and stupid, we didn’t even have the money to lose, we borrowed our entry level amount … Now that was really d-u-m-b.)

So here is the deal.

I am thinking about how it is that I did something really dumb, really stupid, and I lost what I considered a large amount of money.  AND NO ONE … NOT ONE SOLITARY SOUL CAME FORWARD TO BAIL ME OUT … I HAD TO PAY EVERY DAMN DIME OF IT … AND I HAD TO TAKE MY KNOCKS THE HARD WAY. Since then, several lucrative offers have presented themselves, and we always say “no thank you.”  Our official position is that we have had so many good deals in the past, we cannot afford any more of them now.

When do WE get bailed out … Who is going to help us out … those of us that are struggling.

Business has gotten so bad here lately, even the people who were not planning on paying for it anyway, are not buying. I asked my neighbor about it and he said, “The bible says cast thy bread upon the waters and it will be returned to you 100 fold.”  Which is fine, but what are you supposed to do with 100 soggy wet loaves of bread?  When I was young, my paycheck would burn a hole in my pocket, these days it isn’t enough to keep my pocket warm.  It is truly a shame that at this point in life, you have only one regret.  And that would be that you have not accumulated enough cash to be able to fly on a moment’s notice to Japan to bid on Paul’s Sergeant Peppers uniform.

The Governor will see you now … Please have your checkbook handy

Corruption has tainted politics in Chicago (Illinois in general) since the prohibition days and Albert Scarface Capone, but the arrest Tuesday of Illinois Governor Brad Blagojevich revealed alleged conspiracy and bribery schemes so brazen that the veteran investigators and prosecutors could barely hold their revulsion.  Government for sale .. to the highest bidder, the American Way, kind of makes you proud doesn’t it?  Shades of Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas.  When the highway patrol stopped you there, they would say, “Have your wife get out of the car, so the governor can frisk her.”

Here is another one out of Illinois for you. In Springfield, Zachary Holloway, 20, and a pal were arrested and charged with breaking into one car and stealing, among other things, a motorcycle helmet, then attempting to break into another car.

To try to get into the second car, Holloway put on the helmet, stood back from the car, and charged into it, head-butting a window, unsuccessfully, twice.  They were arrested and booked that day.

Finally coming clean

Some 20 years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, plaintiffs in the case are getting what’s left of the money they were originally awarded, the Anchorage Daily News reports.  Some plaintiffs will get amounts ranging from several hundred dollars to $100K or more.  Most had just about given up hope of getting anything from it at all.

Now lets see, you take an amount of money, put it in the bank and allow it to sit, for say …. Oh let’s just say “twenty years” … that might accumulate enough in interest where you end up never paying a fine at all.  Just thinking outside the box.  Naw, “our friends in the oil and gas industry” wouldn’t do that to us … would they?

Oh well it could be worse (how could it possibly be worse?) you could be in your car, stranded on an Alaskan highway and the only human within 200 miles is a Cro-Magnon Woman wearing a torn parka who communicates through a series of bizarre grunts, winks and gesticulations and she not only comes to your rescue, but you have to “talk to her” all the way back to town.

Lying crooks what is this world coming to?

In the city that launched the national crime-stopper movement, Albuquerque, New Mexico, which pays informants for tips that help police solve local crimes there could be a possible snag.  It appears now the highly successful program designed for, “people that hang out with crooks to do part time work” might be providing the cops with “less than truthful information” for the rewards.

It appears that even in hard times, the low life’s will resort to less than honest approaches at generating funds.  Police are now saying that they are going to have to be more careful because they “might be playing games with us” in order to get the money.  Geeze, do you think so?  Bad cop, bad cop, no donut.

Man, I would like a shot at that myself.

Barre, Vermont. A man who hit Governor Douglas in the face with a pie during an Independence Day parade will spend five days on a work crew for the prank.  Matthew Manning, 23, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and apologized.  Manning, dressed as Santa Claus ran up to Douglas during the Montpelier parade and threw the pie before being tackled by the mayor and being detained.  I would like to pay this man’s fine, if there is one, but I am curious.  “Santa Claus at an Independence Day celebration, what were you thinking?”

Time to wrap this one up.

If you attend the job fair/money seminar at the Holiday Inn this weekend?  When the speaker begins the seminar by saying, “By a show of hands, how many of you don’t know the difference between a stock and a bond?” and you are the only one with your hand in the air?

Go immediately to the Lobby … American Xpress or Bank Of America are looking for you.  You might have a new job Monday morning.

Who says things aren’t looking up.


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