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Wednesday, middle of the week for a five day wage slave working in Oklahoma in order to support the Evil Empire.  Let’s get started.

So what does it take in today’s world to be happy? 

Perhaps you need to be Alvin Wong, who may be the happiest man in the nation.  Wong meets all the criteria in Gallup’s “Well-Being Index”: He’s a tall, Asian-American, observant Jew, who is at least 65 and married with children, lives in Hawaii, and makes $120,000 a year.  Which I suppose beats cutting firewood outside of Little Rock, Arkansas.

(Me?  Aw, just give me the Hot Ball and one number and I am in heaven.)

The Back Haul: 

You ever wonder what is in all the containers on the container ships headed back east to China?  Well, they are not all empty, some of them carry American products back to the Orient.  A small town in Georgia has created a mini manufacturing boom by the making and selling of chopsticks.

It turns out that Georgia’s trees, specifically the sweet gum and poplar are ideal wood for making the eating implements.  The Georgia factory is cranking out some 10,000,000 units per week.  Now before you laugh, consider this, that is 80 American jobs right now, and plans for 70 more in the near future.

(Washington, are you listening?)

Maybe Bus Rally in Tenn

I am hearing about a possible non-event in the making.  What would you do if you sponsored a bus rally and then no one showed up?  Which is specifically happening right now to the sponsors of a bus rally in Tennessee which may happen soon … and then again … May not.  Turns out that a lot of pikers told the sponsors they were coming, and then wanted to put it all on VISA, MasterCard or PayPal, and now they are nowhere to be seen. 

That is, as they say, “Priceless.”

One participant is saying:  “What is a worry though… Only two weeks till the event and even though people are saying they are coming, they are not getting registered. I promise you, this is going to be a premiere event.”  Which brings up and interesting question.  “If it flops and does not happen … do you get a refund?”  Don’t bet the farm on it.

(Good lesson here, never count your chickens until the eggs hatch)

Sign of the Times: 

Hallmark Cards now is producing a new greeting card for all those poor slobs that have lost their jobs.  They are marketed under a line of “sympathy cards” and have such tid bits as:  “Don’t think of it as losing your job” reads one, “Think of it as a time out between stupid bosses.” Nothing like looking at the bright side of life, eh?

(Maybe it is me, but I just don’t get it)

Don’t Squeeze The Charmin: 

Here is another one that I just don’t relate to personally.  This commercial on television where all the women are standing around and the announcer says … “Now women in America can finally tell us what they think about toilet paper.”  I’m also mesmerized by the commercial featuring middle-aged men gleefully celebrating their ability to drink water and drive long distances (I particularly enjoy that the slightly younger women in that one are turned on knowing that their old geezers don’t have to urinate frequently).

(Uh huh, sure)

It’s a bird … It’s a plane … It’s NASA

NASA recently lost a 6 ton satellite when it fell out of orbit and landed harmlessly in the South Pacific.  When the satellite disappeared off radar, one scientist was reported to have said, “Wow, did it hit Seattle?”  Now here you are, sitting in your living room, watching Dancin’ With The Stars and Chaz is doing the Paso-dob-ley and she is showing a lot of parts that her mama told her to cover up in high school and then boom! … A 1 ton Dooley pickup comes hurtling thru the ceiling …

(Now that, boys & girls is government science for you)

Cheer Up Dammit: 

Owning an aquarium is good for you, not so good for the inhabitants inside.  A new survey recently released, notes that ornamental fish kept in tanks bite, murder, and cannibalize each other and that they are doing this more often that they do in the wild.  Apparently it is because they’re angry about living in crowded, confined spaces.

(Sort of like the way I feel around the 15th of April)

The Times Are A Changin

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has changed the word “booty” to “spoils: in a new translation of the Bible.  “Booty”, to younger generations, connotes a portion of the body, often shaken in time to music, rather than the spoils of war.  “We needed a new translation because English is a living language”.

Waaaaaaaaaaseup With Dat?

(This is better than a card, trust me)

As usual, comments section is open, let ‘er rip!


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Lock N Load

A woman walks into the kitchen, her husband is sitting at the kitchen table, with a shotgun in his hands, and he is crying. 

She asks him “What is going on?”

The mournful husband replies, “Twenty five years ago, on our wedding day, your father walked in with this shotgun and said to me … If you don’t love that girl, then take this shotgun go over there to that other room and blow her brains out, she is hopelessly in love with you.”

So why are you crying the wife asks.

He looks her straight in the eye and replies, “I would be getting outta prison today.”

[San Jose Mercury News]:  
An unidentified man, using a shotgun like a club to break a former girl friend’s windshield, accidentally shot himself to death when the gun discharged, blowing a hole in his gut.

[Kalamazoo Gazette]:
  James Burns, 34, (a mechanic) of Alamo, MI, was killed in March as he was trying to repair what police describe as a “farm-type truck.” Burns got a friend to drive the truck on a highway while Burns hung underneath so that he could ascertain the source of a troubling noise. Burns’ clothes caught on something, however, and the other man found Burns “wrapped in the drive shaft.”

[Hickory Daily Record]:
  Ken Charles Barger, 47, accidentally shot himself to death in December in Newton, NC. Awakening to the sound of a ringing telephone beside his bed, he reached for the phone but grabbed instead a Smith & Wesson 38 Special, which discharged when he drew it to his ear.

[UPI, Toronto]:
  Police said a lawyer demonstrating the safety of windows in a downtown Toronto skyscraper crashed through a pane with his shoulder and plunged 24 floors to his death. A police spokesman said Garry Hoy, 39, fell into the courtyard of the Toronto Dominion Bank Tower early Friday evening as he was explaining the strength of the buildings windows to visiting law students.

Hoy previously has conducted demonstrations of window strength according to police reports. Peter Lawson, managing partner of the firm Holden Day Wilson, told the Toronto Sun newspaper that Hoy was “one of the best and brightest” members of the 200-man association.

[The News of the Weird]:
  Michael Anderson Godwin made News of the Weird posthumously. He had spent several years awaiting South Carolina’s electric chair on a murder conviction before having his sentence reduced to life in prison. While sitting on a metal toilet in his cell attempting to fix his small TV set, he bit into a wire and was electrocuted.

[The Indianapolis Star]:
  A cigarette lighter may have triggered a fatal explosion in Dunkirk, IN. A Jay County man, using a cigarette lighter to check the barrel of a muzzle-loader, was killed Monday night when the weapon discharged in his face, sheriff’s investigators said.. Gregory David Pryor, 19, died in his parents’ rural Dunkirk home at about 11:30 PM. Investigators said Pryor was cleaning a 54-caliber muzzle-loader that had not been firing properly. He was using the lighter to look into the barrel when the gunpowder ignited..

[Reuters, Mississauga, Ontario]:
  A man cleaning a bird feeder on the balcony of his condominium apartment in this Toronto suburb slipped and fell 23 stories to his death. “Stefan Macko, 55, was standing on a wheelchair when the accident occurred,” said Inspector Darcy Honer of the Peel Regional Police. “It appears that the chair moved, and he went over the balcony,” Honer said.

She’s got a gun … and she wants to be president.

[ Arkansas Democrat Gazette]:
  The best is always last.

Two local men were injured when their pickup truck left the road and struck a tree near Cotton Patch on State Highway 38 early Monday.  Woodruff County deputy Dovey Snyder reported the accident shortly after midnight Monday. Thurston Poole, 33, of Des Arc, and Billy Ray Wallis, 38, of Little Rock, were returning to Des Arc after a frog-catching trip.

On an overcast Sunday night, Poole’s pickup truck headlights malfunctioned.

The two men concluded that the headlight fuse on the older-model truck had burned out. As a replacement fuse was not available, Wallis noticed that the ..22 caliber bullets from his pistol fit perfectly into the fuse box next to the steering-wheel column. Upon inserting the bullet the headlights again began to operate properly, and the two men proceeded on eastbound toward the White River Bridge.

After traveling approximately 20 miles, and just before crossing the river, the bullet apparently overheated, discharged and struck Poole in the testicles. The vehicle swerved sharply right, exited the pavement, and struck a tree. Poole suffered only minor cuts and abrasions from the accident but will require extensive surgery to repair the damage to his testicles, which will never operate as intended.

Wallis sustained a broken clavicle and was treated and released. “Thank God we weren’t on that bridge when Thurston shot his balls off, or we might be dead,” stated Wallis. “I’ve been a trooper for 10 years in this part of the world, but this is a first for me. I can’t believe that those two would admit how this accident happened,” said Snyder.

Upon being notified of the wreck, Lavinia (Poole’s wife) asked how many frogs the boys had caught and did anyone get them from the truck?

Have a great weekend …


Totally Blank and Recent

I sure wish WordPress.com and Mozilla would fix their respective issues, this has been going on for two long, this shut down crap.  For a period of several weeks, whenever I try to load a picture into this mother, I get in return for my efforts, a system crash.  Fun is fun, but I am tiring of it boys, why don’t you fix it?  



Okay, time to cover some ground and voice our concerns over the critical and impotent issues of the day.  Our understated purpose and vision statement for the 21st Century.  I understand from a fairly non reliable source that the world is going to end on Dec 21, 2012. Which would be my 40th anniversary of working on the railroad if I were still working.

Another end of the world scenario.  Thinking back, it was the fifth grade the first time I heard that the world was going to end, there was a rumor running around school that specifically addressed this issue.  I also remember being very upset, but then again, I was awfully young in those days, just out of puberty and rushing headlong into what my Dad affectionately referred to as “my dumb-ass years.”

Ironically, it turns out that he and the Navy recruitment officer were right.

The second time I heard about the world ending was in the seventies when Oral Roberts locked himself inside a 900 foot tower in Tulsa, Oklahoma and professed that the end was near.  I faintly remember a vision of a 900 ft. German Sheppard telling him this or something like that, however, try as he may, it did not happen.  Some cult over in Arkansas did the same thing, not long ago, of course it did not happen either.

But if you have ever been to Arkansas you would understand that last statement immediately.

So time is once again running out for all the hopeless souls that inhabit this planet, 2012 and then a super asteroid will hit the outer atmosphere and poof, most of us will be pop tarts.  Or it might be a collision on a super sized scale with some celestial body named by some dweeb at NASA, something like planet X or maybe even “Y.”

One source of amusement will be numerous websites will pick up on this of course, and all the airheads of the Internet will begin predicting adding to the fascination of the event and I suppose to a certain extent chaos.  These are the gasbags that currently espouse this theory based loosely on the Mayan Calendar which in itself (to a somewhat normal person in a mediocre good frame of mind) is kind of ludicrous.

We are supposed to bet our future, the future of mankind on a primitive calendar that they insist ends on that fateful day?

I am somewhat convinced that all of these “so called superior cultures” were a bunch of dope smoking, jungle loving cretins’.  I mean who builds runways for aliens in the middle of nowhere (that can only be seen from space), I rest my case.  Now why would anyone believe that a primitive Mayan Long Count Calendar would portend the end of civilization as we know it?

Let us call it what it is, foolish.

If they had all these mystical powers, if they were capable of seeing into the future, then why were they catastrophically wiped out (by unknown forces) and almost immediately if not sooner, vanished from the earth, it seems to me this all could have been avoided.

Mayan Calendar:  May, 2nd, 1211, end of the world, make preparations for evacuations.  Jungle guava-mano comes into season.  Yearly payment to the shaman is due on the 10th.

Now I do recognize that there remains a certain percentage of you who do believe this is going to happen, and are dead certain, that I am (as usual) “full of it.”  Which could be a sprinkle of truth there, I am not sure.  But for all those skeptics out there, remember this …. “Y2K” …. Another non-occurring event highly publicized that did not happen.

Basically what I think about the most whenever this subject comes up is this one little thing.  “Something wonderful begins to happen when we are able to recognize and acknowledge our thoughts, even as they happen.  When a thought surfaces, rather than resist it, simply acknowledge it and let it go.”

In other words “DWABI” which is slang, pronounced “Doo-Wab-ee” and simply means:  Don’t Worry About It.”  Our problem as I see it is simple …. We seem to be smiling less these days, and worrying more.

Not a good thing, no sir, not a good thing at all.

The end of the world (again) yawn, aint gonna happen.  Like I told the little woman just the other day when she brought it up I said, “Don’t worry about it Honey, we owe far too much money for the world to end  any time soon. Everything is just fine, I hear it is all going to stay in place, and the Atlantic Coast is to remain also.” That seemed to qualm her fears and anxieties (a double shot of rum in her Pina Coloda seemed to work too).

For the remainder of you, who don’t buy into it like me, I will see you on Dec 21, 2012.



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Cast Thy Booty On The Water

church-ladyTwo women have opened an unusual specialty shop in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Lingerie for religious women.  The Seek Ye First Lingerie Shop appeals to women who want to be “alluring” but not “sleazy,” said the two Baptist owners.  Apparently customers like the idea — the owners report brisk sales at the “thong rack.”

Hallelujah our prayers have been answered!  Ah Love.  There is a difference between love and sex.  Sex is for reliving tension and of course, love is what causes it.

Not So Swift Cracker

In Smyrna, Georgia a man was arrested after sending a hoax anthrax letter to the police chief … The tip off?  His return address was on the envelope.  I mean ….. Duh?  Can’t believe that?  Okay, try this.  “Yeah, I called earlier asking why my power was out, and you said it was because of the storm.  If that’s so, how come I just saw a car drive by my house a few minutes ago, and its lights were on?” From Leland H. Gregory’s book, “What’s the number for 9-11 again?”

Stella!  Stella!  No, wait, Adrian!  Adrian!

How about another Rocky?  Sly Stallone would love to bring Rock and Rambo back to the silver screen, but at his age, the Hollywood star fears his chances are slim.  The prospect of ANYONE paying good money to go see it is slim or next to nothing.   Traditionally movies during a recession or depression do rather well, one of the few items in a sinking economy that will still make a buck.

Heavenly Pay Back

A mother of three in the UK who claims that she had been visited by Jehovah’s Witnesses every month, for over 12 years, became fed up, stormed into Kingdom Hall, in Peace Haven, East Sussex, during a Jehovah’s Witness Service.

She began “handing out free magazines to see if they would like a copy, just like the copies of The Watchtower the Jehovah’s Witnesses hand out.  Nobody seemed to want them though and she wouldn’t leave until the police arrived.

This is why they are called “Dopers.”

A Ft. Smith Arkansas couple who called to report the theft of marijuana from their home, according to police.  And were promptly arrested for cultivation and drug paraphernalia.  And on the seventh day, God stepped back and said, “There is my creation, perfect in every way.  Oh damn it, I left pot all over the place.  Now they’ll think I want them to smoke it.  Now I have to create Republicans.”

Plum Nuts If You Ask Me

California Prune Producers have the right to change the name of prunes, the Food
and Drug Administration has ruled.  They can now call prunes, “dried plums” in order to reach a much younger segment of the American Market.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, the government at the same time, is paying prune-pickers some $17 million to take trees out of production, because of a 60,000 pound surplus.  Now that makes sense, what does that work out to?  $283 a ton … Now if that doesn’t make you – – – – nothing will.  (Blanks are optional Y’all, put in whatever works for you.)

I can hear mothers everywhere, “Johnny!  Eat your what-you-call-its?  They cost almost $8 a pound!”

How Can We Serve You

images3mMan, have you purchased any post-it notes lately?  They are up over $5 for one package, for post it notes, C’mon?  Things are so tight over there at 3-M, I understand they have officially changed their corporate logo to reflect it.  The new business mantra, “less for more.”

Flying High

I understand that the National Institute of Drug Abuse has made a grant of $480,000 to a University of Kentucky professor to investigate the effects of cocaine on the behavior of quails.  This is a four year funded study.  The findings are that “the birds find the drug stimulating and pleasing, much in the same way it affects humans.”  In other words, “drugs are for bird-brains.”

We will be with you shortly … Maybe.

Bank of America has announced that they are laying off some 35,000 people beginning in the new year.  That now means, “there will only be three tellers standing around talking to each other, while you wait at the window with one teller doing business.”

We Will Take Care Of You …  Trust Us.

The other day I got this credit card notice in the mail, free checks, free money!  Yeah sure.  And I was reminded of that old Agriculture term called “service.”  If you have a heifer (cow) and you want to breed her out for a new calf, you take her to the vet. or to another farmer and have her serviced.

You mate the cow with the bull and hopefully in the spring, a fresh new calf.  This is again, called “service.”

Now I look at the Credit Card come-on letter with the fresh new checks and at the bottom there it is is …  “It has been a pleasure serving you.”  And for once, I know exactly what it is that they mean.

Sure been a great week for government and an even better week for the credit card folks.  The government took the banks and the credit card people to task on the raping of the American Consumer on these credit cards.  Rolled up their sleeves and got down to the nitty gritty on all of this, and now some brand new legislated relief, all you have to do is find a way to survive a year and one-half (18 months) before it takes effect.

They also voted themselves a nice little $4700 raise, I almost forgot that.  Must be nice, an extra $375+ a month coming in to buy groceries …. Now tell me again ….

Why is it we have government?


Juggling Reality

Excuse me, would it be alright if we ….

Dover Delaware – A lawyer representing a condemned ax murderer told the state Supreme Court that prison officials violated state law by adopting a new lethal-injection protocol without allowing for public review or comment. An attorney for the Department of Correction argued that its policies and procedures are confidential and not routinely subject to disclosure. This is a new wrinkle in the fabric of society, getting pre-authorized permission and approval in order to execute an “AX Killer?”  Give me a break.

Could not happen to a nicer guy.

OJ Simpson is suffering through agonizing drug withdrawal behind bars says the National Enquirer. Simpson, recently convicted of armed robbery for trying to steal some of his old sports memorabilia suffers from severe arthritis because of old football injuries and was taking large doses of painkillers. Prison doctors have cut back on those medications, leavening Simpson hobbling and angry. “Sometimes he screams at his jailers, demanding pills,” a source tells the newspaper, “but his cries are being ignored.”  Welcome to your own personal hell OJ, enjoy your stay.

Trouble in Paradise.

There is now valid proof as to why Hawaii is the most expensive place in the U.S. to live. Honolulu – More Hawaii homeowners than ever are falling behind on mortgage payments; 594 home foreclosures were logged in September. The figure from Realty-Trac is more than three times the number for September 2007. A spokesman said the increase pushes Hawaii from 34th in the nation for foreclosures to 20th.

Gettin Tight In Suburbia

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – Sales of booze are up at state-run stores in northern Idaho. State Liquor Dispensary Superintendent Dyke Nally said people are avoiding costlier bar and restaurant tabs and doing more parties at home to save money. Personally, I am all for people staying home to imbibe and make a fool of themselves. And please remember, “Friends do not let friends drive drunk.” If they insist, then you should shave their eyebrows and put them on a bus to Chicago. It is a public service, and actually quite entertaining at the same time.  Speaking of buses? (Nice blend huh) Check this out.

Someone needs to remove her head from her you know what or head back home … We don’t need MORE twisted science.

Just when you thought it could not get any worse. In an election that has been fought on an astoundingly low cultural and intellectual level, with both candidates pretending that tax cuts can go like peaches and cream with the staggering new levels of federal deficit, and paltry charges being traded in petty ways, and with Joe the Plumber becoming the emblematic stupidity of the campaign, it didn’t seem possible that things could go any lower or get any dumber. But they did last Friday, when, at a speech in Pittsburgh, Gov. Sarah Palin denounced wasteful expenditure on fruit-fly research, adding for good xenophobic and anti-elitist measure that some of this research took place “in Paris, France” and winding up with a folksy “I kid you not.” […] More >>>


Turning Off The Juice

Concord New Hampshire . The state plans to turn off more than half of the 621 highway lights along Interstate 95 in the Portsmouth area and along Interstate 93 in Hooksett and Manchester. It said flipping the switches will save energy and about $250,000 a year. We did that last year, we turned the heat down, shut off the lights, we sat in the dark, my cup cake and I, froze our hinny’s off, and we saved twelve bucks.

Check The Garage

Fayetteville Arkansas – Police have arrested an armored car driver who had reported that the truck he drove was stolen by men who took him hostage. Police recovered nearly $500,000 from the residence of Brandon Whitehouse, 21, after he told investigators he acted alone. Whitehouse is charged with theft and filing a false police report. Kind of like the guy who got caught with fifteen pounds of smoke and claimed the C.I.A. planted it on him … that one didn’t fly either.

Better Living Thru Chemistry

San Francisco – An organic chemistry student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, pleaded no contest to heroin possession after police found drug-laced beer in his garage. Chaz Renzelman, 28, said he created the concoction by adding a handful of poppy pods to his homemade beer to improve the flavor. Renzelman was sentenced to a drug diversion program.

A Rude Awakening

A Pennsylvania woman was asleep in her bed last week when a large chunk of ice exploded thru the ceiling and hit her on the forehead. Mary Ann Foster, 66, was left with a large lump, and said that she could easily have been killed if the projectile hadn’t broken into pieces as it passed through the roof of her house. Authorities say the ice, which Foster saved most likely fell from a passing plane, but Foster isn’t so sure. “There is a little fish smell to it,” she says. “Which is weird.” And now this Tuesday, I have a totally new definition of the word “weird.”

Hard Times In Texas

Things are so bad of the seven gift shops in Crawford, Texas, that once sold George W. Bush souvenirs, three have gone broke and only one still maintains regular hours. Meanwhile the White House press corps released a national policy statement on the economy just yesterday. It read: “Save a little money each month and the end of the year, you will be surprised at how little you have.”

If you are not all that crazy about this (pardon the pun) then check out what this guy in LA says the “New America” is going to be like, little eye opener here for sure. Seven more days until the Obammer Rapture.

And finally … Melt Down In The Heart Land

Psychiatric hospitals nationwide are reporting that admissions have more than doubled due to people suffering extreme stress about home foreclosures, job losses, and plunging stock prices. It appears that the appropriate response to our current reality in America, is to simply just go insane.

Have to go!  I am late for group …


“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online), Sarah Palin article Slate Online.

Just Plain Weird

A little taste of what has been going on around the country, some of it good, and some of it not so good.  For instance, I got a haircut on Friday and then went to eat.  The waitress at the beanery says to me, You don’t look good in that haircut, I don’t like it.” Geeze, now women that don’t even know me are getting ugly … What is happening in this world, anyway.

Predatory Lenders.

Little Rock – A new study said the number of payday lenders operating in Arkansas dropped by about 86% after state Attorney General Dustin McDaniel threatened legal action over their high-interest loans. Arkansans Against Abusive Payday Lending said the survey showed the number of payday lenders went from 237 in March to 33 in the most recent count. Here is visible proof that we do not need NEW LAWS all we need to do is effectively enforce the law’s already on the books. We need to eradicate these bottom-feeders who prey on the people who can least afford it. Good for Arkansas!

Are you kidding me?

A federal appeals court and Ohio‘s high court have rejected a death row inmate’s argument that he is too fat to die by lethal injection. A three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati and the Ohio Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Richard Cooey’s execution could go ahead as planned.

The 41-year-old Cooey is set to be executed Tuesday for killing two University of Akron students in 1986. Cooey’s attorneys argued that prison food and limited opportunities to exercise contributed to a weight problem that would make it difficult for the execution team to find a viable vein for lethal injection. Cooey is 5 feet, 7 inches tall and weighs 267 pounds. So what is the problem … Here’s your Kool Aid … Drink it!

News from down under.

Illegal prostitution rings masquerading as “escort services” will be targeted under changes to Queensland law. Police Minister Judy Spence today said the government would follow a recommendation from the Crime and Misconduct Commission to crack down on outcall prostitution services, which are illegal in Queensland. Ms Spence said some operators which advertised as “escort services” were actually a front for prostitution services. (Gee, no kidding.)

Under legislative changes, legitimate escort businesses will need to indicate that sexual services are not provided when advertising and when receiving phone calls from interested clients. “We want to make it more difficult for prostitution services to masquerade as social escort services and get by our tough restrictions,” she said. The offence (sp) will carry a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment, or 14 years if the offenders are found to have been using intellectually disabled people.

So I guess if I am reading this right, the only people who avail themselves of prostitutes down under are highly-paid, intellectually disabled, over achievers?

Not So Politically Correct In Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has apologized to a black student who during a class last year was shown a clip of the movie “Blazing Saddles” that features racial epithets. During a workshop for working professionals last year, an instructor showed a scene of the 1974 comedy in which blacks are shown working on a railroad.

Whites call the workers racial epithets and an overseer orders them to sing like slaves. The student complained and the school’s Office of Equity and Diversity, which investigates racial discrimination, got involved, and an apology was issued. Nothing was forthcoming for the poor white students who were forced to sit all the way thru an incredibly bad movie.

Skeee-ratch this!

Arthur Watkins, 53, of Kansas City has won more than $400,000 in two Powerball drawings within a four-month period. Missouri Lottery officials said Watkins selected the Powerball numbers to win $200,000 in the Sept. 24 drawing. He matched five white-ball numbers in the May 21 game to pick up $200,000. Watkins bought both winners at the Longview Apple Market in Kansas City. I have figured out what the problem seems to be, they roll the numbers too fast on the PowerBall drawings, and they are not giving the rest of us enough time to wish on the balls.

Vote … And Vote Often … For Your Candidate of Choice

Early voting has started in some of the key states, and apparently, the democrats need some extra time getting all those dead people to the polls.  The moderator for the recent debates, who came from PBS, has a new book coming out, which is pro-Obammer.

But then again, every PBS station is pro-Obammer.

America in an election year moves on. Events and schedules are being met. And it appears that my interview for the second job as an early morning paperboy may have been accepted. (The McDonalds min-wage work until you die program, did not pay off … I am not Latino … I am after all Caucasian so therefore unemployable.)

The paper route thing fortunately is happening … I start on Thursday.

Dick Cheney has cut back on the speaking engagements, figuring that it is awful hard to get people to follow a parked car; he is strangely silent these days. It has been rumored he has been observed to be sitting in his office most of the day, oiling his shotgun and muttering something about lame ducks.

Chris Matthews has accused Sarah Palin of staring into the camera like a dolf, he said this, while staring into the camera like a dolf.  Albert Gore is now calling for “civil disobedience” on the building of new coal fired electricity plants, but this is not to include those that help pay for Lear Jets, long limo’s and huge massive square footage houses.


Parting shot: “All people smile in the same language.”