What IF Donald Is Right … Then What?

2196254-crybabywithsadfaceI will make no secret of it, “I have grown weary of it … and I mean ….. ALL OF IT … not just one little segment of our society, but rather, all of it.”  I am really tiring of all this crap.

College kids demanding that the American Flag be removed from a library. Muslims demanding to have their own law applied in their case, all this “I am here, now it is time for you (America) to change.”  Please excuse my foul mood this morning, but after watching another Hollywood type butcher the National Anthem and twerk it at the same time, after reading all the political tripe that has become “the news” in this country on a daily basis, my patience is again, wearing thin.

After suffering thru another ritualistic observance of something totally Non-American (Cinco De Whatever Oh) I find that once again my threshold of patience has been tested.  Forced to observe another bogus holiday of a foreign culture and forced by a court of Bozo’s to ignore my own, has me in a bad mood.

I will make no secret of it, “I have grown weary of it … and I mean ….. ALL OF IT … not just one little segment of our society, but rather, all of it.”  Have I made mention of the fact … That it is ALL OF IT THAT I AM SICK OF? … Just wanted to get that in there.

Black History Month, what about White History (as if anyone would want to live thru most of THAT again), all Black College?  All White college, oh no, that would be racist.  Allah Rama-damn hits the bricks to pray in the street, and you cannot get home, no big deal.  Pull down your flag, Harvey the Chairman of the Housing Association says it makes too much noise flappin in the breeze.

Sorry you don’t get the job, you don’t speak Vietnamese.  Damn, almost missed one. National Asian Pacific Rim We Are Glad You Are Here Day.  Welcome to America … Here is your IRS refund.  Used to be a bag of free groceries, now to be PC we just give them the whole damn store.

Oklahoma is now arguing if the Ten Commandments and a monument to Satan should be allowed on the state property?

Let’s ask this recently married tranny and his wife about it.  “Sir, do you think these symbols are racist and should be removed?”  The answer quickly comes … “Oh yes.  Absolutely!” and his recently acquired bride, what does she think about it, “Do you share the same viewpoint?” the goat quickly replies ……. “Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

If you don’t like it here, then go back to where you came from.  In my case, not so bad, about sixty-five miles up the highway, Guthrie, Oklahoma.  Some of you however, might ought to pack for an extended trip.



3 thoughts on “What IF Donald Is Right … Then What?

  1. Real glad to see the Box Car OKIE back !!

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  2. It is no secret that I run for the woods most days. I do not watch much TV – mostly the weather so I can determine whether I’ll be outdoors or indoors. Indeed, what if Trump is right? I think he hit the nail on the head from the start. So what if he doesn’t act, “presidential” – whatever that is? So what if he isn’t politically correct. The people have spoken.


  3. I don’t know what the hell is going on in the USA but, from the UK we got the impression that Trump is a very dangerous man. Why? ‘Cos he’s a twat.


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