FaceBook Fighters …

keyboardToday while lying in my hammock, I got to thinking about how things seem to get screwed up, especially on the Internet.  It is the nature of the beast, it gets us all, and the reasons are fairly simple, nothing complex about it.

People are people … stuff happens.

What we are talking about here is “inter-reaction” or the behavior of two individuals, and at other times, many individuals.  In real life, if you are dealing with someone on a one-on-one basis, then you have inter-reaction, a give and take process, emotions, tone of voice, many nuisances of life, also come into play. 

Like it or not, communicating is a learned skill, some us may or may not be good at this.  Others may excel and never experience a problem in this area, while a few stumble along like a Bull in a China Closet and have not a clue.

Now on the Internet, if you get into it with someone, it basically boils down to one or two things. 

#1 This would be the name calling, personal attacks, and getting the “last word” on the subject.  The Internet is full of “right fighters” who know nothing about negotiation or apologies.  This is one primary reason the Internet feuds seem to go on and on, seemingly last forever and never end.

#2  As there is really no inter-reaction by the parties involved, the argument or disagreement would never really die down, it would more than likely cease, when one of the two dissenters, capitulates to the other or gives in. 

Which in most cases seldom happens.

Another thing that occurred to me was I am consistently giving these abusers, users, and at times, outright moron’s too much space in my head.  I allow them to do this to me, where I should be looking for a viable working solution to my Internet Communication problems elsewhere.

One might turn to prayer and/or religion I suppose, a great many people find solace and comfort in that.  I have a relationship with God, not all that wonderful, but it has helped me in the past.

He helped me with my drinking problem, and my marriage to Satan’s Sister.  He helped me through my subsequent divorce and property settlement (being homeless for awhile was actually kind of invigorating, like camping out every night) and that mess that ensued during the resolution of my wedded bliss period of life. 

He gave me FakeBook and Fake-friends, and illustrates to me every day, why it is illegal for first cousins to marry each other.  He helped me thru big decisions on The Knight Rider TV show and here lately this stooooopid ABC series, The Bachelorette.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh … A short course instruction on Communication …

This has been good for me, I don’t know about you?  You after all, have your own burdens to carry.  But it has opened my eyes to a lot of the foibles in life, and I will no longer get up early in the morning, lite the ceremonial candles and sacrifice the two day old dead chicken.  I am instead going to just relax, exhale deeply and pray for you.  Whether you get the blessing or the curse, well, that is kinda up to you, isn’t it?

Never forget the hand that helped you up or the boot that showed you the door.



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