Unstructured Days … 

Don BallcapShe kissed me in the cash and prizes (your junk, privates, twigs and berries) and then she took me to the ground.  Mmmmmm nice dream, please stay, don’t go. 


Pills are kicking in, the pain is being masked by the drugs, and slowly going away.  Which is really a good thing, I should stop talking to people wearing Bluetooth headsets by the end of the week.  They in turn should stop looking at me like a dowdy old fool.

Better Day

My days are not so much structured anymore, since retiring, so that makes it somewhat better.  I shudder to think of riding a freight train in my present condition.  Pretty sure it would be impossible, and the loss of income because of this non-work-related injury, would be noteworthy, I am here to tell you.

Doctor’s appointment at 2PM and hopefully some relief from a lot of this.  For the record I will freely state, I am tired of feeling bad, almost constant pain, being grouchy and irritable.

Have you ever fallen asleep in the afternoon and woke up after dark, and for a moment you cannot figure out what day it is?  You actually find yourself thinking.  Could this yesterday?  Yeah-Yeah, I know.  You say it is the drugs kicking in, but you are wrong.

There is a certain rhythm to the ceiling fan, as it makes one  more revolution in its never ending circle of time, almost hypnotic in nature.  You can lie there in bed and wonder about important hot button topic’s of life. 

Such as “Why doe it always take longer to get somewhere than it does to come back?”  (Old bus always runs a lot faster on the home side of the trip)  Does a dog wag his tail … or does the tail wag the dog?  Why is there always one or two pennies in every sock drawer and the proverbial “one sock” without a mate? 

Where is that sock? 

What I need is a new drug and some good news.


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One thought on “Unstructured Days … 

  1. Can’t help you with the new drug, but the good news is you never have to ride another freight train!

    Now that is some good news eh? I am okay with that!


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