Closed Sites … Like Mind Socializing.


This year (which is incidentally better than half way over), I have learned some new tricks, smoothed out some new wrinkles in my life.  Learned if you see a notice on a FakeBook site and it says, “Closed Site” or something stating it is more or less private, then it would be a good deal to pass. 

A closed site notice is more or less a precursor for a round of “closed mind meetings on just about any subject in the world.  A closed site says for the most part …  We are just fine with you … as long as YOU share OUR opinions.”  This is the very reason why closed sites suck.

If you can clearly recognize the above as a simple fact of life, then you can begin to eliminate the rat race mentality that you will run into the first time you attend a gathering of the like-minded.  Being fore-warned and not joining in the first place, could be in fact, a life saver. 

In the process, you might become calmer person and create a more interesting life (which if you are like me, was your original intention or purpose to begin with) by deciding to stop discussing your “busy-ness” with others. 

Avoiding these modern day snake pits of like-minded-socializing could be the first step in restructuring your entire life and living each day in a more positive and healthier way.  It might also free up for you some time to work on other issues in your feckless life.

As I stated before, “the year is over half over, but I have learned some new things.”  Some old issues or problems also have stayed the same.  For instance:  I still cannot boss my neighbor’s dog around, she just isn’t having any of that.  Come to think of it, to a certain extent, my wife is virtually the same way.

Guess I will have to keep working on that, and let the rest of this ____ go. 



Disclaimer:  Events portrayed in this post may or may not have occurred in the manner presented and are for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as the truth in any way, shape, form or manner.

One thought on “Closed Sites … Like Mind Socializing.

  1. Have been hearing/reading lately that the “millennials” are leaving “fakebook” in droves, ’cause of the newer technology that’s being pushed upon them ‘n us nowadays?

    Whenever our two “siblings” decide to drop by and see their mater and pater, if one has brought along his “tablet” or “laptop” I ask if I can use their log in info to see what’s up with “fakebook”. Because I don’t involve myself with that social media outlet, it’s difficult to navigate those mind-numbing line (s) of places to go on there. Tried several different ways to look up former classmates on the site, even my old high school, and failed to come across a list of said people that I’d known from school. It was a fruitless, frustrating experience in trying to accomplish that.

    Maybe it is me, but I HATE ALL OF THIS NEW S*** AND THAT IS FACT.


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