Rock Hard At The Sports Bar …

Old Timer

Saturday morning at the Sports Bar, get there early before the good seats are gobbled up.

Mystic (Becky) and Starr (Caroline) are sitting on stacks of beer in the cooler of the Sports bar.  The cold air flowing over their bodies, rapidly intensifies the shape of their nipples (makes ‘em hard) and will help them to bring in more tips, from the well lubricated pot-bellied sports nuts later on.

Waiting on the refrigerated air to work its miracle, the girls enter into good spirited girl talk.

Mystic says to Starr, “Are you still dating that Prevost guy?  You know, the one with all the buttons and whistles, gadgets and slide out thingy’s?”

Starr says “Yes.  But it isn’t going where I want it to go.”

Mystic inquires, “What is the problem, tell me.  I can keep a secret.”

Starr, takes a deep breath and then says … “He says I am perfect, everything that he ever wanted in a woman, but there is one hang-up.”


Mystic asks, “What is it?”

Starr replies, “He says I do not know how to dump, and that bothers him.”

“Wow.  Are you kidding me?” replies Mystic, “I thought everyone knew how to dump, you kinda learn that first thing when you were a kid, huh?”

“Mm–Hm, I thought so too.”  Starr replied.

Spend a day with Mystic and Starr … Just East of Amarillo, Texas off the super-slab, look for the three huge X’s and the little gravel road headed due south.  



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