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If your mirror is falling off and you don’t have a great deal of disposal income?  Try duct-tape, the Silver and Gray (Alabama Chrome Plating) works just fine on a hanging mirror.

Bumper cracks and body damage, more challenging. Gorilla tape will usually do the job here, available in a “rainbow of colors.”  Tool on the fritz, my all time favorite for this is, Black Electrical Tape, you simply cannot beat it.

Car out of gasoline, and the highway patrol stops and the officer places that bright orange/fluorescent colored tag on the back window? 

Forget it. 

Sell the car, scrap it, you aint ever getting that sticker off that automobile!

Recently I read where satire, humor and generally speaking, “funny stuff” are in great demand on the Internet.  It seems people are tiring of the F-Word, political jokes about basically un-funny people, and social ills that can no longer be masked with humor in this country.  

From a personal standpoint, I am sick of racism, flag controversy, tea party, Hillary. Sarah Palin, Obama … stupid video’s of people getting hit in the nether regions.  

Just swing a dead-cat in any direction on the net, and you will find it (un-funny pointless crap — Internet garbage — Spacebook digital tripe from the brain-dead cut and paste crowd).

It is also not easy to write Hyperbole or Satire on a daily basis.  I do however, consistently see people who do excel at it, albeit, I am not sure how they accomplish this feat and I do not consider myself as one of them.

Perhaps in order to be humorous, funny or amusing to some extent, you need to march to a different drummer in life. Having given up long ago on marching in the parade, or being the proverbial leader of the band, out front and leading the way.  Having discovered that I am well suited to stand on the curb and clap as the parade rolls by.  (Which on most days suits me just fine)  

That is the spot in life I have chosen to fill.  It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Something lite for you today, I get a kick out of these girls and the bikini’s are kind of nice too. The lady in the hat reminds me of someone in Arizona I know, haven’t seen her in a good many years, but if I saw her today, I imagine she would be the sister of this girl.  Anywho, check it out, something lite and easy for the middle of the week.   

 A sampling of the heartbeat of our great nation, and as usual, it is kind of sad.  So much going for us and we seem to know nothing about it.



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3 thoughts on “Tips from a Web Junkie …

  1. I like Watter’s World… always entertaining!

    I am in the hunt for it Lori, if I see it I stop and linger awhile.


  2. Watter’s World is the ONLY reason I stay on FOX news on Monday evenings for any length of time ! I thought stupid people were only on the Letterman/Leno shows with the Man On The Street thing. I simply am dumbfounded as to how “clueless” those morons are no matter where Watters ends up to do his interviewing? if that’s what it’s called. Like that ol’ saying goes, they walk upright, are able to breed, and SOME of ’em are able to vote !!!

    As I am cable impaired (don’t have any) FOX is not available to me. I found it surfing the net, really liked the eye candy (bikini’s) and found it amusing.


  3. No wonder Republicans keep getting elected. And to think, people take on huge amounts of student loan debt and go to college to end up like this.

    That is strange, because I do, or I used to when I was younger. But now these days, here what the televangelists are calling the “End Times” (send me more money the jet needs a paint job) I don’t dwell on it that much. Now I do have or have developed an obsession about what the proper age might be, where you secure the cellphone on your belt line, instead of carrying it in your pocket.

    thank you or your comment.


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