Luis Chavez … My Favorite Rock Stacker.


This is a public apology to my Friend Luis Chavez.  Today’s topic on Creative Endeavors is Wake Up And Smell the Coffee, it is a piece on racism.  It is serious in its intent and delivery, it is not to be considered either frivolous or amusing. You will find a link to it later on here. 

This past weekend I thought on the subject long and hard (racism), and came to the conclusion that even tho I truly try to not be racist in my nature, sadly I have to report that I am often just that.  That even tho I am constantly on guard to make sure it doesn’t happen with me or mine personally, it will do just that. 

Rear its’ ugly head and ruin my day.

Earlier in the year, at a Bus Meet in Pahrump, Nevada, I met a  man, Luis Chavez and his wife, Rosa.  Truly interesting and engaging people in every right.  When I first met Luis, my racism took shape in the form of a simple quote during conversation.


I looked at him and said “Where in Mexico do your folks hail from?”  He quickly replied, “I am from San Diego, I am an AMERICAN I am not Mexican.”  Inadvertently I had (quite by accident) offended this person I just met.  That is the bad part about racism, we ALL DO IT from time to time, most of us, do not even know we are doing it when we are doing it.

Fortunately for me, Luis understood that I retired from trying to communicate with the Human Race a long time ago after buying my own bus.  That in my case, after spending a whole lot of time on bus boards and the Internet.  I had slowly regressed into a knuckle-draggin clone from Canadian County.  And that I was only in the area because I desperately needed some R&R from the every day rigors of being a card carrying registered Hay-Seed from the Fly Over State. 

At that time I profusely apologized to Luis as I am doing once again today. 


Friends are truly something to be revered, to be put in a special place, you should protect them, honor them, and by all means respect them.  Racism unfortunately doesn’t always fulfill the bill in this matter and therefore (to me personally) is not applicable, which is why I try hard NOT to exhibit it or use it in any fashion. Every now and then, because I am not perfect like some claim to be, it will slip out.

perly and gang

Sorry about that pard, I will try to do better in the future. 

Having said that, I will direct you (by link) to Wake Up And Smell The Coffee on Creative Endeavors, The Home of



Disclaimer:  Events portrayed in this post may or may not have occurred in the manner presented and are for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as the truth in any way, shape, form or manner.

One thought on “Luis Chavez … My Favorite Rock Stacker.

  1. Now THAT my friend is one helluva good lookin’ group photo ! However, sad as it is, I must place myself in your situation regarding the hassles of racism. In my mind, A LOT of it’s justified (look at the recent “news”) stories; Ferguson, Charlotte, Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, etc. etc. I’m not trying to say that those folk in those news stories are good, bad, or indifferent ’cause of their race, but to almost destroy their town (s) ?
    We’ve got problems here on the “left coast” involving Mexicans, Chinese/Koreans, and yes, white people that don’t give a dam about anything or anybody but themselves. When one sees that kind of activity in his own back yard, the gangs, the purse snatching, beat-downs, etc. makes you want to cringe and wish your head was on a swivel, ’cause you just never know if it’s you, the wife, kids, neighbor, whatever, might be next.
    The hatred within ME when I see these animals on the street, in the shopping centers, and yes even at the car shows that I attend, I just want to reach out ‘n choke ’em to death ! To me, they’re a scab on society, have no purpose but to inflict harm and misery on others. Count on the local law enforcement? Give me a break !

    I am beginning to feel safer here on the farm in the country. I could be wrong, but I see it as rapidly getting worse.


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