Reflections of a Quiet Mind …


I believe all the cheese in the center of the pizza and the heavy doses of greasy meat are worse than the thick crust.  I believe that because of age, a diet heavy in these items, no exercise, that I have become friends with my fat.  I also believe that I will never be thin or skinny again, but I make up for it with my tremendous personality and my personal charm.

Here is another exciting missive from the Sleep Slut of Oklahoma.  A modern, seldom documented issue, this would be one who sleeps frequently and is able to accumulate many hours of sleep.  A sleep slut can be a male or female, and there are no records of a “gender misidentification issue” concerning sleep sluts. 

Sleep sluts are able to fall asleep indiscriminately and value sleep above everything else in life.  We had a guy on the RR we called him “Sleepy Wilson” because every time he got on the locomotive, he promptly went to sleep.  At one time I seriously thought I might have a switch in my rear, because every time I sat down, my eyes shut.

hammock guy

Now seriously into my Golden Years, being heavily medicated and walking around semi-cranked down a lot of the time certainly doesn’t help matters much either.    If you do not buy into this theory, then I invite you to inspect the mowing tracks in my yard, which today, came up somewhat crooked and out of line all over the place (sleep deprived mowing in the Heartland, my next far reaching expose from the dim light of the back yard smoke pit).

Living in the country, after the chores are done, leaves little to the imagination, it also lends time to the sleep game.  First you take a nap.  Upon awakening, try to guess what the exact time might be, before you look at the clock or watch as the case might be.  I can usually hit within 5 minutes of it all the time (+ or -). 

(Yeah, I know.  That is stoooopid, let me know how it worked out for you)

So there you go, looking over at the clock on the wall, it is already one in the afternoon.  Hastily you go thru the rejection letters, feed the dog, re-arrange the unfinished outlines for books yet to be written, research the male pattern baldness data again.   First thing you know, lunch time is over, the old belly stretches a little and it is time for a nap!

DRUG PLATTERWho had the pharmaceutical platter?

Most of the time, I let the telephone slide, and instead, concentrate on the quietness of the day.  If you are a Fortunate Pilgrim as myself, you can settle in (hammock) find the shade of the tree at mid afternoon and just unhook from life for a little while.

The feeling of the quiet mind is very near to what it feels like when you are entranced by watching a mesmerizing sunset. 

Believe my Grandson refers to it as “Zoning Out.”



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