The Big Kahuna Sez … Semi Conscious and Awake

Gorilla #

I have Nuthin

Most of us, if we are normal, wish to be on the winning side of things.  I surely do, it is my desire to obtain some kind of lofty status in life, to be on top of the pile, to drink up stream from the rest of the herd, to sit in the Cat Bird Seat of time.  A position of great prominence and/or advantage.

So here I are … Majoring in minor things again.
I really need to stop that.  

It doesn’t do me any good and it certainly is not what you stopped by here to read today.  The garden of my life, suddenly weeds up, and it is time to clean it up some.  Take out the bad stuff and find some new material to fill the void.  Or as Dr. Phil would say, this is gonna be a life changing day in your life … We are gonna concentrate on ironing out this wrinkle in your day to day world.  That would be “thought through quiet examination, a time where we could create a bridge between our unconscious mind, which we are not completely aware of, and our conscious mind.  Which most of the time we do not understand at all.

It all boils down to your basic belief system in life Boys & Girls.

I believe I can sit in my shop for hours on end, but that doesn’t make me a bus.
I believe Matt Plumlee was right when he said, “there is a whole other world out there, and YOU aint part of it.”  I believe there are less than three people who even know who Matt Plumlee might be?

I believe if you do not know which side of the bus the sewer connections go or your bed frame and walls are made of two-by-fours, you are going to have problems.  I believe if you even buy a bus, you can legally be registered as mentally challenged.

Now if by chance you do not own a bus, want a bus, drive a bus, or have even in your lifetime,  rode on a bus.

This would not be an engaging subject for your average reader.

So at this point, your conscious mind says, “think of something else.”

But YOU live on a Goat Farm in Western Oklahoma, so even on a “Good Day” there isn’t much something else to fall back on.

Some of us, relegated to the backwaters of time, have nothing more than this,
and the occasional FakeBook Quiz.

“An Isosceles triangle has how many sides of equal length?
It’s not three or four.  How many?”  

So you wrestle with that for awhile, then carefully comment …
Hang on.  I am just working it out.  


Now if by chance you do not know the difference between a regular tri-angle and an Isosceles tri-angle, or you do not want to know, have never seen one, or graduated High School, or your dog REALLY did eat your homework.

This too, would not be an engaging subject for your average reader.

Again, you search in vain your unconscious mind for something remotely interesting in your feckless life, one little nugget of truth, to seed the way to your writing redemption … But you have nuthin.  Which is okay, there are a lot of tree’s in this world, millions of them, but they all do not produce fruit.

So having nuthin, is okay, this free’s you up to make another cup of coffee, stumble over to the window, gaze upon nature and wonder about your next engaging piece. Something interesting, engaging, a subject that holds you in suspense to the very end.

For instance something like:  “Should Texas be allowed to sell personalized lic. plates with the Confederate Tag on them?”  Now that is something to mull over in the quiet part of the day, don’t you think?



Disclaimer:  Events portrayed in this post may or may not have occurred in the manner presented and are for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as the truth in any way, shape, form or manner.

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  1. I know Matt…..:)

    I met him for the first time this year in Nevada. How is your therapy going? Hahahahahahahahaha … I think I just hurt myself.


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