Doing The Nocturnal Take Aways …

I am having a dream, not one of those “Happy Dreams” when you were seventeen or something like that.  In my dream I see a sign.  The sign says “Apple Turnovers Ahead.”  Pull into the gravel lot, set the brake and walk up to the small tent, set up just off the roadside. 

“Morning, what can I do for you?” the boy says. 

“Uh, was kinda thinking along the lines of a Apple Turnover, how much are they?”

“Twenty-five cents each sir,” came the reply.  Mulling it around in my mind I set a number of four, and place my order.  Then as an after thought, I say to the kid, “Make that eight instead of four.”

He sacks it up and then hands it to me and says, “$5.80 sir.” 

So I am a little confused and say to Mr. Future Wanna-be-Trumpster “Now they are $5.80?  What happened to the .25 cents each?”

The kid says, “You changed the order sir.” 

Then I point out that the original order was only for $1.00 and the new order should have been $2.00 which is a far cry from $5.80.”  The kid works it out a little, then says, “the machine here says it is $5.80, so it is $5.80.”

At this time I point out the distinct possibility that the machine could be defective, not working, or just flat out wrong.

“He says, yeah you could be right.” 

So I say to him, “What do you think we should do about this?” and he replies, “Pay the $5.80 sir.” 

“But the machine is wrong Sport, clearly at .25X4 =1.00X2 is $2.00 simple math.  Then I said, think about it son, what would it be if I ordered a dozen?”

He said, “12 or 24?”

And y’all wonder why it is that I get up cranky and tired a lot of mornings?



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One thought on “Doing The Nocturnal Take Aways …

  1. Can’t remember the last time I entered a McVomits, but that day, or morning I should say, there was a line of a lot of very, very disgruntled patrons. Seems as though the power had been knocked out close by (vehicle hitting power pole?) This caused those wonderfully designed cash registers to be locked down. In doing so, those “college prepped” and a couple of senior citizens were made to “make change” by doing so in their head when giving an order back to a patron. This however (as your $.25 x4 points out) was not working ’cause said employees were not capable of doing so. The manager was forced to close down the place ’til the power came back on !
    I’ve forgotten how many times the amount for a purchase comes out to say $11.78. I’d give the employee the nickel and 3 pennies with the $12 dollar bills. Can’t begin to tell ya how many times I’d get a dollar and .30 cents back, or whatever the transaction called for !!!

    I will drink McDonald’s coffee and use their rest rooms and there it all ends.


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