Feels So Right …

Closing my eyes I can clearly see your profile, you are such a lovely vision of beauty, swaying in the dim light of the room, you fill my world.  I come close and feel your body pressed up next to mine, with my lips I trace the nap of your neck, and your fragrance excites my senses.  Your scent drives me to the brink of consciousness.  You smell so delicious I am on fire and I desire to consume myself with all that is you.  Hopelessly I know that I am a prisoner of your love and affection.

In my mind I lay close to you in the dark, touching your warm and secret places, the sound of your husky laugh, thrills my soul.  Thru your sheer teddy I can feel your heartbeat, as your nipples press hard into my chest.  Your warmth and rapid breathing set the pace for but yet another loving encounter.  With my finger I trace your tan lines and think of the day we walked barefoot in the sand of Jamaica, and swam in water, bathtub warm and crystal clear.  I think of you, how much we were in love, the fun we had, the things we did together, two kindred spirits walking down life’s path.

Sometimes I can, if I try really hard, dredge up the old memories and yes, they do bring a smile to my tired old face.  In my mind’s eye, I see you swaying softly to the music, and that haunting look, just before you surrender to me, your womanhood and your charms.  I can feel the rush I get when I lay my head in your soft bush and breathe in the aroma that is only you.  I am at peace with the world, I am your protector, your Knight In Shinning Armor, the soldier of your soul. 

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.  It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.  All my life, my heart has yearned for that special someone, but now she is nothing more than a memory, on some days I cannot even recall her name.  What we had while we had it was good … but it is now long gone, just another chapter or page in this saga they call life. 

A short course exercise in futility and late night musings.  You win a few … And you lose a few … And some of them mothers, well, they just burn to the ground.

Have a great weekend Y’all.