Rainy Days … Most Always Make Me Blue.

thundercloudsAnother Rainy Day in Oklahoma.  As the wind and rain, beat so violently on my window pane, as Mother Nature slowly and methodically attacks the peace of mind I desperately seek this day, as the rain and wind beat so violently on my window pane.  
I think of you my love … Drip, drip, drip. Creative Endeavors, The Home of BoxcarOkie.com … Sending you our very best is the least we can do.

On certain days, I turn off the telephone, shut down the TV, and play this Fifty-Year Old Soundtrack and allow it time to dance around in the cavities of my mind.

Relax, give it a shot, let me know if it worked or not.



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One thought on “Rainy Days … Most Always Make Me Blue.

  1. Still raining there? Yikes! We have even brought rain to California.

    From a weather standpoint, it has so far, been an exceptionally wet year. We had 30 inches last month. Did you do “The Avenue of the Giants Wendy?”


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