Jus Saying — I need a new drug.

sarcasmWhy is it we are forced to pay $1,200 per year in car insurance or we cannot drive on the street.  But some pecker-head can put a back-hole or a dirt mover out there with impunity, and no one takes notice.

Arapaho mathematics, “You put in $3 and the machine twirls, then takes $1, give you $2 back and then claims winner paid.”
“RACINO only in Oklahoma, this is of course, “A Race Track/Casino combined.”
While we are on the subject?
Indian Summers occur when an abnormally warm Autumn is followed by the subjugation of an entire ethnic group.

Voting for Donald Trump seems to be a good idea, I have seen what “professional politicians are capable of” perhaps a media hating, outspoken businessman, would do a better job … I say give him a shot.

Tom Sellect caught stealing water in Kalifornia?
Now that is a hoot.
Wrap him in a confederate flag, paint I love Trans-genders and eat at ChickFillet, on the side of his VW and dress him like a Bruce Jenner look alike then have him campaign across Alabama.
If he survives, we declare him Pres.
Look at the money and time we would save.

What you in for buddy … “Uh stealing water?”  How pathetic is that.

I regret not running for President of the United States, I believe I could have “effected a change” or at least done as well as the current elected person that we have now.
I believe that a lot of folks run for office, and they truly believe that they can go to Washington D.C. and contribute to the process and effect a change.
Unfortunately, once they dip into the free goody bag, all that goes out the window.
I also believe in UFO’s, what does that tell you?

Press the battery chamber/memory card slot cover latch release (1) and rotate the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover latch (2) to open cover (3) … Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

I hate the 21st Century

Jus Sayin 


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