Silver Haired Daddy … As Fresh As a Daisy


There comes a time in every man’s life, when he realizes he has just so many summers left in this world.  As I punch my way thru this day, I will stop at some point, and ponder this age old question, that I am sure many men have asked before I even thought of it.

Every morning, often before the sun has risen and splashed the yard with brilliant colors, I take my shower.  At the end, the towel has a softness that is soothing to my skin, and I am again “fresh as a daisy.”  Grabbing the roll-on deodorant I put a swipe or two on first the left armpit, and then the right. 

Then I move slowly “down there” and apply some to that area too. 

Which is kind of stoooopid, because no one goes down there anymore, and even tho’ it is “fresh as a daisy on most days” it see’s no traffic at all.

Same with drugs and prescriptions.


Back in the days, I used to cram this stuff down my neck all the time.  Why?  To get high and catch a glimpse of life I had not quite seen before.  Now days I take ‘em to just maintain, to stay alive, and seldom do I feel the rush, most of the time they make me sick. 

This is a strange concept in itself … “You take them to help you to stay alive, to feel better.”  But at the same time … They often make you sick.  Viagra will get you “up” so someone can go “down there to the Ghost Town” and  look around.  Ciallis will install a new flagpole on a condemned building. 


In the end, all you need is a glass of water, a couple of aspirin, to get you thru another episode of Dancin’ With The Stars.  One more day and some quality time in your hammock, nursing a glass of sweet tea, watching fat rabbits jump around in the yard. 

A little time to wonder just how many more summers you have left. 

Reflections and notes from a Silver Haired Daddy on his journey thru time.  Fresh as a Daisy, and a tad bit crazy, but hell, who is really keeping score?