Sunday Nothangs …

Gorilla #The day after the 4th of drunken adults blowing up things in their yards until the small hours of the morning by people who could not successfully control a glow-stick the day before.

Let ME help YOU to understand
YOU (the taxpayer) build a modern four-lane highway in Ohio
Then in order to maintain that highway,
YOU call it a toll road

Now YOUR government tires of maintaining YOUR highway
So THEY (those wonderful folks YOU voted into office) decide to vote to sell it
to another company who reside in Australia for a tidy sum of money.

This is called Democracy.

Now in Texas it is much different
It is called a toll road from the very get go (Texas Expression)
But it is built with YOUR money by MEXICAN companies using MEXICAN WORKERS
While YOU sit in your dimly lit living room checking the want ads for a job.

That I believe is called NAFTA

(I will check with Ross Perot and get back to you on that, has anyone even seen Ross lately?).


*BTW just for your info.  Events portrayed in this post may or may not have occurred in the manner presented and are for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as the truth in any way, shape, form or manner.


One thought on “Sunday Nothangs …

  1. Um; I believe ol’ Ross has morphed into the current Donald Trump, DS ! Little more hair, lots more flair in presenting his “ideas?” to the folk (s) who bother to listen to him.

    I’d listened to Ross Perot when he came on board all those years ago and like Trump, was intrigued by what they both had to say. Needless to say, Ross went off the rails pretty quick, and The Donald stepped into a world of excrement with his “wall comments”. However, The Donald has brought forth A LOT of what honest, decent tax payers ‘n retired folk have been thinking SINCE Perot’s days. Guess folks will have to tune in and see what happens down the line huh?

    Personally, I think he just wanted the attention or publicity and doesn’t really want the office or honor.


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