Eighty K … Maybe? Maybe not.


When I travel, I usually take a few shots, to share with the boys at home.  Most of you do that right?  One good measure of communication, is the photo, something to help the piece along.


A funny thing about Journalism in any form, is how the photo’s will enhance the piece.  Taking in mind that “Bull****” is still BS, no matter how you wrap it.  

So today let us talk about this 80K BS.  This number has been bantered around quite a bit here lately on one Bus Board, 80K.  First to understand any of this, we need to point out an example of the number, to illustrate.  

At 4K per trip, New York to LA, that would be 20 trips.  No big deal for a Pro Trucker and a good broker over a period of say six month.    A BNSF locomotive would run that much in 153 days, or almost 4 months.  80K at 8MPG figures out to 10,000 + gallons of fuel now that would be something, y’sir.

Now you would think that during all this time, 80,000 miles, there would be a picture posted somewhere, a shot of a national park, truck stop, RV Park, something?  But there isn’t.  That is kind of strange isn’t it?  Can you explain that?

Distance from Nome Alaska to Bolivia 7,578 miles (16.5 trips).
Distance from Nome Alaska to Boca Raton Florida 4,444 miles (18.8 trips).

old bus

80K, whew, I need to get up and get busy.  I have been out four times this year, and so far, sadly less than 5K … and I have only put up a handful of photo’s to boot.  

Petes Clipper

This might explain the national bus board craze of 12 year old tires if you consider it.  It is no big deal if you blow a skin sitting in some RV park because everything in the RV park is usually within walking distance of a non-existent bus that never goes anywhere.


I believe people who complain about truckers taking 12 miles to pass each other, do not know anything about trucks or truckers.  Shiny doors on the back of a trailer you need to get a life.  I believe if you got it, a truck brought it, to the tune of about 200 miles per day, and it will have some damage.  I believe all the oil is in North Dakota and all the dipsticks are in D.C.

I believe if you are running any miles at all, you would share it with others, just for the braggin rights alone.

old geezer

People who make such outrageous claims are frankly … All hat and no cattle.  But that is just one person’s observation, there could be literally hundreds posted somewhere in a galaxy far-far-away (which is of course, farther than 80,000 miles for sure).

Watch those Right-handers, enjoy your 4th of July holiday, if you are out in your bus post a picture of it sitting somewhere, we would love to see it (those of you who actually own a bus and do drive it, that is).



Disclaimer:  Events portrayed in this post may or may not have occurred in the manner presented and are for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as the truth in any way, shape, form or manner.  Any resemblance to anyone owning, driving, or selling a bus or full timing or traveling in a Schoolie are purely co-incidental none of this should not be taken as factual information or data.