The Big Kahuna Sez …

Gorilla #I have nothing.

Be Prepared … It can get worse.

A local troop of the Boy Scouts in Oklahoma City recently had to suffer the indignity of losing all of their camping gear, and their camping trailer, to a thief.  Sometime during the night, a thief came into the parking lot where the trailer was being stored, and removed it.  This of course, represented a huge loss for the Scouts.

Now enter into the picture, our trusty just out of journalism school news reporter for Five Alive.  He works up the piece, splashes it on the air at five P.M. and informs the world of the boys plight.  Seeing this, a generous anon-benefactor contacts the Boy Scouts and replaces their camping equipment, and at the same time provides them with a NEW TRAILER.

Everything is now once again … fine in their world.

Wrong.  Here comes Mr. Journalism major for report #2 which again, promptly airs at 5P.M. on channel ….. yeah, you got it … Channel five.

The next morning
are once again, nowhere to be found.

Morale of the story Boys & Girls?

“A man cannot steal your goat at night, if you do not tell him where it is tied up.”

Be prepared.



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