No I’m not!

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Just Cruisin 2


I’ve been told I am stubborn, a racist, homophobic,
an Islamophobe, that I have bend to others way of
thinking and have to give up my guns.
No I’m not, no I won’t, and no I can’t.

Being a seasoned resident of our once United
States I cannot remember a time when so many
groups get so upset over imagined slights. My
family has never owned slaves and we are lifetime
residents of the first state to abolish slavery.

We don’t care who you want to marry, we are already
married, and we live in a state that passed same sex
marriage a while ago.

We don’t stay up nights thinking of insults about
your chosen religion, it isn’t a priority. Just so
long as you don’t step on our religious rights we
will get along fine.

As for gun rights the answer is simple. You aren’t
getting mine. I…

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