Bombing The Neighbors …

Let there be fire

A Swedish man has been arrested for trying to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen.  He had been working on the project for about six months with nuclear materials he harvested from smoke alarms and old clocks.  He said his goal was to see if he could split atoms in the home. 

After triggering a minor explosion of sorts, he decided it might be a good idea to notify the authorities about his work.  It also brought the police to his door, who promptly arrested him and I suppose after his release from jail, he will concentrate on the theoretical aspects of nuclear physics in the future.

Now for the local news. 

Yesterday while mowing the grass for what I thought would be the last time this year, the lawnmower picked up a rock and hurled it thru another piece of glass.  That will cost me a hundred dollars if it isn’t a dime. 

Really un-good man, really un-good.

old geezer

This week I am a “Southpaw” my right hand disabled in a shop accident.  Even tho’ I took immediate steps to protect the injured member (soap, water, alcohol) it managed to get infected.  So now I am on Antibiotic’s and Pain-killers.  Sitting here at the table, drinking a cup of joe and wondering what it is that “normal people” do at this time of the day?

Even tho it is very painful, circumstances beyond my control are turning my life upside down just a little, and kind of pulling on me kicking and screaming down the path of life.  Strangely, I know it will all work out.  I have medicine, people who still love me (despite my being me), and time to make it all work.  It isn’t much, but it is a good start.

Life is good.



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  1. Don’t remember telling you this, but at my age it’s difficult to remember DS ! With all your trials ‘n tribulations around your “castle” you’re beginning to remind me of that Lil Abner character Joe Blfixt that used to show up now ‘n then in that newspaper cartoon of the past, with the constant cloud over his head !!! Wonder how many of you “followers” remember THAT comic strip ???

    I remember it all too well. Poor, poor indian, never had a good day. Good strip.


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