Jus Sayin … Kiss Me I Think I am Gay?

The Government today ordered all food processors, super-markets, garden centers and home centers to cease selling Skippy Peanut butter … As this product offends people nick-named Skippy or Skipper.  Gilligans’ Island is being censored as we speak to remove all references to the word Skipper and replacing it with El Captain.

Free to be yourself (LGBT) on the screen at the ATM at the bank.
WordPress has installed a “Gay Ribbon” on my editors screen.
My neighbor wants to hold hands while we talk over the fence.

It is official now, you can marry your same sex partner in any of the fifty-states!  I suppose the next thing will be to get up a movement to re-write the book of Genesis in the Bible.  “Adam and Steve, walked in the cool air of the garden in the afternoon.” or “Go forth and be fruitful, but you sure as hell aint gonna multiply.”

Please leave (us) a comment on your internet experience on our site … We have profanity filters in place … Take a shot at it stoooopid, you see, we really do not care.

If by chance you happen to come across a site on FakeBook and it says, “Closed site” this actually means, “Closed minds.  We welcome your opinions and ideas, as long as they coincide with ours.  If not, might be best for you to move on.”

Maybe it is something in the bacon?
There are more chickens in the world than there are people.

Why is it when Tom Cruise orders “a beer” in a movie, and is non-specific about the brand, how do they always know what type of beer to bring back to him?   The only thing McDonald’s gets right nine times out of ten, is the bag, required for a take out order.
To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

Been thinking of buying a new truck, you would not believe what comes up when you Google the word “Hummer” these days.

My personal goal for the new month (July) is to park anywhere I damn well please.You have been warned.

Jus Sayin


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