You, Tequila, and Bus Boards make me crazy.

Mega Bus

Entering my third week of self-imposed exile from bus boards, and I have to admit, “I am feeling a sense of accomplishment, relief, and very little anxiety.”  

Really not used to this much tranquility in my life, it has taken some effort on my part to release myself from this unnecessary burden.  Recently having dropped all the bus board related chains in life that bind me. I now find I have been released from the constant need to win bus peer member approval. And more importantly, freedom from the obsessive and relentless need to end each subject on a negative note. 

One good thing, the last word on any subject will always belong someone else, no need here to be a right fighter on my slow journey down life’s path.

That is how it is today, when you wake up and find yourself suddenly sober.  You realize what you should have known all along.  People don’t give a snap anymore and friendship, true friendship in life, is just a worn out cliche.  Perhaps it is a good thing, to find this out early, before you invest too much sweat equity in a horse that is never going to win the race.

Mont Rolling hills

So quietly I sit and stare out the window and sip on my coffee.

Where are the moments that take my breath away, the bend in the road, that turns out to reveal a million dollar view?  We come on here (or other places on the net), log onto the Bus Boards and feed ourselves a steady diet of breakdowns, mechanical problems, issues with worn out and very used equipment.  

And it enriches our lives how?
That is the nagging question. 

It is no small wonder some of us are the voice of discontent from time to time.  You read all of this crap and then to top it off, you are forced to deal with unchecked ego’s and purveyors of half-truths almost on a daily basis. To tell you the truth, I often wonder if I should even venture out past the end of the driveway anymore.

But I do … And it is almost always the best thing to do.