Trippin Out … Short N Sweet


Blue sky today, brilliant color in the east, it always reminds me of my teen summers visiting Casper, Wyoming … with my hair down to my mid-back, Grateful Dead – Blues For Allah T-shirt …

California hippie pinko commie in the dead center heart of cowboy city … and I never found a good ol boy or girl who wasn’t up for suckin’ down Coors (which kind of reminds me of Colorado Horse Piss with the Foam Farted off of it, but that is another post altogether).  

Back in the what are now described as the “Good Ole Days,” token one up (kids these days call it burning a blunt) and pickin’ off the occasional Welcome to the Real West sign with a .357 maggie.

Only one thing wrong.  This is a dream an illusion of sorts.  

Those days are a thing of the past.  Now it is much different.  I hate the view of a sunny day thru rusted out chicken wire covering a window, just takes away from it all somehow.  Stuck in the State Hospital in Elko, Nevada, waiting on a check so I can buy some more fuel and a box of Hi-Ho Crackers. 

It all happened quite by accident.

Parked out front, guy walked up to me and asked, “Is that your bus?  It sure is a pretty bus.” and I replied, “A guy would be crazy to buy a bus.”  First thing I know he is talking about “something called negativity and hookups-plug-in’s” …. little did I know it wasn’t RV Slang.

Now here I sit, in the luke-warm hot tub with a little yellow duck watching it slowly sink and wondering why it is, that I always never seem to catch a break.  There isn’t a bus within miles, and I am starting to think “maybe they lied to me about this so-called Bus Meet Thing again?”

Oh well …  That is the way it often goes, first yo’ muny and then yo’ clothes.  There is always the future, to look forward to, anticipation, expectation, hopes, dreams, man plans and schemes and then God smiles.  


Like I said, “waiting on a check and some funds” and of course, “the episode of Ancient Aliens where they explain Rap Music.”

Wouldn’t want to miss that.



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