Roll With It

Uh huh sure.

Sitting here this morning and my fingers are hurting, this of course has me perplexed, as I have not tried to unscrew anything, used them in any kind of application that would stress them out, yet, they hurt.  I bet this could be an interesting article in AARP Magazine … Do you have Pliers in your future?

Have you ever heard the expression, “I am having one of those days?” well, I am well into my second week of them. Murphy’s Law is alive and well in Oklahoma, let me tell you. 

This is gonna be one of those FakeBook posts for sure, musing about things in general, things that are ordinary and hardly interesting to the common person. Glancing at the clock on the wall, I am sure from my perspective, as time goes this day is going to “get interesting” but it is only 4:10 A.M. and my future intended victims are still asleep at this time of the day.

Oh well, just keep diggin on the hole, and we will see where it goes?  The first person I plan to see today is the guy at the cleaners.  We have to enter into some kind of mutual agreement on the meaning of the words “Heavy Starch.”  I am tiring of trying to tell this guy who recently brought the rest of his family here from the jungles of Cambodia, that I want PRESSED SHIRTS and not what he considers a good copy of something ironed by a monkey.

And yes, that is NOT PC and I don’t care … Don’t send me any letters.

Today, some time during the day which I am sure will be hectic, anxious, and all _____ up, I will have to chill out.  Which is okay, we all need to chill, I just cannot remember for the life of me, what page of the Dr. Phil book is the part on “finding your happy place.  This always alludes me.

Now was it the red was hot, and the black was ground, what is this white one for .... Nuts.

Now was it the red was hot, and the black was ground, what is this white one for …. Nuts.

My inverter has lunched out, will no longer charge the batteries when you are sucking off the pole in the campground.  Everything else works just fine, so here is the dilemma.  “Do I buy a new inverter, which they are very proud of (expensive) at the auto supply, Ebay or Amazon.Com.  Or do I just swing by the NAPA Jobber and pick up a inexpensive battery charger and save some big bucks?” 

I am conflicted on this, please do not confuse it with that other thing, where you suddenly discover that you are all blocked up and cranky (constipated), this is different.  Be right back, I just had one of them epiphany things about poop shooters, toilet paper and speed brakes.  I have to write this down for a future article.

Okay, where were we?  Oh yeah, suckin off the pole, sweating profusely and nothing that resembles refrigerated air or cold headed my way.

With no inverter, this in turn leads to other problems.  Having no working AC and high humidity and big numbers, we decided to pull up stakes and make the four hour drive home early.  Here is the good news, called KOA this morning, informed them of my circumstance and they cheerfully refunded the remaining day and did not charge me for it.

Now recently I asked and received a refund on a shut down bus meet (sky got cloudy and it appeared it was going to rain).  I was given all of it back, except a small portion that was held out for “cancellation fees” as I was told.

So yesterday, during some of my rat killing I called the lady up in the Show Me State and asked her about it.  She told me that “I was never signed up and had not been given a space, and that she had not charged me anything.  She also told me that “if the bus meet had actually happened and then was cancelled, I would have to forfeit on that, but she said that did not occur, and it was moved forward to later on in the year (when the weather is better I suppose) and the lady said that the promoter had not actually put up any funds at that time.  Which makes me wonder, why am I being docked funds for cancellation fee’s on things that did not happen?

Shades of Twilight Zone.  Kind of sad, so small and petty to get into a guys’ pocket just because you can …. because you are angry or mad at life.

So, like I said, it has been one of those days, a couple of weeks of them, but it makes life interesting, I am sitting on pins and needles this morning as I drink my second cup of Joe. Wondering what is coming next?


Maybe I will just slink out to the shop, crawl under something, lay on the cool concrete and let it speak to me.  Yeah, that might work.



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  1. At least it’s not raining!

    The hurricane has departed, true, but it appears the media BS has increased ten fold.


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