Jus Sayin Six-Twenty-Two, Fifteen

Jus SayinFamous last words, General George Armstrong Custer … “What the hell is wrong with all these Indians, they were so friendly at the dance in town last-night.”  

The best shower of the entire trip is the one you take when you get home.  Grass still grows while you are on vacation, it does sit dormant waiting on you to return.  Weather forecasters will use “eye of the hurricane” to describe this phenomenon of nature, because they are shy about using the word “rectum” on air.

The American lexicon continues to morph into something strange and new. Computer Geek is now “Internet Happiness Engineer.”  As my friend Billy Raye Littler would say … “Who would-a thunk thet?”

A friend of mine suggested I purchase a De-Humidifier to remedy a problem.  In less than 24 hours, it deposited 3 pints of liquid in the reservoir.  Which made me wonder, why aren’t water deprived areas of this country, availing themselves of this technology to solve THEIR scarcity issues?

It is considered strange and possibly border-line bad taste, to thump a watermelon at WalMart before purchasing this item … But it is okay to cut a fart in the cookie aisle.  Fat people wearing purple do not like it when you compliment them on their Grimace costume.  You most likely will never win the lottery, but your odd’s of picking the shopping cart that makes the constant left turn are really very good.

Noah had both of them flies on the Ark, both of those Mosquitoes, Mr. and Mrs. Skunk and yet? 

The last word:  “It is hard to relax and unwind during a hurricane and 16 inches of rain in one day.”  After four constant days of side-ways rain, wind, biblical proportions of water, even the coffee at Cracker Barrel tastes bad.

Jus Sayin


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