The Sun Also Rises …

Petes ClipperThe sun has came back into our lives, and not a minute too soon for me.  I get kind of creepy without my daily allotment of sunshine.

All the Happy Campers are loading up to leave today, the get together is now officially over, and it is time to move on down the road.  Some are heading home, and surprisingly, a high number of them are heading up to Branson Missouri for a week more of visiting, fellowship and good eats.  Ironically they are not headed to the “Bus Meet That Never Was” but that is another story altogether.  You can find it here More bus porn … An epoch of incredulity … if you so desire ….


What a difference a few days, and a little sun can make in a guys’ outlook on life.DSC01867

The rain and the wind came with a vengeance and then just as quickly, departed.  I for one sure did not miss its rather unceremonious exit from my life.  The view is entirely different from my comfortable perch in the cheap-seats now.


The old dawgs will fire up for the run across the flat plaines of Texas and the sprint for home will begin anew.  Next get together will be Rockport, Texas, a walk in the oil soaked sands of the Gulf of Mexico, and perhaps a partaking of a plate of Tex-Mex and a taste of the local flavors.


It is now time to put this one in the memory locker and sit back and contemplate the next journey, which is still a little way down the proverbial beaten path, but I am already looking forward to it.

It is after all, what you make of it right?

Watch those right-handers.




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    Sorry David, but did not see anything there that rowed my boat. As for improving the site, it seems to be holding its own, been here for about eight years, and is running a strong daily count. Thanks for your comment.


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