Jus Sayin … Six-twenty-fifteen

Old guyIf the Universe is truly expanding as the scientists are so quick to point out … then why is it … that I can never find a good parking spot?

Penny slot machines make a lot of noise while they are robbing you.
Smash Burger fries are the best …
Now girls, here is your 25pt bonus question … which way does the toilet paper roll off the spool in your bathroom …

Shirley? … Oh gee Bob … let me see.

After you die, are the clothes you are buried in, all you get to wear in Heaven?
If you do not have a dog, who do you blame the fart on.
When the sun comes out why does the depression go away
Most of the time, the humidity remains virtually the same.

Why do people ask “What happened to your hair, where did it go?”
It is not like it is on vacation or something and will eventually be back.
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Grass Fairy, and all you had to do when you got home, was unload the bus.


Jus Saying

One thought on “Jus Sayin … Six-twenty-fifteen

  1. Good questions to be sure. I’ve been waiting for years for ANYBODY to tell me why cartoon characters only have a thumb and three fingers? (most of ’em)

    They are not like us Joey, you do know they are not real? Like Hillary, The Supreme Court, Oh hahahahahaha, I think I hurt myself.


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