Pretend Campers

Deep in the Heart of the Lone-Star state, it is like a whole nother world Y’all.  Waiting on some Hurricane by the name of Bob to roll thru.  You know, life is just chocked full of weather surprises this year.  At first I thought it was “a Mexican Roofers conspiracy, but now I am thinking … That Damn Al Gore … anything to make a point.”

Holed up waiting on an RV Rally and some fellowship with good friends, unabashed quantities of home-made finger food and re-uniting with a pleasant group of Pretend Campers. 


There are a few buses here but make no mistakes … This is not a Bus Meet at all.

Bus meets are good and they are bad for some people I suppose.  I am far from being an expert on the subject, but I do have a perspective to share.  At first, I always seem to get “down in the mount” because I see so many beautiful creations, far superior to ours, and it has a tendency to drag me down a notch or two. 

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it humbles me out, and snaps me back to reality. The other thing I find encouraging or positive, is the eclectic mix of owners, and what it is that they have done with their respective coaches.  I also have a profound tendency to pick their brains, and if I am fortunate enough, they even have the infinite patience to actually teach me something. 


Experience has taught me that “everyone has something to add to the mix,” you also discover quickly, it is so easy to get educated in bus ownership and maint. in a lot of areas even if you don’t ask or make inquiries someone will point out what it is that they believe you need to know, whether you need it or not.

Later on the day, you can always find time to mingle, smile and share a good time or two.  Being the quiet, shy, reserved person that I am, it is often hard for me to meet new folks. 

Some have told me that I am an “Acquired taste” and that could be accurate observation.  Lately I have found it most enjoyable to sit around the dim glow of a  shrouded campfire (Jane Fonda, The Electric Horseman) and just take it all in. 

Kind of like “Prehistoric Cave Man Televisionor something like that.”


Won’t work here, Bob is still screwing around south of our current location, and won’t officially be here till tomorrow.  So we sit inside our 96 inch wide stainless steel ca-coon, and if we are lucky, “she gets frisky and we get to play with the babies Mama.”


I am watching DVD’s and eating a lot of Frito’s.  On most days, that is how it goes, first your money and then your clothes.

Life is good.


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One thought on “Pretend Campers

  1. Be safe out there! Nothing happening in my little town. Just a pretty yellow sky tonight – lots of cloud cover.

    Raining strong here, matter of fact, sideways. Last three days, getting lot’s of rest.


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