We are so out of here …

Old Store

Leaving for awhile, y’all try and be nice to each other, we are heading out this morning to parts unknown and totally new adventures.  Try not to kill each other in our absence, we will see you when we get back.  Hammer Down, Hammer Down, six on the floor, the other one out the ______ door … Hammer Down.



Photo Credit Tao Zero WordPress.com

2 thoughts on “We are so out of here …

  1. Have a good trip and enjoy yourselves……

    Lot of rain and wind, rockin and a rollin, but as long as the buffet at the Casino holds up, we should be alright.


  2. Now THAT guy is having fun on the ‘ol ’88’s for sure !
    I remember when I bought my first copy of Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On by the Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis in ’56 or ’57 I asked my Mother to teach me to play boogie woogie. She being a concert trained pianist said OK. Did not last too long however what with me having NO PATIENCE whatsoever. I could always keep my right hand going, but never the left or vice-versa. I’ve always admired folks that have that ability and dare ANYBODY to try ‘n keep their foot from tapping, or fingers popping when this type of music is around; recorded or live !

    Man-man, I would give anything to play boogie woogie piano like that.


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