C’mon Weekend …

Don SmithIf this isn’t good enough, well, I don’t know what to tell ya.  It aint much but it does beat watching a fly die on a blanket at a picnic at the park.  Short And Sweet … One more blast at the end of the week.

WeekendC’mon Weekend …

BAD COP NO DONUT:  Cop shuts down a lemonade stand kids were running because they did not have the required “health department” documentation.  What a bozo.

BAD TEACHER:  Sending a five year old home from school for singing “I am sexy and I know it in Kindergarden.” 

GOOD COP:  Observed something like 29 bicyclists floating a stop sign, pulled them all over and issued them citations, and they were not safe driving awards.  Good for him.

GOOD TEACHER:  Charles Campbell who put up with all my BS in high school and taught me how to frame a sentence and spell.

BUS MEETS:  If they are so much fun, why don’t they promote them at Travel Agency Sites on the net?  Questions, call 1-307-250 … Aw, never mind

ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH:  Three people left a bar in Steamboat Springs, colo., mounted horses, and rode them into a Starbuck’s AND Safeway. I suppose to get some more munchies.  It was a great ride right up until the very end, when the cops showed up and they got tasered and arrested.  Not nice, really hitting below the belt on this one.

Email sucks.  “Why can’t we all get along?” “  Here is the link:  Email Sucks, Boxcar Okie

It could be worse, you could be living MY life. 

First thing this afternoon, I have to make a 1-800 call to find out why my recently issued High Mileage Explorer card has been cut back to 18 miles or a trip to Gary Indiana, whichever comes first.


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2 thoughts on “C’mon Weekend …

  1. I’m retired. Everyday is Saturday.

    The best part is when we go to bed at night, and our head hits that pillow, we don’t worry about catching some long rattling freight in the middle of the night. To me that is the best part, that, and no alarm clock in the morning.

    Thank you for your comment James.


  2. Gotta say that since we’ve met, via the “singing wires” or on the ‘net, to me you’ve got an interesting life. Not all roses, peachy keen, and all that other crap, but an everyday life that you’re living day to day.
    I also imagine that like me, you’ve grabbed at that “brass ring” a bunch of times, came close, but like so many of us just don’t seem like it’s in the cards ! One has to just “keep on keepin’ on” in my view !

    You are much too kind in your comments you old reprobate. But that is something I find truly admirable in a person.

    Been a real ass kicker on my end this week (hey that is a pun and I didn’t even see it) and things did not go well. But you know Joey, it is not whether or not you hit a home run, it is suiting up for the game that counts. So I just call ’em the way I see ’em and let the chips land where-ever they might fall?

    Have a great weekend pard, and don’t forget to order that big dish pizza tonight!



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