Jus Sayin 06-10-2015

images-31OU medical center has been testing me with new drugs, to see if they are safe to use on rats.  They are not paying me anything, but a guy in the cafeteria gave me a line on twenty-five free electric shock treatments.

rat cartoon

Here is the week so far, and remember, it is not Friday yet.

Truck quit, parked it between the two barns, will shoot it later.
Wife downloaded JewelQuest Game, it is Malware, thanks FakeBook.
Broke another lawnmower belt ($100) and bought a new grease-gun.
WalMart is re-arranging and re-designing the whole store, and I cannot find nuthin.  Even the banana’s looked distressed.
No word on new future customer dress codes.
The pipe to the sprinklers on the Septic Tank has broken and all I can find in the shop are “left-handed shovels.”

Other than that, it has been kind of boring if you want to know the truth.

Jus Sayin