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images-7Some mornings overwhelm me, I will make no bones about it.  Often life can deal me a hand that I simply do not want to play, but I take a turn anyway.  Early morning is a special time of the day, but it can also be empty and meaningless, much too often this applies in my life. 

But from time to time, life offers up a mystery or a time of joy, and I guess in the end, that what makes it all worth it?

My wife is Chinese, her name is Yoko, she is an indoor person, basically “a stay inside type of girl.”  She doesn’t like the great outdoors, she isn’t into National Parks and the serenity and beauty of nature, she is kitchen table, I am just fine, and leave me alone. 

So quite understandably I was a little taken aback on last Saturday, when she walked out of the front door of the house in a long sleeve shirt, ball-cap, and gloves in her hands.  She looked at me and announced rather unceremoniously  “I am going to mow the yard!”

This was a new one for me, let me tell you. 

She has never, I repeat NEVER remotely offered to mow the yard or ride the lawn tractor for that matter in all the time we have lived here.  So I thought to myself, “this I got to see.”  So I went to the barn, fetched the trusty lawn tractor and gave her a quick lesson on how things work. 

She confidently climbs onboard and takes off.

I in turn pickup the gasoline powered weed-eater and head down the fence line.  She takes off in one direction and I go the opposite way.  Having learned a long time ago, “a wise man never wakes his second sleeping baby just to see it smile” I know it is best to leave her to her amusements.  Everything goes well, that is for awhile, and then I notice something strange. 

At that point I stop what I am doing and intently listen to the sound of the tractor.  Then I notice that the lawn tractor is running just swell, but the mowing blades are not engaged.  She is riding around, but she is not mowing.  This has happened because she has somewhere, stopped, backed up and then went on about her business. 

Not knowing that because she backed it up, it automatically disengaged the blades (safety measure) and this has happened.  She on the other hand, is blissfully unaware of this fact of lawn mowing safety and is just whizzing around the yard, making lazy little circles under a crystal clear blue Oklahoma sky.  She rides by and smiles, I see her making laps in the yard, nothing is getting mowed as the blades are not turning, she is just making laps.

This amuses me for a short while, no it really does, I find some humor in it, but then the reality of $3.78 per gallon gasoline comes home to me and I realize this has to stop.  So I flag her down and I say to her, “Honey, how is it going?” and she smiles a big smile.

Handing her a cold bottle of water (this was my alleged excuse to stop her) I ask her, “do you notice anything different in the cut?  Is the tractor running a little different to you, notice the sound of it?” and she says, “Well, yes, yes I do.  How come?  So I reach down and pull out the PTO (power take off) knob and the blades kick in and the tractor goes back into “mowing” mode. 

She gets this strange look on her face, and then says to me, “I was wondering why when I looked back, it didn’t look like I had mowed a thing!”  There is an old saying …. “Life is … everything that happens when you are not paying attention.


After an ocean of time, she still has the ability to make me smile, and in the end, the final count, that is all that really matters.  But really … I don’t know … “At four bucks a gallon, maybe it is best, she just stay inside” you know what I mean?



2 thoughts on “The Yokohama Mama Express …

  1. Well DS, I was gonna say “let sleeping wives lay” but in this instance first I congratulate Yoko for venturing forth into the unknown regarding lawn mowing ! Secondly, kudos to YOU for not dwelling on the obvious in that said blades were not engaged ! The first sentence in your last paragraph says it all my friend !!!

    A little bit long in the tooth, but it was fun to write. Firs of the week, broke a lawnmower belt and replaced it, $98.00 and today, broke another, I can’t seem to catch a break. So no mowing here for awhile, have to go to town and get another.


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