For All Those Lonely People …

My T-Shirt reeks of mustard and pickles, guess what I had for supper?  (By the way, “thank you for sharing that with us Mr. Smith”)  You want to know what I had for supper or dinner (lunch) just sniff my shirt or look at what is on it.  This post is #1,700 and we now stand at 1,309,975 visits to this page since April of 2008.

Have no earthly idea as to how long this FakeBook insanity has been going on, figure about a year or maybe less.  Presently,  I am trying to make FRIENDS outside of FAKEBOOK while applying the same principles.  Therefore, every day I walk down the street I tell any passerby what I have eaten, how I feel, what I have done the night before, and what I will do after.

I give them pictures of my wife, my kids, my dog and me spending time hiking or riding the trails in our area. I also listen to their conversations and I tell them I love them.

And it
I already have 3-persons following me:


FakeBook being what it is, doesn’t really fill the gap for me.  That is why I do this, each day I sit down here, with my three legged cat, a cup of micro-waved coffee from yesterday’s brew and try to figure it all out. Trying my level best to come up with a way to pass on my Superior Gene to Humanity and prolong the species existence in order to send (Most likely by Proxy) a healthy, robust, magnificent specimen to the nearest planet for future colonization.

Of course … I usually have nuthin.

As I don’t watch The Walking Dead, and David Letterman pulled the pin, and moved on. My happiness choices in life are somewhat limited, so I often stand next to the water cooler in my shop.  I stand there totally alone and talk quietly about Murder She Wrote. Which always confuses the hell outta the dog and gives me something to do in the shank of the afternoon.

imagesBut what I’ve found most interesting is that after all these weeks, and yes, now months of my self-inflicted drivel, I’ve discovered myself scrounging for new beliefs. Things about which I could stand up and say with pride, “I believe in this, dam***!”  

Now that’s not to say that I couldn’t fill the comment with a lot of mindless aphorisms about FakeBook people, a proud species that walks upright, but from time to time, but often has a profound tendency to drag its knuckles.

So do I waste my precious moment in the sun by proclaiming, “I believe that sex with multiple partners in a moving vehicle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?” No, I do not.

Do I squander this priceless opportunity to announce, “I believe we are better than the animals because we’re capable of reading in the bathroom?”

Once again, I do not.


And so it is for this reason, I have no beliefs to share with you today. No wait … actually I do …  Stay off Fakebook, they will rip you too pieces and of course unfriend the crap out of you in just a matter of days. Those folks are not as understanding as the guy’s who hang out here.*


*  A special shout out to Joey, our West Coast correspondent, who was the inspiration for todays post.


3 thoughts on “For All Those Lonely People …

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    Thank you we appreciate your helping us to get it out there.


  2. Kudos on #1700 DS !!! Don’t remember when I was informed of BoxCarOkie, but have enjoyed checking in now ‘n then to see/read what’s on your mind for the present time?
    As you know, I’m the primary administrator for our high school’s alumni site which currently stands at 2000+ members. I’ve tried everything I know how to do to get “former” alumni participants to wean themselves away from “Fakebook” and come see what’s going on with another social outlet they used to burn up the pages with from 2008/2009 and so on. Does not help that the original website shut down last September, but word of mouth, emails, ‘n phone calls to various guys ‘n gals have produced a weak participation to the “new” website.
    For the life of me I can’t understand WHY these alumni would “pay” for a social outlet like I realize that “Fakebook” is a free social outlet, but how does one get through the hassle of being “befriended” by countless members that they don’t have a clue as to who they are? I saw on ESPN the other day that a current “super” soccer player has over a MILLION followers on his “Fakebook” account ! When and how does (or does he) he have the time to acknowledge all those folk? Oh well, ours is not to reason why and all that other BS that goes with it I guess !

    I got a message one time that said “I had 44 women from my highschool that were wanting to get ahold of me.” Which is kind of strange, ’cause I don’t actually KNOW that many women.

    Same goes with followers, as you point out, who could even possibly “communicate” with that number of people? It staggers the mind.

    Some folks I know are holding a bus meet. They have almost 1200 members, six are coming, which if you do the math, is less than 1%. Now that is just flat out pathetic, but it is the condition of the populace. They don’t want anyone to communicate with, they want everyone to just leave them alone.

    And with all the crap that is pushed on them from day to day, I really cannot blame them for wanting to check out and leave the rat=race.

    Nice comment Joey.


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