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Musak Munday … KT Oslin … How To Be Happy in Under 425 words.

Let’s face facts folks, “I am just too good looking for my height.”  There I said it … I feel much, much better.  That rumor has been floating around for quite sometime, and the fact is, “it is true.” 

The reason I know it is true, I am the one who is spreading it. 

Now being extremely cute, witty and often at times, a little bit loopy, has presented its problems in the past.  It sure attracted a lot of women who were more than happy to mommy me. It would be prudent to also note that Sigmund Freud, who had loads of women on his doorstep, the father of psychoanalysis, did a ton of cocaine and averaged 20 cigars a day, most likely had mommy issues too, but it did not slow him down. 

It would be hard to imagine a pumped up, chain-smoking talking head, with an arm load of women, yet alone being happy at the same time.  So I am not sure on this one. Did he have the definitive answers on how to be happy? 

Who knows.

The subject of happiness is explored and documented in psychology, interpreted and sold in self-help, and utterly spoon fed in religion. Many have attempted to describe the magic formula by which happiness can be achieved In truth, the answer is relatively simple when crystallized into its base components.

Here would be a profound example:  “Do not buy into the happiness is a warm puppy theory.  That is a total waste of time.  Happiness is watching a chick flick at Eden Ante’s house during a power failure.”

You want to be happy?  You just smile and give it your best shot.  Tell yourself that I aint much baby, but I am the best you got. That is the best way to describe it.  It also could be why the NAPA parts guy always smiles when I walk into the store, I dunno.

Having covered the ever elusive happiness factor on this Monday, I am now going to move onto this expression I heard the other day.  “I was so upset, I was beside myself.”  That is kind of intriguing, think about it. 

You are beside yourself, is this, the out-of-body-experience that Shirley McClain was talking about?

I will let you know ….



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  1. I know a couple things that make me happy DS; seeing that my feet touch the floor EVERY morning when I get out of bed. As you’ve stated a few times, I like to pay for a person (s) meal that I can see is down ‘n out with his/her luck at a local fast food joint. When I take my ’48 Chevy to car shows, or just for a drive, I look for that “purple heart” in the rear license plate of whatever vehicle it might be on. I go up to that person (usually a WW 2 Vet) and ask to shake his hand, and thank him from the bottom of my heart for his service to his country. One last thing? To be able to look my wife in the eye several times a day and be glad she’s still in love with me after 49 years of marital bliss !


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