Wednesday Soggy Day Blues …

Old guySome men dream of crossing oceans

Some men dream one day to fly

Spend their whole lives out there floating

On the water and the skies.

Some men dream of building fortunes

Some men dream of having fame

Nothing else is more important

Than making money and a name.

But in my days, I see

A RV parked beside a small stream

Blue Birds chirping off the front porch,

A whole new world outside my screen door

The sound of grandkids on vacation

Barefoot feet running

Across the kitchen floor

In my dreams,

Even the impossible dreams come true.

My little buddies grow up and fly away

Everything works out MY way

Man-man, weather guessers are saying four or five days of rain.  We surely need it, don’t get me wrong, but four or five more days of this, and I could possibly be “certified.”

Hello Dr. Phil

My name is ……




One thought on “Wednesday Soggy Day Blues …

  1. We may all go nuts with the rain, but we do truly need it after the years of drought. Just think what people in California would give for this! We will survive. After all, we don’t have to work in it anymore.

    All of a sudden you are anon? Wonder what is going on with that. Supposed to be more rain tomorrow and thru the weekend.


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